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Fallout is back and he brings with him a load of missions and extras that would make even the most hardcore RPG player pale. I present to you the guide of Fallout: New Vegas which will take you to overcome all the missions of the game by leading you to find everything that New Vegas has to hide!!!

IMPORTANT: We have tackled the missions in this order, but remember that once unlocked, you can tackle the missions in the order you want!


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Talk to Lieutenant Haggerty outside the Helios ONE north of Nipton.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to Fantastic to know what to do in the Helios One system, talk to Ignacio Rivas to know what he thinks about the system. Talking to both of them you will get the passwords of the eastern and western terminal, then go to the 2 computers (outside the plant in the middle of the solar panels), one will be protected by some dogs and the other by traps.
Connect both computers, go to the solar energy storage tower.
You'll have to go down killing the various robots and exploring the rooms where you'll find, next to a skeleton, a "Poseidon Energy employee" ID card that you'll need later.
Continue until you find an elevator that leads to the observation level HELIOS One, go to this level to find the central computer that will be the target of your mission.
Unfortunately the computer will not have enough power and so you will have to repair the auxiliary generator on the ground near the computer.
You can do it in various ways:

-With a repair value of 35;
-Climbing the stairs above the computer you'll find a brave man named Python that you can reactivate either by possessing a science value of 45 or by using the card previously collected.

Once reactivated, Python will go to fix the auxiliary generator.
Then interact with the computer and choose the "Configure power grid" option:
First Option-You will gain fame with the RNC
All other options-will earn you fame with the Followers of the Apocalypse.
If you activate Archimedes, the security system will kill all RNC soldiers.

Whatever your final choice, go outside and realign the mirrors between 9 am and 3 pm.
Now all you have to do is talk to Ignacio to complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: At Campo Forlorn Hope, enter the command tent, talk to Major Polatli and offer your help to unlock the mission.
WHAT TO DO: Talk to the Mayers Headquarters at Camp Forlorn Hope who will ask you to investigate some missing soldiers and advise you to start the search at Helios ONE.
Go there and talk to Lieutenant Haggerty to receive the GPS signal of the supply box carried by the soldiers and get their position.
Reach the crate and once it is open, take the stock shipments to Camp Forlorn Hope and return them to Mayers who will send you to report to Major Polatli.
At this point Polatli will send you to talk to Dr. Richards, who will ask you for help with the patients. There are 3 patients in the clinic who can be treated with:

-Medicine value of 35, 50 and 75 per patient.
-With some medical tools that will show you the game (they are mostly junk that you will easily find inside the medical tent. )

Don't treat soldiers if you don't have enough skills otherwise you won't get experience, if you don't have the necessary skill better to treat them with objects.

Once you've treated the patients, talk to Dr. Richards and then to Polatli who will ask you to help him get Nelson back.
Talk to Sergeant Cooper outside Nelson now and decide whether to attack from the North or the East.
Once you have won Nelson's victory, go back to Polatli and talk to him to complete the mission.
It will tell you that the RNC needs your help to regain Nelson, a nearby town under the control of the Legion and will send you to talk to Sergeant Cooper to start the attack. Kill all the soldiers in the Legion and enter the barracks to find and kill the Dean Dead Sea (we recommend that you pick up his recruit dean's helmet if you want to disguise yourself as a legionnaire in the future) in order to complete your objective. Then return to Camp Forlorn Hope and talk to Major Polatli to complete the mission.

WARNING: Before starting the attack think about what effect it could have on your position towards the various factions, also the Dean of the Legion called Dead Sea who is in Nelson will give you the mission "We are the Legion" so killing him even before getting it means the failure of the mission itself and will happen the same killing him even after getting it. The mission in question has as its objective the killing of all RNC officers so totally opposed to the current mission that instead asks you to kill all the men of the Legion in Nelson, so you can not complete both missions and you'll have to choose which side you're on.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Go to Nelson, a legion-controlled town south of Camp Forlorn Hope and speak to the Dean Dead Sea who commands the place to get it. If you're on good terms with this faction you won't have any problems to enter the town and get it, but if you're neutral or even enemies you might have problems to even get close to it. In the second case you can make up for it by using a disguise (such as a Legion recruit armor) paying attention to the fact that the higher the rank of the armor the better, in fact if for example you have the armor of a recruit and you are sighted by a member of the Legion of higher rank you will be unmasked immediately!!
WHAT TO DO: WARNING the completion of this mission will result in the failure of the "Hope Restore", "Return to Sender" and "Medical Mystery" missions unless you have already completed them before tackling this mission. You will simply have to go to Camp Forlorn Hope and kill the 4 officers in charge that are: Master Chief Mayers, Sergeant Reyes, Dr. Richards and Major Polatli. You can then avoid killing the rest of the soldiers and the only way to do it is to kill the targets without being discovered, to do so you'll have to get 4 charges of C4 and put them in their pockets going after them and using pickpocket without being discovered. Once you've done it you'll have to get away and detonate them to kill them all together, the advantage of using this technique is that if no one has discovered you you'll complete this mission without losing fame with the RNC. Alternatively, if you don't care about your reputation at the RNC go there and make a killing!


How to reach her: Talk to Dr. Richards at Camp Forlorn Hope.
WHAT TO DO: The Doctor will ask you to find the medicine thief, to find him then lurk in the medical tent and wait for 2 AM, now you will see Private Stone stealing medicines.

IMPORTANT: If the RESTORING HOPE mission is still in progress, when you talk to Stone, don't select the option "I won't report you...if you'll do something for me!" otherwise you will fail the RESTORING HOPE mission.

Convince Stone to turn himself in thanks to the report you will make to Dr. Richards, if you have a value of 60 points in Eloquence you will be able to convince Stone to turn himself in.


PREAMBLE: If during your travels you have ever obtained Black Mountain's radio signal (easily obtainable if you discover the Yangtze Monument east of Goodsprings) and listened to it, you will have certainly met Tabitha the host of the program on this radio. The station where the signal starts, Black Mountain is the place where the mission takes place, is located east of Sloan at the top of the winding road that you see on the map but is very difficult to reach because of the many Deathclaw and Nightkin that populate the route. We recommend you to follow our method because the end result will be the same and you will have less problems.
HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Personally we have obtained it only after having eliminated Tabitha and that is once the mission itself has been completed but you can also get it from a mutant named Neil who lives in a hut along the road that leads to the mountain.
WHAT TO DO: If you find Neil the supermutant will stop you and tell you to go back because his commander Tabitha ordered his Nightkin to shoot all humans on sight! If you have a value of eloquence equal to 50 you can ask him if he's tired of Tabitha and her orders, thus starting the mission after the supermutant has confessed to have enough. An optional goal will also be added, namely to reach Neil in the village near the top of the mountain. From this point you have two options: either continue along the road killing all the Nightkin you will find and reach the village, or give up the optional target (you can go to the village to find supplies even after completing the mission) and follow our method. We advise you to leave Neil and the village alone but go and discover the Hidden Valley southeast of Sloan. Travelling quickly you will find yourself in the middle of the valley, from here go east to notice two holes in the fence: the one further south leads to the "Scorpion Ravine" but don't be fooled by the name... there are TROUBLE scorpions! And in the middle is a dead man with a Sunset Sarsaparilla star cap. To continue the mission you'll have to take the one further north and follow the path keeping the left, you'll reach a huge radioactive crater with a small group of centaurs around it, after having eliminated them quickly jump to the bottom of the crater (it is highly radioactive) to take two T-51b armor of the Brotherhood of Steel (you need training in atomic armor to use them if you don't have it we recommend you take them anyway and use them in the future) and a note that will make you understand the hospitality of the Nightkins who inhabit Black Mountain. At this point climb the mountain to notice a fence with a DIFFICULT gate, if you have a break-in value of 75 open it otherwise go left and go along the fence to the main entrance. The battle with the residents should have started a long time ago and this method will not make you go unnoticed but it is the only one that allows you to get around the winding road to get to the top of the mountain that reminds you it's swarming with enemies and is radioactive, also the fight with the Nightkin on top is inevitable but after defeating them you can use one of these 3 methods to complete the quest:

- Go to the Storage Building and if you have a repair value of 50 you can repair Rhonda's robot and tell him that his mistress is outside, Tabitha will come out and give you her key as thanks for repairing her robot. Don't forget to pick up the paper attached to the fake supermutant in front of you as soon as you enter to learn about the presence of some useful object hidden in the room, in particular the C4 charges (the first is on the floor in the top right corner of the room, the second is above the Nuka Cola dispenser and the third is behind the trunk on the left side of the room).

- Go to the Prison Building and open the door using the password you will find in one of the terminals to free Raul, one of the available followers in the adventure, held prisoner by Tabitha. When you go outside, the supermutant will come out so that you can kill her.

- Go to the Broadcast Building and enter the terminals to learn about a spare key to Tabitha's room just below the stairs in the back. Go out and collect the key (there's a little pile of earth in relief) then go up the stairs, enter her room and kill her (don't forget to collect the music book on the lectern).

Regardless of which method you choose to follow once you get the key, either from her or her corpse, don't forget to open the 5 trunks (3 in the storage building and 2 in her room).


HOW TO PLEASE NOTE: Discover Camp Searchlight, a small town located on the road east from Nipton (instead of turning north to reach Novac). Next to this town is a small RNC camp where you will meet First Sergeant Astor who, after you offer your help, will tell you the history of the town and start the mission.
WHAT TO DO: The goal is to end the suffering of RNC soldiers who have become ghouls, 9 in total, by collecting RNC medals from their corpses. There are many different types of ghouls in the city, but your target is the "Ghoul Soldier" you will also recognize them because they are the only ones who have the medals. There is also a tenth medallion owned by Private Edwards, he is a still "conscious" ghoul soldier who lives in the only house in Camp Searchlight that you can visit. Talking to him will tell you his story and there are several ways to get his medal according to your eloquence skills if equal to 60 or strength if equal to 7. Alternatively you can learn more about his story by asking him if he has a place to go, then come back to Astor and talk to him about Edwards to get him to tell you that the Echo Mercenary Station a little further north is run by ghouls and could be the ideal place for him. Finally, on your way back to Edwards again, tell him how much you've learned about him so he can give you his medallion. WARNING: Whatever your choice, make sure you get the medal from Edwards, you can kill him or rob him for it! Once you have obtained all 10 tags, return to Astor to complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: At Camp Searchlight look for a ruined house with a lantern lit, approach the rubble to notice a trapdoor, enter to get to an RNC warehouse.
Talk to Logan who will tell you that he is looking for some radiation suits at Campsearchlight and he will crack the computer in the room for more information, crack it and you will know that the suits are in Nipton. Once you go to Nipton enter the only store present and talk to Boxcards who will tell you that the suits are in a cave north of Nipton and get the mission.
WHAT TO DO: Get the signal that will appear on the map to find the suits, bring them back to Logan for and begin your raid through the city. You'll have to go to the police station first and collect all the things that belong to the RNC (computer parts, radio parts, 10mm guns, grenades and 9mm machine guns) then go back and talk to Logan to start the raid on the fire station.
Here you'll have to pick up the ONE-Fire Aware Weapon, on the wall inside the building, then go up to the second floor and after collecting the RNC objects, talk to Logan to find out his plan that will attack you and that you'll have to kill to complete the mission.


HOW TO OBTAIN IT: Discover Cottonwood Cove even further east of Camp Searchlight (look at the map to see a fork in the road at the end of the northernmost branch) and return to Camp Searchlight to get the mission by talking to First Sergeant Astor.
WHAT TO DO: There are two ways to complete this mission by siding with either the RNC or the Legion. Astor will tell you to infiltrate the camp to get information about the Legion's future plans but if you're enemies of this faction it will prove quite complicated, so if you decide to help the RNC the quickest way to complete the mission is to go to Cottonwood Cove and kill everything that fights for the glory of Caesar. If you choose this alternative it is HIGHLY recommended to take Boone with you both because of the special sympathy he has for the Legionnaires and because he is a tireless killing machine but above all because by killing Legion members with Boone it will be easier for you to get to know him and start his mission (see mission "I forgot to remember to forget"). After killing all the Legionaries go back to Astor and talk to him about your exploits to complete the mission and gain fame with the RNC. If you are on good terms with the Legion or simply want to take their side, talk to Aurelius of Phoenix in the camp and give him the RNC bug, the legionnaire will give you the wrong information to bring back to Astor. Bring it back to him to complete the mission and gain fame with the Legion.

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