Fallout 76: How to Survival and VATS Tips and Tricks

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Fallout 76 is finally in players' hands thanks to the current beta. What's becoming clear is that the Appalachian world is just as deadly as the Commonwealth. Food, water, and ammunition are scarce resources, and with other players on your path, you'll need to be ready to fight. In this guide to Fallout 76, we've collected all the tricks and tips that players should keep in mind while playing Fallout 76. These cover a wide range of mechanics and will help you survive more easily by making each session more fruitful. In addition, we've included a paragraph to explain some of the changes made to the VATS pointing system, which in the new Bethesda title will be real-time.

When we spend more time with Fallout 76, we'll add more and more information later. In the meantime, if you want to get to know all the factions you'll encounter in the game, read our guide to all the factions. If, on the other hand, you want to have fun dropping nuclear bombs on other players, read our guide on how to find nuclear codes. Also, read our guide to finding the spacesuit.

Fallout Guide 76 | Survival Tips and Tricks

Fallout 76 is not an MMO, however, you still need to be very careful what other players can do. First, think about yourself looking for resources, ammo, and paying attention to the dangers of the contaminated area. Fierce beasts irradiated by radiation are always the number one enemy. In Fallout 76 you can build bases, launch nuclear weapons, there are perks to develop and many other things you need to master to survive. Read our General Survival Advice.

Fallout 76 | Tips and Tricks

By spending some time with Fallout 76, we've collected a few tips and tricks to help you survive. Here are our tips for Fallout 76:

  • Scrap everything. You'll have a chance to get plans when you discard weapons, then take them back to the workbench to destroy them.
  • You can't place fields too close to places of interest.
  • You can use your C.A.M.P. as additional storage space, so don't be afraid to take it with you. It's pretty easy to deploy, so always make sure you make good use of it.
  • Remember to plant stuff, it will grow while you're away!
  • Don't drink dirty water, you could get sick. Depending on the disease you end up contracting, you can waste a lot of resources trying to make things right.
  • PvP is an optional mechanic, just don't react to fire and you will suffer almost no damage from your enemies.
  • Turn off the Pip Boy light. Other players can easily spot it and it actually affects stealth statistics.
  • You can hide your armor under your clothes, as well as your enemies.

Changes to Fallout 76 VATS

As soon as Fallout 76 was conformed as an online-only title, players began to wonder how VATS would change. Of course, you can't slow down time in an online game because of the same mechanism that doesn't allow us to pause, so how exactly does Fallout 76 handle the VATS? We've listed some details below.

  • The VATS is now essentially an automatic lock on.
  • Press the corresponding button and the VATS will automatically target nearby enemies.
  • You can move the right stick to check the chances of a successful hit, but everything will be handled in real time.
  • You'll need the right Perks to be able to target specific body parts.

This is all you should keep in mind for now to survive in Fallout 76. Stay tuned for updates.

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