Fallout 76: How to Find Nuclear Codes and Drop Bombs

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Being a game in the Fallout series, though with completely revised mechanics, you can throw nukes, or nuclear bombs, at other players in Fallout 76. You'll need a strong team to do this and careful planning. Have no qualms and you will be given the opportunity to rule the wastelands. There are rare resources but also deadly radiation waiting to see what happens when your base is destroyed by an atomic bomb.

Fallout 76 | Silos, nuclear codes and how to find them

Fallout 76 features a brand new feature that allows players to ally themselves and search for codes to unlock nuclear silos. Once inside the silo itself, you can highlight parts of Fallout 76's map and attack them with a nuclear weapon, then create new areas in the areas where you caused the destruction.

There will be many Nuclear Silos in each Fallout 76 server, each with its own combination of codes for players to find. These codes are actually made up of multiple parts, and sometimes will even be guarded by powerful, high-level enemies like the Scorchbeast. In other words, it will take teamwork and a lot of effort to gain access to a Nuclear Silo.

All this hard work is definitely worth it, since you'll have access to a nuclear attack. This attack can be directed anywhere on the map, so it can be used to destroy other players' fields, the wilderness or whatever else you want to blow up. Once the atomic bomb hits, the bombed area becomes a new irradiated environment for four hours in the real world. Rare resources can be plundered from these areas, although powerful creatures will protect them.

You can loot an area hit by a nuclear bomb and make it re-habitable after four hours of real time.

Can you find codes by playing with yourself?

While Fallout 76 is focused on online and multiplayer, Bethesda hasn't ruled out that you can also play alone if players wish. Is it possible for a single player to collect all the codes, take down a Scorchbeast or other high-level enemies who will be there to protect the codes without teammates? Very difficult, indeed unlikely. It seems that, at least for now, dropping a nuke is not possible by playing Fallout 76 alone. On the other hand, Bethesda's been pushing hard on player cooperation.

What happens to my base if it gets hit by an atomic bomb?

If my base is destroyed by an atomic bomb dropped by another player, is that the end of it all? Absolutely not. We've found it's actually quite simple to rebuild your base after it's been hit by an atomic bomb. You can rebuild it with "the push of a button" according to a Bethesda dev, and you don't even lose all your accumulated equipment and other items when your base is hit by an atomic bomb. Bethesda wants to emphasize that this is not an MMO, where you can easily be defeated by other players. You'll also get a three-minute warning when a nuclear weapon is on the way, allowing you to pack up and move your base anyway.

This is all we know so far about nuclear weapons in Fallout 76. We'll update this guide as we get more information, so stay tuned for more on the game.

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