Fallout 76 Guide: How to Trade With other Players

In addition to exploring the wasteland, picking up riches and killing enemies with nuclear weapons, one of the main activities you'll undertake in Fallout 76 is trading with other players. Trading allows you to get new weapons and equipment while helping you earn the caps that are vital in the world of Fallout. If you are a new player who has recently exited the Fallout 76 vault, you may need some tips on how the trading system works. Below we will explain how to trade on Fallout 76 so you can start trading and get new products.

Guide | How to Trade on Fallout 76

To begin trading on Fallout 76, players must first find someone who is willing to trade, such as a co-op partner or teammate. The exchange can involve both bartering and selling with a cap outlay.

Players can trade various products, including weapons, equipment and resources. Items sold can also be sold at a price, which makes trading a decent way to earn caps from other players. If you plan to sell an item during a trade, make sure that the asking price is reasonable, otherwise you could lose an easy profit.

When you discover another player willing to trade, approach and press and hold the Invite to trade button. Likewise, if you are invited to trade, press and hold the Accept Trade Invitation button.

Browse your inventory on the trading screen and select the item you wish to trade or sell. If you want to charge the item, enter the desired price for it, then confirm. Highlight your item and select Offer to sell it. Then switch to the other player's list of items to see what they have on offer using the right trigger on the controller. Select the desired item and press the Buy Item button to confirm the transaction.

Trade will not be the primary source of resources, weapons, equipment and caps, but it can be a decent way to earn some caps, allowing us to get rid of unwanted items. Trading can also be an easy way to get Stimpak or other goods that might be hard to find in the wasteland. As you earn levels, you may be able to trade better weapons and armor that you won't find anywhere else in Appalachia.

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