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Fallout 76 is a very different kind of experience than the other chapters in the series, but some mechanics remain, including base building and settlement building first introduced in Fallout 4. The main difference here is that players can build wherever they want and can help each other defend settlements and camps. There's a lot to learn, so if you want to know how to build a base and make the most of crafting, read the following guide. We'll also cover everything we know about the new C.A.M.P. system.

  • Building Camps in Fallout 76
  • Cooperative Base Construction
  • What happens if you build two bases in the same place
  • CAMP system and mod

For more information on the game, visit our Fallout 76 Guide Index, where you'll find everything you need to know about the next Bethesda title. You'll find it at the bottom of the article.

Building Fields and Settlements in Fallout 76

Since the first Bethesda conference on the subject, the development team has wanted to put a lot of emphasis on this game mechanics. Of course, building bases and establishing settlements was an important part of Fallout 4, where players could attract NPCs to live there and create a community. It seems that Fallout 76 focuses even more on this feature, allowing players to build settlements wherever they want. Without human NPCs to talk to in Fallout 76, it will be up to you and your friends to fill the scenario and populate the structures you build.

To do that, there's a lot to learn, so we've gathered a handy list of all the key details on building Fallout 76 settlements.

  • C.A.M.P System - Fallout 76 will feature a brand new building system called C.A.M.P. This is a portable construction platform. This allows players to build whenever and wherever they want.
  • Co-op Camp Building - Since Fallout 76 is a completely online experience, players can collaborate on a camp construction. They can have control over what they want to build, with the camp as a whole shared and defended by a team of players.
  • Defensive Measures - Turrets, traps and plenty of firepower can be placed around the field to defend it from other players and hostile creatures.
  • Monster Invasion - Fallout 76 presents a collection of new wildlife based creatures commonly found in the West Virginia area, but radioactive and grosser. These monsters will periodically attack a player's base, so they must be stopped at all costs.
  • Hunting trophy - Once you have killed the monsters, you can take a picture to celebrate your victory. Players can pose with the corpse of the defeated monsters together with their companions.
  • Basic necessities - Each field will have a laboratory, a cooking pot and other basic processing points. More omeno is what we saw in the Fallout 4 settlements, only now they can exist anywhere in the game world.

Building a cooperative base

Fallout 76 is the first Fallout game online only. The series has already played multiplayer, but this is the first time we've seen a real co-op based on dedicated servers. There's been some confusion about how settlement and base building will work with multiple players involved. We've gathered some information to make it clearer.

  • If you build a base using the CAMP system and your friend is there to help you build it, its components will disappear when he leaves.
  • There are public workshops around the map. These can be built with your friends and will remain in order when you reconnect.
  • You'll have to defend them from waves of robots and other players, as they can easily take everything from you if you're not careful.

We'll be able to clarify the situation with more details when we spend a little more time with the game, so stay tuned for updates.

What happens if two players build in the same place on the map?

One of the main differences of Fallout 76 from the other games in the series is that bases can be built anywhere on the map. This, of course, prompted some players to ask the question, "What happens if two players build in the same place?

Todd Howard has an answer for that, an answer he gave during the documentary NoClip Making of Fallout 76. He explains that although it's incredibly unlikely to happen given the size of the map, it is possible for one player to build a base, leave the server, and another player to build one in the same spot. Upon return, the first player's base will be placed in the C.A.M.P. system so that they can decide to rebuild it elsewhere.

The CAMP system allows players to create weapons and mod

The C.A.M.P. system is not all based on the construction of buildings and settlements. You can also use it to create and modify weapons. It's an important part of the game, expanding the weapon creation introduced in Fallout 4. You'll need resources and caps to make weapons, so get out there and explore the Appalachians.

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