Fallout 4 - Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

Fallout 4 - Strategic Guide Trophies and Achievements. In this section of our comprehensive guide we will show Fallout 4 you step by step how to easily get all the Trophies and Achievements of the game! The secrets of the Contaminated Zone will be revealed one by one in order to win the famous platinum or 1000G in this huge game.

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Unlock all Trophies and Achievements

War never changes
Welcome to the Contaminated Zone. Complete the Prologue, simply continue on to the main countryside.

The call of freedom

Complete "The Call of Freedom"

Little Valentine's Day, very Valentine's Day
Complete "Very little Valentine's Day, very Valentine's Day."

Complete "Meetings"

Dangerous thoughts
Complete "Dangerous Thoughts"

Hunter and prey
Complete "Hunter and prey"

The molecular level
Complete "The Molecular Level"

Complete "Institutionalized"

Humanity redefined
Complete "Humanity redefined"

Maximum power
Complete "Maximum power"

The first step
Join the Minutemen

Fight for independence
Complete "Struggle for Independence".

Semper invicta
Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Blind betrayal
Complete "Blind Betrayal"

The art of espionage
Join Railroad

Undercover underground
Complete "Undercover Underground"

Complete "Sanctuary"

Community Manager
Allies with 3 settlements

Dear leader
Get the most happiness in a large settlement.

Retrieve 1000 object creation resources

Never alone
Recruit 5 different mates


Reach the highest level of relationship with a partner

Fix it all
Build 100 items in the workshop

Retro future
Have fun with a game on holonaster.

...the more noise they make when they fall

Kill 5 giant creatures.

The press isn't dead
Read 20 magazines.

The return of the joker
Put a grenade or a mine in someone's pocket while you're pickpocketing them.


Kill 300 people

Kill 300 creatures

Home run!
Make a home run.

Make a touchdown.

They're not dolls...
Collect 10 Vault-Tec figurines

Survived everything
Reach level 5

Commonwealth Citizen
Reach level 10

The nuclear option
Complete "The Nuclear Option"

Nuclear family
Complete "Nuclear Family"

War relics
Complete "War Memories"

Ad victoriam
Complete "Ad victoriam"

A big glow
Complete "One Big Glow"

Complete 10 side missions

Complete 50 missions in the Miscellaneous category

What's yours is mine
Strength 50 locks

RobCo's worst nightmare
Hackera 50 terminals

Armed and dangerous
Create 50 weapon modifications

DIY Contaminated Zone
Create 100 objects

A real ranger
Discover 100 locations.

...are action figures!
Collect 20 figurines from Vault-Tec

Unstoppable wayfarer
Reach level 25

Legend of the Contaminated Zone

Reach level 50

Ready for the future
Decide the fate of the Commonwealth

Platinum Trophy
Collect all the other 50 Trophies to get this Trophy

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