Fallout 4 - Complete solution to Main and Side Quests

Fallout 4 - Solution and complete strategic guide to the Missions. In this section of our complete guide we guide Fallout 4 you step by step through all the missions of the game to face the many dangers hidden in the Contaminated Zone!

Our mission guide will show you how to unlock and complete all missions, main and secondary, in the game.

Your guide will guide you step by step, showing you the best paths to follow and the most powerful items to collect.
Welcome home to the Contaminated Zone!

ATTENTION! Given the huge amount of missions and submissions present and since the game often does not distinguish one from the other, we thought of giving a division into sections to our guide:

MISSIONS FROM THE MAIN CAMPAIGN - These are the missions that carry on the main narrative arc and that can be tackled from the beginning of the adventure one after the other.

MISSIONS OF THE 4 FACTIONS - Towards the "end" of the game we will necessarily have to carry on the narrative arc of one of the 4 factions present finally choosing with which of these to complete the adventure. Our guide is divided into faction missions, first you will find listed the main ones and then the secondary ones for all the following factions





IMPORTANT: As you complete missions for a specific faction, your relationship with other factions will crack to the point of preventing you from completing missions for other factions except the chosen one.

The only faction not affected by this problem is the Minutemen. So you can complete all the missions of the Minutemen without problems to the other groups but be careful when you complete missions of other factions!

SECONDARY MISSIONS - All those other missions that are not located in the categories listed above and that basically serve to unlock companions, get caps, weapons, suits and many other useful items for the adventure.




WHAT TO DO: Once you have created your character, using the Mirror Editor, choose which of the 2 members of the pair you want to be and continue.

WARNING!!!! You can modify both spouses but your character will be the one chosen in the final, that is, the one in front of the mirror when you leave the Editor.

Explore the house to get to know Codsworth, the multifunctional robot butler, and your son with whom you can interact in the room with the cot next to the bathroom.

After a few minutes a man will ring the door. Answer his questions and choose which initial skills to provide points for.

We advise you to improve your health, stealth and above all intelligence skills, which will allow you to gain many more fundamental experience points in the early stages of the game.

If you have a few points left over, bet also on skills that increase the number of transportable items and Charisma to improve your chances of persuasion.

Once the contract is signed, prepare for the shocking announcement and follow the crowd as soon as possible until you enter the Vault. Do as the Vault-Tec scientists ask and indulge in the long sleep. See you in 200 years!


IT: Finish the mission THE WAR NEVER CHANGES.

WHAT TO DO: After you wake up, find your way out of Vault 111.

If you wish, you can open your husband/wife's cryogenic capsule first and collect the Wedding Ring.

It won't be difficult as you'll find almost all the doors locked and you'll only be able to follow one route.

Once you reach the dining room, take your truncheon from the right table and get ready to face the Mutant Cockroaches. Once you have thoroughly disinfested the area you will be able to access the terminal of the cafeteria where there is a first Olonastro: Minaccia Rossa (Red Menace) with which you can play by unlocking its trophy / goal FUTURO RETRO'.

The game reminds a lot of the first Donkey Kong only that instead of the nice gorilla there is a green alien ready to fill you with missiles.

There is nothing precious to collect in the Vault, so go on to the exit to find in front of the main gate the classic Pip-Boy that will be automatically equipped and on which you will have to load the unlock codes of the Vault door. Once the door is open, take the elevator up and get ready to go home. Once you get off the Vault hill you will find Sanctuary, destroyed and abandoned.

If you go to your house you can see Codsworth, still active, wandering around the area. Talk to us to find out what to do. Go into your house and look on the kitchen shelf for a comic book by Grognak the Barbarian: Jungle of the Bat Babies.

This comic increases by 5% the damage of critical blows inflicted with bare hands or melee weapons. By reading 20 different magazines you will get the trophy/object THE PRINT IS NOT DEAD.

After exploring the neighborhood with the robot, the robot will inform you that there is a small town nearby, Concord, and you'd better go there to get new information about your missing child. On the way to Concord you will discover a new place: Red Rocket Service Area. If a lightning storm surprises you, you can stay there until the radiation stops. Inside the station you will find several caps, Mentats and some other useful consumables. If you examine the service area terminal, you will find that there is a hidden cave at the base of the Red Rocket. Go out and go behind the Service Area at the base of the hill to find the cave.

At the bottom of it, after eliminating a series of Rat Mole, you will find a safe containing some molotv, mines and some other useful consumables. At the end of your Red Rocket adventure, reach the Museum in the center of Concord and eliminate the Marauders to finish the mission.

How to unlock it
: Talk to Preston Garvey and his men in the Concord Museum of Freedom.
TO DO: To find information about Shaun, you'll need to go to Diamond City, in the heart of the Commonwealth. Once you reach the outskirts of the city, you'll come across Diamond City Security men who have just engaged in a battle with a group of Super Mutants barricaded inside a dilapidated building. Help them to collect weapons and ammunition from the bodies of the defeated mutants. At the end of the battle, the Security men will invite you to continue on to finally reach Diamond City.

Outside the gates of Diamond City you will witness the animated dialogue of a woman dressed in red with a speaker at the closed security gate of the city. Apparently, a man named Danny doesn't want her back on the mayor's orders. The woman is in fact Piper, the local journalist, who with her articles has cast a bad light on the rottenness behind the security men and the administration of Diamond City.

At the end of the dialogue, talk to the woman and indulge her by pretending to be a merchant. Then Danny will be forced to open up and you can finally get into Diamond. At the very entrance, Piper will be stopped by the mayor. Witness their dialogue and then talk to Piper to give your opinion for the press.

The mayor will start a dialogue with you and you can ask him where to look for information about Shaun. If you have at least 50% Charisma skill upgrade you will be able to get the Mayor to tell you where to find this information.

The man will advise you to go to the detective agency of one Nick Valentine and then quickly dismiss you. You will stay with Piper who will appreciate your help by inviting you into her office and unlocking the MAIN MISSION - THE HISTORY OF THE CENTURY. Now you can enter the city and join the Valentine Detective Agency, located in the northern part of Diamond, to finish the mission.

OPTIONAL: Since you will spend a lot of time in Diamond City it would be good to have a house where you can rest and deposit some items. To do this you need to go upstairs to Diamond and go to the Mayor's office. You can do this from the elevator just above the stands of Diamond City, or from the small elevator just before you enter the city. Right next to where Danny is, the guard who wouldn't let you in. There are 2 ways you can get a house:

-Get a PERMISSION OF CITIZENSHIP- Go up to the mayor's office and talk to Geneve, his cold secretary. She will try to sell you a Permit for 2000 Stoppers that will give you access to a house and all its contents with which to personalize it. This solution guarantees you a very comfortable and fully customizable home, but 2000 Stoppers, especially in the early stages of the game, are an exorbitant amount (unless you rely on the GUIDE TO HAVE INFINITE TOPS AND MUNICIPATIONS). Precisely for this reason we recommend a more modest but much more convenient solution.

-Breaking the SAXIFF OF THE MAYOR (Highly recommended)-This is the best solution to get a first home in Diamond City. Wait until the devilish Geneve, the Mayor's secretary, goes to sleep and go behind his desk. On the left there will be a terminal with a locked safe next to it. Wait for the guard wandering around the area to leave in the corridor and close the door behind him. Now hack the Mayor's terminal, with a BASIC level of infiltration, and unlock the safe. Take everything you find: ammunition, weapons, consumables, and especially the keys to the Kellogg residence. WARNING - Do this without being seen by comrades like Preston who do not tolerate theft.

Once you get the keys to one of the 2 residences, go to the city and reach your new home. If you can't find the Kellogg residence, look in the left side of the city, the house is on a raised platform attached to the stands.

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the COMMONWEALTH JEWEL mission by going to Nick Valentine's Detective Agency.

WHAT TO DO: Unfortunately it seems that the only man who can help you find Shaun, Nick Valentine, has been kidnapped by a Mafia gang in the area led by a notorious criminal called The Smilzo. Talk to Ellie Perkins, Nick's secretary, for information on the whereabouts of his boss. If you have a good level of Charisma you can also try to raise the agreed reward but remember that if you have Piper as a companion this action will not be to his liking. Once you get the information you'll have to look for Nick at Park Street Station, look at the Complete Map to the places in the game, to find out where to find this location. Once you reach the area enter and proceed until you reach the lower part of the subway, eliminating from time to time the various waves of Mafiosi present. At the bottom of the area you will find the entrance to the VAULT 114. Use the Pip Boy on the right terminal to open the Vault door. Upon entering, you will also find the Vault 114 suit on a desk on the right (I don't know about you, but I've always enjoyed collecting Vault suits in every Fallout). Continue down the Vault until you reach the mess hall. Here you will be attacked by other mobsters and the Boss' right hand man, Dino. It's not a particularly tough one, also because this type of enemy tends to go around with Fedora and Smoking, not particularly protective clothing. Eliminated Dino, take the Security Password from his corpse and climb to the top of the area to interact with the terminal and get to know Investigator Nick Valentine.
In the same room where Valentine is locked up there is also a VAULT-TEC Bobblehead Statuette . Follow Nick towards the entrance of the Vault and you will finally meet the person who ordered his kidnapping: Malone Lo Smilzo, who is not so slim. The man is accompanied by the woman, Darla, who Nick had come to look for and who doesn't seem to need any help since she hasn't been kidnapped but has voluntarily joined the Tiny's gang.

OPTIONAL: If you want you can talk a little bit with the enemies and use the Charisma to put Darla against Malone or get out of this intricate situation without firing a single bullet.

If instead you choose to fight, since the discussion requires a high level of Charisma, use the SPAV and quickly eliminate The Tiny with powerful shots in the head, indeed we recommend you to surprise him right at the beginning of the discussion so as to take him out without giving him time to fire a single shot. Once eliminated, kill his men and the crazy woman who agreed to follow him. It will not be a difficult fight, especially if you have a partner with you who will help you in the fight with Valentine. Once the fight is over follow Nick and exit the Vault first and then the Metro through the service lineup. At this point the mission will be over and you can choose to join Valentine later or follow him straight to Diamond City.

IT: Finish the mission POCO SAN, MOLTO VALENTINO by freeing Nick Valentine from his captors.

WHAT TO DO: Go to the Valentine's Detective Agency in Diamond City and talk to Ellie to get the agreed-upon reward for Nick's release. Don't ask her directly or Piper won't like it if you brought her along. Ellie will still give you the reward at the end of the discussion.

Now talk to Nick and agree to submit to some sort of interrogation. Try to reconstruct what happened in Vault 111 at the beginning of the game, when Shaun disappeared. Talk about your situation and when you can about the kidnapper, choosing to say that he is a shaved man with a scar over his eye.

In this way Valentine will tell you that your description corresponds to a known mercenary criminal from the area who seems to be linked to the Institute, the mysterious secret organization that replaces human beings with robot assassins called Synthetics.

If you want you can ask Nick something more about his "particular" physiognomy, but don't accuse him of working for the Institute action that will negatively affect your relationship with Piper. At the end of the discussion Nick will inform you that Kellogg has lived in Diamond City for some time and has a house in the infamous part of town. Valentine will invite you to follow him to investigate this house.

The most attentive of you, who read us from the first missions, will have understood that it's the same house that I advised you to unlock as soon as you arrived at Diamond on the JEWEL OF COMMONWEALTH mission. If you haven't got the keys yet, follow this simple procedure:

Fallout 4 HOW TO UNLOCK THE KELLOGG'S HOUSE You must go up to Diamond's upper floors and into the Mayor's office. You can do this from the elevator just above the stands of Diamond City, or from the small elevator just before you enter the city. Right next to where Danny is, the guard who wouldn't let you in. When you get to the offices, you'll have to break into the Mayor's office.

Wait for the devilish Geneve, the Mayor's secretary, to go to sleep and go behind his desk. On the left will be a terminal with a locked safe next to it. Wait for the guard wandering around the area to leave in the corridor and close the door behind him.

Now hack the Mayor's terminal, with a BASIC level of infiltration, and unlock the safe. Take everything you find: ammunition, weapons, consumables, and especially the keys to Kellogg's house. WARNING - Do this without being seen by comrades like Preston who do not tolerate theft.

Follow Nick and get to Kellog's house. Once inside, look for clues to continue the mission. Look under your desk and press the red button to unlock a room near the entrance. Here you can collect various types of ammunition and consumables, a Nuka Cola Quantum and a cigar on the small table next to the armchair.

After taking the cigar Nick will inform you that it is better to rely on the sniff of a bloodhound so either call Dogmeat, your dog, or you can buy one from the man at Tenpines Bluff camp.

Nick Valentine will also inform you that he is willing to follow you in the mission by unlocking the possibility of using him as a companion in the future. Bring Nick with you in this mission and in the next one will be very useful to hack several terminals, the detective is in fact very skilled with computer terminals. Leave the house to find Dogmeat ready to help you. Let him smell Kellogg's cigar to finish the mission and immediately unlock the next one.

IMPORTANT FILLET: Unlock Nick Valentine as a Companion. By unlocking more than 5 of them you will get the trophy/objective NEVER AGAIN.

IT: Finish the mission FIND AN ADDRESS.

WHAT TO DO: Follow Dogmeat in the Commonwealth and take Nick Valentine with you on this mission. Dogmeat will stop several times and you'll have to fight with some mutated flies and collect new clues to continue.

When he stops under a bridge, pick up the bloodstained rags to move on. During your hike you'll also have to fight with a big mutated bear. It is very slow so use the trees to always put something between you and the animal and eliminate it quickly with Nick's help.

After a long treasure hunt you will reach Fort Hagen (Full Map to Game Places) where you will find the entrance barred. You can now leave Dogmeat and climb up the roof from the stairs in the back of the building. Pay attention to the many towers on the corners and enter Fort Hagen through the large hatches on the roof.

You'll have to go down inside the building looking for Kellog. The area is completely full of Synthetic robots very weak in front of laser weapons, especially if hit on the joints or on the head. Also pay attention to laser turrets placed behind different corners. Going down to the second floor you'll hack a terminal that activates an Automatron capable of helping you in battle if you select the personality of the Law's guardian from the computer next door. But be careful not to hit it or it will become your enemy.

After hearing Kellogg's voice you can reach the recreation room with the tables and the kitchen on the left. In this area you will find a VAULT-TEC Bobblehead Statuette . In front of the kitchens there is a blue door. Open it and go down into the basement with the pipes to find a security password next to a corpse. Go back to the corridor that separates the kitchen from the blue door and continue. Go up the stairs to a terminal. Use the password you just picked up to open the door on the left. In this area you can find a lot of Stimpak, Rad-Away, Med-X and above all a Fat-Man, the powerful historical bazooka of the series with a Mini-Nuke bullet. Go on and continue in the corridor to find out from Kellogg that he will stop his Synthetics and that he wants to talk to you, try to find out as much as possible about the Institute and where Shaun may be hiding. Then the confrontation will inevitably begin, quickly eliminate the Synthetics and focus on Kellogg with the SPAV. The man uses a Stealth-Boy to become invisible, the area is still small and you won't have any trouble finding him thanks to the small graphic distortion generated by the Stealth-Boy when Kellog moves.

Once eliminated, collect the KELLOGG COMPLETE, one of the best armor in the game, also beautiful enough to see, the KELLOGG GUN, a very powerful revolver, already modified with comfortable grip and sight. It's also VERY IMPORTANT to collect from Kellogg's corpse all the rest, that is, the one that is part of his Mnemonic circuits such as the Cybernetic Cerebral Augmentor that you will need for the next mission. Once the collection is over, use the Security Password, always taken from the enemy's body, to enter his terminal nearby. Read the information and report everything to Nick who will send you to Piper, the only one able to carry out such an investigation. Get out of Fort Hagen to see a steel battleship sail across the sky, then go to Diamond City to talk to Piper. You'll find the woman in the editorial office of her newspaper, inform her of Kellogg's death, and Nick will tell you there may be a way to retrieve Kellogg's memories. This is where the Cybernetic Brain Augmentor, previously recovered from the enemy's corpse, comes into play. From these particular components, memories about a person's past can be extracted from a woman, Dr. Amari, who lives in Goodneighboor, near Diamond City. Once the discussion is over, you will also end the mission.

IT: Finish the mission MEETINGS.

WHAT TO DO: You must now go to Goodneighboor to find Dr. Amari and show her the Cybernetic Brain Augmentor. If you didn't take it, go back to Fort Hagen and examine Kellogg's body again. First time you enter Goodneighboor a man will try to take advantage of you by asking for money. If you have a good level of Charisma, at least 5-6 points, you can intimidate the man and make him lower his crest. But the boy will be killed by the mayor of the city, ghoul John Hancock. Continue to find the Memory Den, the location of Dr. Amari's lab.

OPTIONAL 1: If you want, before going to the Doctor you can make a small detour to the bar "Il Terzo Binario" just under the mayor's window. Wait for the singer to finish the performance and talk to her at the bar. If you have at least 8 charisma points you should be able to flirt with Magnolia. You will need to choose the yellow dialogue option to unlock the next one. If you can flirt with her 3 times you will be able to have sexual intercourse with the woman who will end your story the next morning. Congratulations, even if for a short time, you have had a small love affair!

OPTIONAL 2: On the upper floor of the city hotel you will find a ghoul with a yellow raincoat. This is the same man from Vault-Tec who offered you a place in Vault 111 at the beginning of the game. Talk to him and be cordial, after some pleasantries you can choose, having a Charisma level of at least 5 points, to invite the man to your Sanctuary community.

Enter the Memory Den and watch the dialogue between Nick and the owner Irma.

OPTIONAL 3: In a room on the right, as soon as you enter the Memory Den, you will find Kent Connolly a big fan of the old hero Silver Shroud and he will offer you a special mission. Go in search of the hero's suit only when you have reached a good level, 50-40, this is in fact one of the suits, if not THE best suit of Fallout 4 and its stats depend on the level reached by the player when he was found.

Go downstairs and talk to Dr. Amari. Nick will offer to help you and at the end of the discussion you just have to enter the mnemonic capsule to finish...IN FRANCUMS.

IT: Finish the DANGEROUS THINKS mission.

WHAT TO DO: In this mission, all you have to do is to continue from one memory to the next, interacting with all the available elements. The last memory must be followed through to discover some of the Institute's secrets. Once you have watched everything, turn on the TV in the last memory to go back to the Lair of Memory and get out of the Mnemonic Capsule. Talk to Nick once you're outside to have a special conversation. The mission is over and you can leave for a trip to a "marine" location.

IT: Finish the mission IN FRANCOME

WHAT TO DO: This mission will take you to a particularly radioactive area of the Commonwealth. You will have to take with you all the Radaway and Rad-X you have at your disposal. If you want you can visit the HUGO HOLE to find the Hazmat suit that allows you to have a +1000 radiation protection: Fallout 4 WHERE TO FIND YOUR HAZMAT Unfortunately the Hazmat Suit provides you a great protection against radiation but it is really poor against enemies and we assure you that the Shining Sea is full of radioactive scorpions and mutated animals so the best solution to cross it is always the use of the Atomic Armor of which we have produced a complete guide. Follow the Pip Boy towards the Shining Sea and make your way between Ghoul Ferali and radioactive animals. Once you reach the Atom Crater enter to be blocked by the cult led by Mother Isolde. You can make a massacre and continue, but you can also lower your weapon and talk to the woman to get new information about a nearby Rocky Cave southeast of the Atom Crater.

You will need a Charisma level of 5/6 points. Here you will finally find the scientist who escaped from the clutches of the Institute, Virgil. Talk to us to get new information and try to match him with your charisma, always 5/6 points required. The man will ask you to retrieve a serum within the Institute on his own by unlocking a submission that will lead you to obtain the "VIRGIL GUN" a very powerful laser weapon. Once the dialogue is over, the mission will be over.

OPTIONAL: If you want, after passing the mission THE MOLECULAR LEVEL, you can also kill the man immediately and recover the rifle without too much effort.


WHAT TO DO: Under Virgil's advice, you will need to travel to Cambridge and find the ruins of the CIT to try to intercept a Predator's teleportation transmission and infiltrate the Institute.

Once arrived at the ruins open the Pip-Boy and tune it to Predator Radio/signal. Follow the beeps that will become more and more frequent as you approach your target. You will arrive at the Greenetech Genetics building. A large building with a green façade eaten away by rust.
As you enter, you will find yourself in the middle of a battle between Gunner, a militia that prefers all kinds of weapons and turrets.

Climb to the upper floors of the building to track down Predator Z2-47. If you want you can talk to this "nice" character but whatever you do will lead you to the fight. Eliminate the enemy and extract the PREDATOR'S CHIP from his body to finish the mission.

OPTIONAL: By searching Greenetech Genetics you will find 3 Fusion Cores, some useful magazines and a synthetic named K1-98, imprisoned near the final position of the Predator Z2-47. Releasing it will unlock a submission.

IT: Finish the HUNTER AND PREVENT mission.

WHAT TO DO: You finally know how to get to the Institute but you will need a lot of help. After you've talked to Dr. Amari, you'll need to have the PREDATOR'S CHIP examined by Tom Handyman at the secret Railroad base. Then go to the OLD NORTH CHURC and talk to Desdemona and then Tom.

At this point you will be redirected by Virgil, the escaped scientist at the Institute who lives in the Wonderful Sea. Talk to him to get the SIGNAL INTERCEPTOR'S PROJECTS. At this point you must build this phantom teleportation device. MINUTEMEN will only support you with the construction of the machine if you have completed the FREEDOM CALL and their secondary mission THE FIRST STEP. At this point you only need to talk to STURGES to get support with the construction of the Interceptor. You can find all the info on these missions in the following pages of this guide. STEEL CONFRATERNITY will only provide you with support with the construction of the machine if you have completed their main missions COVERING FIRE and CALL TO WEAPONS. At this point you only need to talk to the INGRAM CENSOR to get support with the construction of the Interceptor. Find all the info on these missions on the following pages of this guide. RAILROAD will provide you with support with the construction of the machine only if you have finished their main missions THE ROAD FOR FREEDOM and THE ART OF SPIONAGE. At this point you only need to talk to TOM TUTTOFARE to get support on the construction of the Interceptor. You can find all the info on these missions in the following pages of this guide. ACTING ONLY If you want to ignore the 3 factions you will have a lot of work to do to recover various materials. You will have to build:

-Aluminum x10
-Steel x5
-X3 Circuits

-Copper x1
-Steel x10
-Rubber x2
-Circuits x1
-Military Printed Circular x1 (You can find it from the Turrets and in militarized areas, marked by a circle with a star on the game map). TRANSMISSION PARABOLA
-Copper x3
-Steel x3
-Fabric x6
-Gold x3
-Sensor Module x1 (You can find it from the Turrets and in communication areas such as the Trinity Tower)

-Copper x3
-Steel x5
-Rubber x2
-Biometric scanner x1 (You can find it from the Turrets and in hospital areas, marked by a circle with a cross on the game map). Once finished, connect everything and power up. Through the Energy and Generators section of the Workshop menu. Once you have powered all the components of the Interceptor you just have to activate it or talk to the scientist who helped you to finish the mission and finally reach the INSTITUTE.

IT: Finish the mission THE MOLECULAR LEVEL. WHAT TO DO: Follow the voice inside the structure to reach the man behind the Institute, the Father. Agree to become part of the Institute ( Don't worry! Later if you want you can cut this agreement! ) so you can freely explore the complex.

Then meet Dr. Holdren and Engineer Filmore. Talking with Ayo instead you can convince him, with an average level of Charisma, to trust you. Finally, talk to Dr. Madison who will install in the Pip-Boy a fast teleportation device to reach the Institute. This installation will also conclude the mission.

Now you will finally have finished all the main free missions of the game and before entering the final adventure you will have to make choices.

You'll have to carry on the faction missions, which you'll find in the following pages of this guide, until you reach the final one. Be careful because you can't be everyone's friend, in fact as you complete the missions of a specific faction your relationships with other factions will crack to the point of preventing you from completing missions for other factions except the chosen one. The only faction not affected by this problem is the Minutemen. You'll be able to complete all the Minutemen missions without problems towards other groups but be careful when you complete missions of other factions. Each faction has a point of no return.

As far as the Institute is concerned this point is already reached by completing the first 3/4 missions, because the other factions will immediately start to hate you. As far as the other 3 Factions are concerned, the point of no return is the main shared mission The NUCLEAR OPTION which changes according to the Faction you are facing. In practice the Institute attempts to destroy the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen. While the other 3 factions seek supremacy over the Commonwealth and also want to get rid of the Institute. It's up to you to choose what to do, remember that from now on every mission accomplished will carry great weight, good luck!



WHAT TO DO: Enter the museum and prepare to face the Marauders who have taken possession of the structure. Once they've been eliminated, go up to the top floor and talk to the survivors. Meet Preston Garvey, the last of the Minutemen. You choose to help him free his men from siege. In this area you will need to take a BOBBLEHEAD VAULT-TEC STATUETTA (GUIDE BETWEEN OUR GUIDES). You can accomplish Preston's mission in 2 ways:

-USE ATOMIC ARMATURE: Talk to Sturges and hack the terminal nearby. This will unlock the security cell at the bottom of the museum. Go down and open the cell door to collect a fusion core. Go back to the Minutemen and exit through the door to the roof.

Here you will find an old Atomic Armor T-45, ready to be activated thanks to the newly collected Core. Thanks to the armor you can quickly eliminate the Marauders in the streets of Concord but be careful, the enemies are well armed and could damage or destroy the armor.

-DON'T USE THE ARMOUR: You can save the powerful means provided by the Minutemen and also the Fusion Core by returning to retrieve the armor later. Only when you have free territory. To eliminate Marauders easily you can use a simple trick. Take the Deathclaw out of the manhole at the center of Concord by passing it and then escape to the top of the nearest building. The monster will eliminate the Marauders and get injured. As soon as you can download everything you have against the monster to free Concord from the hostile elements.

Once you have eliminated the enemies, go back to talk to Preston who will be waiting for you in Sanctuary. Meet him again in Sanctuary and talk to him to finish the mission.

You'll also get the trophy/goal The Call of Freedom. IMPORTANT: If you talk to Codsworth you can ask him to stay with you, the robot will become your companion and you can take him with you on a mission. By unlocking more than 5 of them you'll get the trophy/goal NEVER ON YOUR own. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTEMENTS- SANCTUARY HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the FREEDOM CALL. WHAT TO DO: You must make SANCTUARY a habitable place for Preston Garvey and his companions. To do this, talk to STURGES about the needs of the population. They'll need various things in that order:

-BEDS, always indoors and dry;
-DEPURATOR, build any one of those on the menu;
-Food, plant trees and assign someone to grow the plants;
-DEFENCES: You will have to build at least 2 turrets to defend the "new" SANCTUARY from any pitfalls. In addition, you will have to assign someone to defend these turrets and the permieter of the city; REMEMEMBER: If you have 4 settlers in total, the number of beds or other resources required must be equal to or greater than the number of inhabitants of a settlement. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTES- VISIONS HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the mission THE CALL FOR FREEDOM. WHAT TO DO: Among the members of the Minutemen there is also the elderly Mama Murphy who apparently receives visions from the future. Once you get to Sanctuary she will ask you to bring her some JET. Very common drugs that you can find in different places in COMMONWEALTH, especially if you have completed the main missions. Once you bring the drug to the woman, she will tell you about the future, but then she will need a new chair to rest and you will have to build it for her. The chair will be unlocked in the CONSTRUCTION menu, in the section SPECIALS. After building the chair the woman will ask you for more drugs to tell you more about your future:


Bringing drugs to the woman contrasts with preston Garvey's will and Sturges' opinion of you. In fact, if you overdo it with Psycho, to know more and more, you can say goodbye to dear Mama. In any case it is necessary to wait 8 hours between one administration and another because the old lady needs more rest.

OPTIONAL: If you want you can order the woman to detoxify. However, the success of this enterprise depends on the Charisma and requires a medium/high level. In this case Garvey and Sturges will be impressed by your gesture by increasing the esteem for you. Unfortunately, however, you will no longer be able to get visions from the future. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTEMENTS - FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the SANCTUARY mission and some random missions for Preston Garvey. WHAT TO DO: It's time to regain CASTLE, the old secret MINUTEMEN base. Reach Preston and his men and choose the plan of attack among the 3 proposed:

-SIDE ATTACK- Better to have a good level of stealth to infiltrate without problems.
-LONG SNIGHT- If you are a perfect sniper you can shoot them from afar trying to lure the enemies outside for mass carnage.
-Heavy weapons- A classic! Go through the main door and unload everything you have against it!

Eliminate all irradiated monsters and then take care of the offspring using the Pip-Boy to locate all the eggs left in the Castle. Unfortunately the "mummy" of the eggs is not very happy with your improvised omelette, offer her an alternative lead-based menu satiated with bullets. Once the battle is over, power up the Freedom radio transmitter to reach the entire Commonwealth so you can take the Minutemen's voice to all the camps and unlock numerous side missions! MINUTEMEN'S MAIN MISSION - WAR CIMES HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the mission FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE WHAT TO DO: Continue to complete random missions for Preston until he tells you about a certain RONNIE SHAW. The man will tell you about an armor hidden deep in the ruined depths of the Castle. Go down into the dungeon with Ronnie and prepare to fight with the guard robot called SERGEANT. Once defeated, you will be able to take the GENERAL COOPERAT and the MINUTEMEN'S GENERAL COOPERAT. You will also have access to the armoury where, between the vaie cose, you can also collect the ARTISTRY PROJECT and the SMOKING GREAT OF ARTISTRY. Once outside you will have to build your own ARTICLERY. Command the settlers to participate in the construction through and then test the newly built war machine on the snack shop just outside the castle. Simply pull a smoke grenade from the artillery and step away to see the explosive force of the war machine. Now go back to GARVEY and talk to him to complete the mission. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTEMENTS- DIRT WORK HOW TO UNLOCK IT: ONLY if STURGES has helped you finish the teleporter in the main campaign mission THE MOLECULAR LEVEL. WHAT TO DO: Take the OLONASTER OF THE NETWORK SCANNER FROM STURGES and once in the INSTITUTE use it on the computers at the entrance. Return it to STURGES to complete the mission. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTEMENTS- STRENGTHEN THE BUNKER HILL: You will have to refuse to join the INSTITUTE in the BUNKER HILL and discuss it with PRESTON GARVEY. WHAT TO DO: If you have at least 8 settlements Preston will inform you that the Castle is under attack and the main mission of MINUTEMEN - DEFENCE OF THE CASTLE will be available immediately. Otherwise the MINUTEMEN are still not strong enough and you will have to continue recruiting men, filling, unlocking and rebuilding settlements. MAIN MISSION OF MINUTEMENTS - CASTLE DEFENCE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Listen to RADIO FREEDOM, visit the CASTLE or talk to PRESTON GARVEY. WHAT TO DO: The Synthetics are attacking your Castle, before starting, it is good to set up as many DEFENCES as possible. Constantly repair the generators of your defenses that will be targeted by the INSTITUTE robots and repel the threat. When the battle is over, talk to Preston or Ronnie. MINUTEMEN'S MAIN MISSION - THE NUCLEAR OPTION HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the CASTLE DEFENCE mission WHAT TO DO: If you have completed the DIRT WORK, Sturges will provide you with a device to enter the INSTITUTE laboratory to teleport the other MINUTEMEN. Reach Greenetech Genetics and dive into the water, wearing a HAZMAT suit or atomic armor, to avoid radiation and open the trapdoor to reach the sewers. Once you reach the underground terminal insert the POINTING SEQUENCE to teleport the other MINUTEMEN. Now go to the Biosciences laboratory paying attention to the great synthetic resistance force and the laser turrets. Reach the central quarters and get the PASSWORD FROM THE FATHER. With a medium/high CARISMA he will tell you the password, otherwise you will have to hack his terminal. To meet less resistance, activate the EVACUATION measures always in the FATHER's terminal. Now go to the reactor room and wait to be teleported by Sturges. He will inform you of the presence of a strange child. Choose to save him for a great reward at the end of the mission. Finally, talk to Preston to end the mission and end the INSTITUTE forever. IMPORTANT REPRESENTATION: By talking to the saved child, you can overcome 3 secret missions to get a FUXILE LAZER, a very powerful rifle with infinite laser bullets! MAIN MINUTEMEN MISSION - THE UNION MAKES THE FORCE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the NUCLEAR OPTION mission and, if not yet, make your relationship with the STEEL CONFRATERNITY hostile.
TO DO: You must build the ARTICLERY in 5 different camps and assign a settler to manage the machine. Now all you have to do is go to the CASTLE and ask the radio operator to fire. Get ready for a finale with a bang! IMPORTANT FIRE: You will be able to transport yourself quickly with the VERTIBIRD. COMPLIMENTS! THE MAIN GAMEPLAY MISSIONS OF THE MINUTEMN ARE OVER! MINUTEMEN'S SECOND MISSION - THE FIRST STEP HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish THE FREEDOM CALL and agree to help Preston Garvey in Sanctuary.
TO DO: The man will inform you that the Minutemen were a group of people who had taken it upon themselves to help people in need. Precisely for this reason Preston will ask you to talk to the settlers of Tenpines Bluff and their problem with the Marauders. Go to the indicated place and talk to the two colonists present, asking them to join the Minutemen already. In the area you will also find a guy who for about 200 caps can sell you a trained dog that you can use just like the unlocked dog with the secondary mission "HEAL THE DOG" described above.
You must then reach the Corvega Assembly Plant and eliminate all the enemies you encounter. On the way to the Plant you'll meet the Bedford Station, where you can collect various useful consumables and caps but be careful because it's infested with Hungry Ghouls.
Right next to the plant is the town of Lexington, another location that will be added to the map but haunted by Ghouls and Marauders, use their rivalry to go unnoticed.

Once you reach your destination, you'll need to get inside the plant and get to the heart of it to eliminate the Marauders' leader. Pay attention to the numerous turrets scattered inside the plant that with a few bursts of machine guns can knock you out. In this area you will need to take a BOBBLEHEAD VAULT-TEC STATUETTA (GUIDE BETWEEN OUR GUIDES). To enter inside the Corvega plant you can also adopt a stealthy method, passing through an underground tunnel that starts from Lexington but be careful not to touch the cans because you will attract several feral Ghouls groping in the sewers. Once the mission is completed, go back to the Colonists and offer them to join the Minutemen. They will gladly accept and swell your ranks. Then return to Sanctuary to speak with Preston Garvey and finish the mission. IMPORTANT: If you talk to Preston Garvey again and agree to join the Minutemen, Preston will become one of your companions and you can take him on the mission with you. By unlocking more than 5 of them you will get the trophy/objective NEVER ON YOUR own. Beware, however, because Preston, unlike the Dog, will take into account everything you do and making choices against his ideology may also choose not to follow you anymore. You will also get the trophy/objective THE FIRST STEP. MORE MINUTEMEN'S SIDE QUES...

Fallout 4 - SOLUTION TO THE MISSIONS OF THE MAIN STEEL CONFRATERNITY MISSION (OPTIONAL) - LEVATE - REVEILLE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: This mission is automatically made available at the end of the main mission MEETINGS. ONLY if you have not followed the AF95 military frequency or have not visited the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION before. WHAT TO DO: At the end of the main MEETINGS mission you will see a flying battleship passing over the roofs of FORT HAGEN. At this point you can:
-Recome to the BOSTON AIRPORT and talk to the guards who will advise you to reach the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION.
-Or go directly to the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION.
Once you reach the place in question eliminate the various Ferali Ghouls that you will find in the area and prepare to provide SUPPORT FIRE to the Brotherhood of Steel. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEELFRATERNITY - SUPPORT FIRE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: This is the first true mission of the Brotherhood of Steel. It is unlocked either by going to the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION, or by following the AF95 radio frequency that you will pick up from the LEXINGTON parts or the CORVEGA ASSEMBLY PLANT. WHAT TO DO: In practice you simply follow the radio signal to reach the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION and eliminate the Feral Ghouls in the area. Once done, talk to Paladino Danse, the area commander and agree to assist him. OPTIONAL: With a good level of Charisma you can also convince Danse to hire you, this will get you much more caps at the end of the CALL TO WEAPON mission. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - CALL TO WEAPONS HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish SUPPORT FIRE.
TO DO: You must accompany Paladino Danse to ArcJet Systems. A complex of abandoned buildings in which to take a long-range transmitter to repair the confraternity's telecommunications system. The building is strangely full of Synthetics, so you'll have to help Danse in the battle against these opponents. Once inside, you'll need access to the main terminal. To do this you can HACKER him, but it requires an ADVANCED level. Or access the ANALYST terminal to get the password for the LABORATORY CONTROL computer. After you have accessed these computers you can continue and choose whether to destroy the turrets with Danse or go to the nearby office and deactivate them. Finally you will be able to go down to the core of the complex arriving to the ArcJet engine.
In the office just before the turrets, remember to collect the magazine LA SCIENZA DI TESLA and follow the guide to comics and magazines. To get to the core of the ArcJet you will need to restore power to the elevator. You can do this from a terminal nearby with a basic hacker level. Then you'll have to run to Danse and help him fight the Synthetics. If you want you can burn the damn robots by activating the engine and burning them quickly. Once you've done this take the ascendancy and reached the control room take the Transmitter at wide range from the body of one of the Synthetics. OPTIONAL: In this building you can also find the JUNK JET, a really useful weapon that turns objects considered junk into powerful explosive bullets. You can collect it in the room with the observation window where there is the button.

Use the elevator and exit the complex. If you talk to Paladin Danse and have an average level of Charisma you can ask the man how the battle went. Finally, all you have to do is hand over the transmitter to finish the mission and receive the VIRTUOUS AUTHORITY laser rifle. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - ALWAYS INVICTE HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish CALL TO THE WEAPONS.
TO DO: After entering the Brotherhood, return to the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION and speak with Paladino Danse. Now, if you have not yet begun the main mission of the DANSE PENSIERICOLOSE campaign, you will only receive the degree of INITIATED and you will only be able to continue the Brotherhood's storyline after you have gone ahead with the main campaign. If you have already passed DANGEROUS THOUGHS or subsequent missions, you will complete this mission and the next mission will start immediately. OPTIONAL: You can talk to the other members of the Brotherhood present, such as SCRIBA HAYLEN or Knight RHYS, to get new missions. If you have a medium-high level of Charism, you can also talk to Danse about his relationship with Rhys. MAIN MISSION OF STEEL CONFRATERNITY - STEEL SHADOW HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish SEMPER INVICTA.
TO DO: Follow Danse on the roof of the CAMBRIDGE POLICE STATION as soon as he arrives jump aboard the VERTIBIRD. Smitten the various Marauder camps below you and prepare to reach the heart of the Brotherhood of Steel, the giant flagship called Prywden. As soon as you disembark, you will meet the Chief Lancer Kells who will order you to attend the speech of Elder Chief Maxson. At the end of the speech you will only need to talk to Maxson to receive the rank of Knight and you will also get an ATOMIC ARMATURE CDA II T-60B, commissioned especially for you. You can also add a new companion to your ranks. IMPORTANT FILL: Unlock Paladino Danse as a Companion. By unlocking more than 5 of them you will get the trophy/goal NEVER ON YOUR own. MAIN STEEL CONFRATERNITY MISSION - SERVICE PERIOD HOW TO UNLOCK: Finish STEEL SHADE.
TO DO: You will have to visit the Prywden, the huge blimp of the Brotherhood of Steel and meet all the Censors: Ingram, Teagan, Quinlan. When you talk to Teagan you will unlock the Brotherhood's secondary mission NUTRIRE LE TRUPPE. Finally, talk to Captain Cade to complete the mission. Also remember to take your PERSONALIZED ATOMIC ARMATURE from Station 03. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - NO FEET HOW TO UNLOCK IT: End SERVICE PERIOD.
TO DO: It's time to slaughter Supermutants. Talk to Elder Maxson and head to Fort Strong to eliminate all Supermutants. If you want you can complete the mission much faster by shooting Supermutants from the Vertibird. When the massacre is over, go back to Danse and then to Maxson to receive the VERTIBIRD SIGNAL SIGNAL GREAT. Thanks to this object, you can call back the troops of the brotherhood where you throw the grenade. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - FROM THE INTERIOR HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish NO STONE.
TO DO: You must go to the INSTITUTE if you do not know how to finish the main campaign missions described in the first section of this guide. Maxson will send you to find Dr. Li who works at the Institute. If you have a maximum CARISMA level, you can convince her to work for the Brotherhood by immediately completing the mission. If, on the other hand, Dr. Li will not believe you, even in just one of the many blows and answers with Charisma, you will need to look for the REGISTER OF BRIAN VIRGIL in the VEF LABORATORY within the Biosciences Division. Be careful because this area, which you can reach by hacking some terminals, is protected by several turrets and an Assaultron. Once inside, take the log and bring it to Li and then go back to Maxson to report and finish the mission. MAIN MISSION OF STEEL CONFRATERNITY - NOTABLE RISKS HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish NO STONE.
TO DO: You must go to the INSTITUTE and save on the OLONASTER provided by the Ingram Sensor the data contained in the terminals at the entrance. Then you just have to go back to Ingram to finish the mission. Remember that you can also complete this mission during the previous mission of the Brotherhood, FROM THE INTERNAL. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - FREEDOM TO UNLOCK: End NOTABLE RISKS.
TO DO: The Ingram Censor is ready to build an ultra-powerful war machine but will need your help and that of a scientist. If you have completed the MAIN MISSION OF CONFRATERNITY - FROM THE INTERNAL without killing Doc. There, follow procedure 1, if you killed her follow procedure 2.

All you need to do is talk to Dr. Li on the main deck of the Prywden.

Dr. Li is dead and you need to find a replacement: Dr. SCARA. Go to Diamond City, to the marketplace, and talk to Dr. Duff. She'll tell you she hasn't seen Scara in a while and ask you to find her. Go to the GENERAL ATOMICS GALLERY, north of COMMONWEALTH. Now enter the BACK ALLEY BOWLING building to find SCARA. Use Charisma to convince her or give her the CEREBRAL FUSION ADAPTER provided by CONFRATERNITY at the beginning of the mission.

When you find the scientist ready to help you, go back to Boston airport and inform INGRAM that they will ask you to build some ELECTROMAGNETIC ACTUATORS. Once done, talk to the scribe HAYLEN who will send you to the edge of the map to find some nuclear warheads. When you reach the area, open the fire door and cancel the launch procedure. Go down, paying attention to the various feral Ghouls you will meet, and prepare to fight with Brother HENRI and the ASSAULTRON IRA DELL'ATOMO. If you have a high level of CARISMA, you can convince Henri to be faithful to the weird cult that follows and get the PASSWORD without incident of any kind. Once you reach the nuclear warheads, go back to Ingram and inform him of the progress to finish the mission and get the T-60 MEDICAL PUMP. MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - CECO TRADEMENT HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish FREEDOM OF ARMY.
TO DO: Apparently Paladin Danse is not as Paladin as we thought. After you get information from Maxson, talk to Quinlan and reach the BRAVO LISTENING POINT to find the Paladin.


If you have a high level of CARISMA, you can convince Danse to redeem himself. Always choose not to kill him and convince others to accept his ideas and let him live. In the end tell him to follow you and Danse will remain your faithful companion. If you choose to kill the Paladin instead, retrieve your dog tags and return to the Prywden to complete the mission by handing over DANSE'S OLOMEDAGLIETTE. Once the mission is complete, visit Censor TEAGAN to find a POWERFUL ATOMIC ARMATURE and a devastating BAZOOKA! MAIN MISSION OF THE STEEL CONFRATERNITY - TACTICAL REFLECTION HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the BLACK TRADEMENT and talk to the KELLS Lancer.
: WATCH OUT! By choosing to carry out this mission you will be expelled from the RAILROAD forever. You will now have to go to the Railroad headquarters, the OLD NORTH CHURCH, descend into the catacombs, activate the detonator and break through the wall to party for all the members of the Railroads: Carrington, Glory, Desdemona, Deacon (you will no longer have him as a companion) and Tom Handyman. There is also an Automatron called PAM, don't destroy it but look for the main terminal and reprogram it. More advanced PAM will be very useful on board the Prywden. MAIN STEEL CONFRATERNITY MISSION - ON THE WAR BARATER HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Finish the TACTICAL REFLECTION mission and talk to CENSOR INGRAM.
TO DO: The censor will ask you to help him find the Beryllium Shaker. If you agree to fly the Vertibird to Mass Fusion and launch when requested, you will remain loyal to the CONFRATERNITY and fail several missions of other factions. If you decide to inform the INSTITUTE you will unlock the MASS FUSION mission. The following describes what to do if you choose to remain faithful to the CONFRATERNITY. Use the Vertibird by firing at anything that moves. At the request of your superiors, launch into Mass Fusion and continue to the executive research lab where you will find the LABORATORY PASSWORD and the MASS FUSION DIRIGENCIAL BADGE. Use the badge on the lift and take it to continue. Once down, look for the key to Mass Fusion's laboratories to access the decontamination area. Once inside, press the button and move to the reactor room. Open the container and finally get the AGITATOR. Now the automatic defenses of the MASS FUSION will be activated. Prepare to fight a Sentinel Robot, a Protectron and an Assaultron. If you wish

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