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Fallout 4 is a game where attributes play a key role. Developing one skill over another is not merely a functional fact, but the plot itself will change according to your stats. You may or may not come out of a battle unscathed if you have developed one skill over another, and you can find out what secrets the various areas of the Contaminated Zone hide, for example. This guide will show you all the skills in detail so you can choose which one to implement first. In fact, many abilities are strictly necessary to survive in the Contaminated Zone, while others are necessary to enjoy the Contaminated Zone to the fullest. Let's go see them together:

Fallout 4 : SPECIAL Attributes Guide

Strength, of course, is the first thing that determines how many objects we can take with us. If at first this is not so important, already after a few hours of play you risk having to give up something important in the inventory for weight problems. I'll remind you that Fallout's inventory has always had a maximum weight-related capacity, and each item has its own characteristics, including how much it weighs. The strength also increases the damage you can do with your bare hands or a blank weapon, so you can defeat enemies more easily. It needs to be increased at least so you have a decent inventory at your disposal.

Perception is nothing more than the ability to use Vault Tech's assisted targeting system: whenever you want you can scan an enemy and identify the success rate of the blow you are about to inflict on them. The greater the perception, the greater the accuracy. Useful therefore if you decide to bet a lot on fighting with firearms and shots with a sniper rifle (sniper). Perception also helps in THEFT: the higher the perception the more you can interact with theft options and create diversion in situations where you are in difficulty. This skill, like strength, also needs to be enhanced almost immediately.

The endurance determines physical endurance. For example, in the contaminated area it will not be uncommon to get radioactive infections of various types, the endurance determines how resistant we are to this type of unexpected events. The endurance therefore makes that radiation has less effect on the character when the statistics of this attribute are high and you suffer less damage in attacks received by enemies. The endurance also allows you to eat things that are not normally edible such as animals from the contaminated area and human flesh! This ability also needs to be boosted quite massively!

What is charisma? The ability to interact with the ambiguous presences of the contaminated area. It's not uncommon to meet people with low moral vein. Thanks to your charisma you can more easily win people's trust, do good business and get out of tense situations. Often, a high level of charisma unlocks options in conversation so that you can manage events through this ability. You can also make friends more easily with animals and convince others to act on your behalf. Charisma also allows you to resist alcohol better! A skill that is practically indispensable if you want to live life in the contaminated area to the fullest, not just by using weapons: it's up to you to choose according to the style of play you love (long discussions and interactions, or solve situations in a quick way).

Intellectual skills are crucial in the contaminated area. Some entrances, doors or secret passages will need a password and therefore need to be hacked. Obviously this will be possible the higher the intelligence ability. Intelligent explorers are also the most creative ones: the modding of weapons and not only will be the more effective and complex the higher the intelligence factor will be. An excellent attribute then if you want to devote yourself to the complete exploration of all corners of the contaminated area and want to look for new solutions of exploration and modding. Ah! And let's not forget that intelling also allows you to treat yourself more effectively!

The mutants on the surface cannot be defeated with weapons alone, especially when faced with attacks from groups of enemies. The SPAV reacts better when agility is high, allowing you to target multiple targets at once. Agility also allows you to act in Stealth with stealth attacks or passing close to groups of enemies without being noticed. Agility is therefore essential to move around the contaminated area! It definitely needs to be upgraded at least in part in order to have an acceptable level of agility throughout the game.


Luck is blind... but it Fallout 4 can see very well! In fact, if you develop the luck skill you're much more likely to hit a target, find treasures and useful items during exploration and find companions who can help you in your time of need. Clearly this ability in our opinion should be enhanced not immediately, but after a few hours of play in order to develop other skills more fundamental to survival.

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