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Finally the first of the 3 DLCs announced by Bethesda has been released for Fallout 4, after having revealed every secret of the main game in our many guides we are ready to guide you through the universe of Automatron!

Automatron is an additional mega-quest that will appear in the game world after downloading and installing the DLC via single purchase or Season Pass. In this mission an evil scientist known as the Mechanicist has freed on earth robots with a high killer instinct, led by a sentient cyborg named Cerebrobot. Our task will be to find them and exterminate them all. In our guide you will find the solution to 100% complete the game, how to unlock all the trophies / achievements, where to find weapons and unique parts, how to unlock the game AUTOMATRON on holonaster and many other secrets such as the one to turn Codsworth into Terminator!!


To play with the DLC you must first of all have reached a good level, the DLC is designed for players who know the contaminated area and know how to deal with it. Once you've made sure you're one of the toughest bastards in the Commonwealth, open the radio on your trusty Pip-Boy and look for a help signal that can be heard from anywhere on the map. You'll be informed of a strange attack and you'll have to go to Wattz Consumer Electronics to start the first sub-quest composing the DLC.

Find out the location of this location thanks to the map below:


MISSION 1- Mechanical threat
Complete "Mechanical Menace" . This mission unlocks a trophy/goal.
WHAT TO DO: In this first Automatron mission, we will have to listen to the radio signal on the Pip-Boy and go to the indicated place. In the vicinity of Wattz Consumer Electronics, we will witness a battle of robots. All we have to do is eliminate the evil robots and save ADA, the sentient unit that will accompany us throughout the DLC.

MISSION 2- A New Threat
WHAT TO DO: You must repair ADA so that it can help you in your battle against the MECHANICALIST. To do this you'll need to go to the GENERAL ATOMICS FACTORY and find the parts you need to repair, but be careful because the abandoned factory is actually teeming with powerful robots.

MISSION 3- Head Hunter
Complete "Headhunter." This mission unlocks a trophy/goal.
WHAT TO DO: In this third mission you'll need to find the Robobrain's second radar to triangulate the Mechanicist's position. Unfortunately, the robot in question is not at the most accessible location in the Contaminated Zone and you will need a large ammunition load to reach it. Your adventure starts from the GREATER MASS BLOOD CLINIC, just south of FORT HAGEN.

MISSION 4- Report the order
Complete "Report Order" . This mission unlocks a trophy/goal.
WHAT TO DO: Thanks to the previous mission you have finally discovered that the MECHANICIAN is hiding in a secret lair of ROBCO SALES AND SERVICE. The time has come to restore order to the contaminated area and find out who is hiding behind the robotic threat of the MECHANICIAN.
SCONTRO BOSS: At the end of this mission you'll have to fight with the MECHANICIAN AND ITS NUMEROUS ROBOTS, to defeat them at best remember that with a high level of hacking you can activate self-destruct in some robots so that they destroy the others involved in the explosion. Use plasma weapons to best defeat any threat and remember that from time to time you can climb on the large metal structure in front of the Mechanic to attack the robots from above with a shower of bombs. At the end of the fight you can decide to eliminate the Mechanicist but I suggest you listen to him and above all find out who he is...

Robot hunter
Unlock 10 robot modifications.

My toys
Create 10 robot modifications. To get this trophy/object quickly, you can use a simple tucchetto. Simply modify the ADA paint job 10 times in a row!


REFLECTOR PROJECT - The reflector design will allow you to unlock a guard reflector to be inserted into your bases. This project is located above a computer in the MECHANICALIST's room at the end of the DLC. Watch the video to find out where to find it.

THE MECHANICIAN'S SECRET ROOM - There is a hidden room in the Mechanicist's lair that contains various consumables, money, bazookas, ammunition and much more and can only be reached by activating the secret button behind one of the Mechanicist's control consoles. Watch the video to find out where to find it.

OLONASTRO AUTOMATRON - The new game on Olonastro available in this first DLC is called AUTOMATRON and you can find it during the mission HEAD HUNTER.

UNIQUE WEAPONS - HEAD HUNTER AND HEAD HUNTER - To make this powerful weapon and unlock this piece to customize and upgrade your robots, you'll first need to find them near FORT HAGEN on the HEAD HUNTER mission.

TRANSFORM CODSWORTH IN TERMINATOR - In Automatron's Fallout 4 DLC we will be given the opportunity to modify our fellow robots. Having enough materials it is possible to make real invincible war machines. You don't believe us? Watch the video and even Codsworth can strike fear into the cruelest of enemies!

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