ESWAT: City under Siege Mega Drive cheats

ESWAT: City under Siege, known in Japan as Cyber ​​Police ESWAT, is a platform game genre sliding developed in 1990 for Sega Mega Drive.

Based on the Cyber ​​arcade game Police ESWAT, dating back to 1989, the console conversion keeps the plot and characters intact but features different levels, weapons and bonuses. Rather similar to Shinobi, ESWAT: City under Siege is set in the near future, with the player controlling a blond-haired cop named Duke Oda who, over the course of the levels, evolves into the cyborg ESWAT.
Initially a simple member of the police force of the city of Liberty, our hero must clean the streets of the thugs who crowd them and the wave of rampant crime. The goal is to eliminate the most dangerous criminals, passing from the human form that allows us to use a single weapon to the cyborg form obtained thanks to the "ICE Combat Suit“, An extremely powerful armor that provides the player with other weapons such as the Super Shot or jetpack that allow you to soar in flight. In human form, you can only take one hit, while armor takes multiple hits before losing a life.

Start a game and the heroes and missions screen will appear. Hold DOWN, A, B, C and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN on the joypad. At this point you will be able to choose the starting level by pressing Left / Right.

To enable the sound test, complete the game. During the final sequence, press and hold A, B, C, DOWN and LEFT. Continue to hold them and press START until the Sound Test screen appears.

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