El Viento Mega Drive cheats and codes

Wind it's a 2D platforming genre videogame developed from Wolf team for the 16-bit console Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis in 1991.

It is the second part title

 of the game trilogy by Earnest Evans and Annet Myer. The player in El Viento has access to an unlimited amount of boomerangs and can have up to five different magic attacks available. At the end of each level there is the classic final boss, which must be faced and defeated if you want to continue the game.
The game takes up the settings of Earnest Evans, the first title of the trilogy, and re-proposes elements of the universe of Cthulhu, by HP Lovecraft. El Viento is set in New York in the late 20s when Al Capone, cult leader Henry and the sorceress Restiana are planning to awaken the evil Hastur, who has descendants, including Annet Myer. Annet, with the help of Earnest Evans, tries to put a spoke in the wheel of the cult that wants to awaken the divinity.


When the game starts, when the wolf team logo appears, hold A, B, C and press UP + START to access the color test options.

At any time during the game, pause and press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, B. You will skip through the current level.

This trick will allow you to collect magical power-ups without actually picking up any items. Pause the game and press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, C. Repeat this to get all 5 spells.

Start the game and pause it at any time. Press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, A.

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