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EarthBound, whose original title in Japanese is Mother 2: Gyiyg no gyakushu, is a genre video game RPG published in 1994 for SNES.

Made for the most part by Shigesato Itoi, also author of the predecessor EarthBound Beginnings (videogame that remained an exclusive for Japan, given that Nintendo of America never managed to import the game in North America), Earthbound met with good critical and sales success, too if not at the levels of other games of the same genre developed for SNES in the same years. 
The setting is not the classic one of the Fantasy RPGs, which could be good if you are tired, perhaps momentarily, of playing the best known titles of this genre ever released for the Nintendo 16-bit console. Very pretty there graphics, colorful and cartoonish as we like it, but also there gameplay turns out to be well calibrated and overall the game deserves to be part of your collection (which is not easy, given the costs of the cartridges of this title).

If you intend to play it, we will leave you some suggestions to facilitate your task.

To get pizza right away, all you have to do is order one, call your father, save and leave. Press RESET and load the game you just saved: when you start, the Mach Pizza guy will deliver it to you immediately.

To defeat the last boss, you will have to have Paula pray 9 times while the other members heal and attack. Ness's special attack works great, as does Jeff's bazooka.

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