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Dumb Ways to Die 2 Tricks | The success of the first installment of Dumb Ways to Die convinced the developer to bring the new game to mobile devices in which we will be engaged in crazy and fun levels. It Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is available on Android and iOS and includes several new characters and challenges, with as many as 28 mini-games that will allow you to unlock additional characters while you try to reach the highest possible score.

Getting a high score is not the only goal of Dumb Ways to Die 2 and in this guide we propose some tricks to successfully complete all the minigames.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 | Tricks for mini-games

Connect your game to Facebook if you know other players

It's the easiest thing to do at first, though this trick would only be useful if you weren't the only one in your circle of friends playing Dumb Ways to Die 2. There are some advantages to grab, in case you don't have any friends playing it, there won't be any special benefits, e.g. free premium currency, etc., to get this way.

Use all your tokens in one day

If you use all your tokens in one day, you will receive two new tokens the next day, provided you log in and play the game. But if you don't use all your tokens, you won't get new ones when you play the next day - if, for example, you have one token left on a given day, you'll still get one token the next day. So if you want a steady stream of tokens, make sure you use them all in one day.

Focus your practice on security bonuses

How do you take advantage of security bonuses? Just touch one of these stages, play the security bonus, then touch a different stage to get a new one. Keep going until you've played all those stages, then play at a normal level, then redo the safety bonus practice and make sure you've covered everything.

How to complete the stage of lives to be saved

This internship will ask you to swipe on the people in the middle of the level in order to drag them away, and if you swipe to the left people will go to the left. Similarly, scrolling to the right will send them to the right. The trick is not to drag them all to the same side, but to maintain a certain balance by putting a couple to the right and a couple to the left, in a regular way.

Yeti Level: Make "swipe" very short

When it comes to governing the Yeti, it might seem difficult at first because there's a lot of junk you have to take off the path. However, it's worth making short swipes on the device screen instead of long swipes because they have two different consequences. Dragging for a short time will remove obstacles, and may take longer, but it will also allow you to maintain the pace more easily while driving the Yeti.

How to complete the level of dentistry of killer whales

Brush the killer whale's teeth the way you brush your teeth. Go back and forth instead of crawling around randomly, and this will allow you to cover more ground and make sure the whale's teeth are perfectly clean. And when we say perfectly clean, we mean it because you'll lose the level if even a small part of the whale's teeth are dirty.

How to complete the Running Beside the Pool level

This is one of the most difficult levels in Dumb Ways to Die 2, but luckily there's a little trick. You have to wait until your character has stopped completely before you start running again. If you can't do that, he'll land on his butt, killing you and losing the level in yet another stupid way that gives the game its title.

Don't do anything in the Lick The Pole Stage level and you'll complete it.

A level that looks difficult can be finished by doing absolutely nothing - don't lick the pole! In fact, don't do anything on this particular level, or you will lose. Doing nothing is exactly what you need to do to win.

Gently tilt the device into the Dolphin Rodeo level

How to complete the off-track Slalom

In this minigame, you have to tilt your device left and right. It's the easiest tilting game in the whole package, but the bad thing is that obstacles can be quite unpredictable. The best thing to do here is to avoid touching the left and right edges. Always stay towards the centre.

Level Ice Skating in Freezerville

This can be a very complicated mini-game, and getting the timing right is quite difficult. However, the trick is to jump only when your character's skate is almost touching the crack. Jumping too early or too late is a sign of failure.

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