Duke Nukem Forever: EGO Objects, Helmets and Phones

Inside Duke Nukem Forever there are several items to collect to complete the game 100% or unlock specific objectives and trophies. Inside this guide we will help you to locate the three helmets for the "Protected Head" archievement/trophy, the fourteen phones for the "Switchboardist" archievement/trophy and the EGO objects for the "Real Man" achievement/trophy.


Vegas Level in Ruin - After saying goodbye to our comrades at the beginning of the level, we go on to the ammunition box and look inside the van to locate the Master Chief's helmet and armor (HALO series);
Level The Nest - After passing the first sphincter activated with the light bug, we go left in a narrow passage and look on the ground to locate Isaac Clarke's helmet (Dead Space series);
Level Blowin' the Dam - Once we reach the wreck we go left towards the body in midwater illuminated and here left again to reach a small platform out of the water where we will find the gas mask of Bandit Raider (Borderlands series).


Phone 01 - Level Duke Lives! - Inside the bathroom of Duke's apartment.
Phone 02 - Duke Dome Level - Inside the mobile office where the photocopier is also located.
Phone 03 - Strip Club Level - On the counter at the entrance of the club.
Phone 04 - Strip Club Level - On the desk in the employee's office.
Phone 05 - Strip Club Level - On the wall of the code protected room.
Phone 06 - Strip Club Level - On the counter at the end of the long corridor.
Phone 07 - Duke Burger - After we have recovered from our flight, we go back and find the phone on the gadgets counter.
Phone 08 - Mighty Foot Level - Inside the office shack, on the table opposite the PC on.
Phone 09 - Mighty Foot Level - Inside the office shack, next to the PC on.
Phone 10 - Shrunk Machine Level - In the warehouse offices on the left.
Phone 11 - Generator Room Level - After the elevator ride we go left, the phone is planted on the wall next to the water fountain.
Phone 12 - The Clarifier Level - In the office in front of the wall with 12 written on it.
Phone 13 - Level The Clarifier - In the office that we will have to reach by moving the iron scaffolding.
Phone 14 - Level The Clarifier - At the top of the engine room, the phone is well planted on the wall.


EGO objects are objects that Duke can interact with to increase the bar of life, on several occasions it will be possible to interact with similar objects such as toilets, mirrors and more. However, the EGO bar will increase only the first time you interact. In this guide we will give you all the details on how to increase EGO by interacting with various objects as soon as possible. In addition to those listed, there are other moments when we will gain EGO, but this will be in automatic phases related to history and not optional moments or interactions.

Level 1 - Duke's Apartment

Let's play pool with all the balls in the hole.
Let's admire each other in the bathroom mirror.
Let's urinate in the toilet.

Level 2 - Damn It's Late Program Offices and Studios

We cook popcorn with micronde inside the relaxation room.
Let's pick up a rat and cook it with micronde.
Let's sign the book to the kid.
Let's punch the guy who complains out loud after passing the stage of the show - this will unlock another goal.

Level 3 - Duke Cave

Inside the gym we make a basketball hoop.
Inside the gym we collect the six weights, load the barbell and do some weights.
Inside the gym we make a curl with the small weight.
Inside the gym, we hit the punching bag with the alien design.
Inside the gym, we hit the boxing ball hooked to the ceiling.
Inside the gym, we score 250,000 points with the pinball.
Inside the gym we hit the ball with the barriers on the left and right after turning on the three lights at the top.

Level 5 - Lady Killer

Let's play and win something with the slot machines.

Level 6 - Vegas in Ruin

After we beat the boss, let's humiliate him by punching his privates.

Level 7 - Duke Dome

After we get into the mobile office, let's photocopy our butts.

Level 8 - The Nest

As soon as we find naked breasts placed on the creature's walls, let's slap them.

Level 10 - Strip Club

Inside the bathroom we interact with the hole in the wall.
We talk to the stripper after she finishes her dance.
We watch the DVD in the strip club office.
We play and win Alien Abortion.
Let's play and win at poker.
Let's play and win 7-0 Air Hockey.

Level 11 - Crash Course

We throw the Frisbee by the collapsed passageway.

Level 12 - Duke Burger

After the flight inside the building, we reach the warehouses and smoke the cigar on the shelves.
Once we reach the toilets, we go into the first one and pick up the porn mag on the floor.

Level 13 - Mighty Foot

We use the telescope on the left side of the street to see a strange scene.
We enter inside the office hut locked by the gate and interact with the PC inside.

Level 14 - Ghost Town

We collect the porn mag inside the church, under the bench on the right.

Level 16 - Duke Dam

Let's pick up the paper airplane inside the yellow bus and launch it.

Level 17 - The Shrunk Machine

Once inside the warehouse we enter the office at the bottom left to flip through the calendar.

Level 18 - ForkStop

We collect the porn mag inside the ForkShop control room.

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