Dragon Ball Z Kakarot How Unlock Infinite Super Saiyan

In you Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can unlock transformations to Super Saiyan as you progress through the game, but you'll have to spend Ki to do so. With the right amount of training, however, you can automatically transform yourself into any of the many powerful forms of Goku at no cost.

These are real endless transformations, because they don't need any cost to be done. They are unlocked at the Capsule Corporation. but you'll have to advance quite a bit in history. The upgrade allows Goku to activate Kaioken without draining his HP, and then reach Super Saiyan level 1. Even non Saiyan characters will be able to transform at no extra cost, for example Piccolo.

To access the automatic transformations, you must first unlock the Training Room. This appears at some point in the Cell Saga and becomes available when Vegeta trains to become a Super Saiyan like Goku.

After unlocking a special training room in the Capsule Corps building in West City, you can upgrade the Training Room to Level 10 and, once completed, you can unlock the self-transformation ability that will no longer require you to spend Ki to become super saiyan.

If you continue to upgrade this ability, you'll unlock higher transformation levels, so eventually you'll be able to reach levels 2, 3, etc. This gradual level increase will only be available as an endgame activity, but it is still very useful.

This is what you need to know to unlock endless transformations in DBZ: Kakatot. If you need further help in the CyberConnect game, you can consult our other guides on how to earn many D Medals and how to find the seven Dragonballs to summon the dragon Shenron and make a wish.

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