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The level of friendship is a feature available in the game and is more important than you can imagine. It is not an accessory to make quantity, in fact, increasing the level of friendship with a character allows you to learn new techniques to use in combat. The level of friendship behaves like a stats meter and should be constantly checked to see if the protagonist of the game, Shallot whether or not he is able to learn the skill of a certain character.

The degree of friendship can be used to Improve the fighting skills of Shallot which means that he will be able to learn new moves from the characters with whom he has a higher rank of friendship.

How to increase the friendship level

To increase the level of friendship you will have to earn friendship points. These virtual points can be earned by playing the main story. Only the characters who will fight in the main story will earn these points. You will get friendship points even if you lose the fights, but you won't earn any points if you use the skip tickets.

This basically means that you have to play the story mode with the character whose level of friendship you want to increase. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose the fights, the important thing is that you proceed in story mode.

In this way, your friendship level will increase and you will receive very useful rewards for the continuation of the game. But what interests us are the special skills to teach Shallot, the new Saiyan warrior protagonist of Dragon Ball Legends . Once you've reached the maximum level of friendship..., you will be able to teach Shallot the special skill of that character.

To teach Shallot an unlocked skill go to the profile / details of the characters and look at the skills. You will see a tag "Can Train" which means those skills can be trained and learned.

This mechanics adds more customization to the character because making friends with all the characters will be virtually impossible, so don't think about creating an all-powerful Shallot. You'll have to choose the skills that most intrigue you, see which characters have them and try to increase the level of friendship with them accordingly.. This means that each player will have a character with different abilities than the others. Besides, by increasing the friendship level you'll be able to provide Shallot with customized costumes and equipment.

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