Dragon Ball Legends - Guide to Complete the Challenges

In this guide on How to complete all In Dragon Ball Legends Challenges we will guide you through the different challenges you will face during the game, including tips on how to complete each of the challenges so that you can maximize your rewards throughout the Story mode.

Similar to previous Dragon Ball games, Dragon Ball Legends it features several challenges in each mission in the Story mode. Complete challenges rewards you with Chrono Crystals, the premium game currency used to hire new fighters to join your team. If you complete all Challenges in a specific mission in Story mode, you are rewarded with the Rare Medals a truly valuable resource that can be used to purchase items in the Store. As such, it is always a good idea to complete any Challenge when you have the chance.

Below is a list of Challenges in Dragon Ball Legends Discoveries so far. Many of them become more difficult as you progress. Some of them also need to be done more than once in the same story mode. In the list, you'll find challenges with an X, which simply needs to be replaced with the number required by the game.

Complete Challenges

Get a perfect victory
Defeat all opponents and win the fight without damage.

Win without a single victim
Defeat all opponents and win the fight without anyone in your group being eliminated (i.e., reduced to 0 HP).

Launch an attack ability X times
Use a red card to successfully place an attack ability

Throw a Ki Blast Skill X times

Successfully place a Ki Blast skill

Launch a special move X times
Hit the enemy successfully with a special move. These are the electric blue cards.

Use a special skill X times
He successfully uses a special skill. These are the green cards.

Use Main Skill X times
You must use your main skill during battle. This is the ability that is thrown when you click on the portrait of the characters in battle. Usually, the battle must have started a while before you can use these abilities.

Dodge an attack with Vanishing Step
You run by dodging your character with Vanishing Step. Wait for an exclamation mark (!) to appear above your character's head, then get ready to dodge. Successfully dodging attacks in this way completes this challenge.

Make X exchanges
Add members of your group a number of times to complete this challenge.

Launch The Rising Rush
Using your Cards, collect all the Dragonballs. Then successfully launch a Rising Rush skill.

Perform a Final KO with Rising Rush
Using your Cards, collect all the Dragonballs. Then defeat your opponent definitively with the Rising Rush ability.

Fight with 1 or more VER / ROS / GIA / VIO / BLUE characters
Take 1 or more Green / Red / Yellow / Purple / Blue characters with you to your party

Launch an X attack with characters VER / ROS / GIA / VIO / BLUE
Attack any attack with a Green / Red / Yellow / Purple / Blue character.

Challenge completed
This challenge is automatically completed once you have completed all the previous ones in a Story mode. Receive 10 rare medals.

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