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There's no point in going around it too much: Dragon Ball is one of those very few franchises that can catalyze the attention of many, many fans around the world. After the incredible success of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco has decided to turn its attention to the mobile market. The result of its efforts in this direction is Dragon Ball Legends an app already available for free for both Android and iOS. As some may have already imagined, the beating heart of this mobile game lies in the fights with the many famous characters of the fictional universe created by Akira Toriyama. In this guide we will collect all the tips and tricks you might need in the early stages of the game, so that you can take your first steps in the game with all the necessary information.

Dragon Ball Legends how to parry the blows

As we mentioned earlier, Dragon Ball Legends it's only the latest in a long, long series of fighting games with Goku and companions. As many people will have already realised, there can't be no shortage of differences between this mobile application and any home console game. One of the first substantial differences is the ability to block our opponents' attacks. If there's a specific button with this feature on our game pads, it's understandable that this feature is a little more difficult to implement on mobile devices. However, it's possible to parry the blows of our enemies, but it's something... completely random!

You understand correctly, it will be your character to block, in a completely random way, the opponent's attacks, and you will not have any control over this aspect of the game; you won't even know, for example, how often your hero will parry enemy techniques. However, even if the app reminds us, in a screenshot, that the guard is only automatic, it doesn't mean that this is the only way to defend against an attack. If we can't decide when to defend ourselves, we can always dodge attacks that our opponents try to hit us with. Alternatively, you can avoid damage by switching your character with another and you can always launch a ranged attack to prevent an enemy technique of the same nature.

It goes without saying that, as it's easy to understand, none of the options now listed equates to the possibility of manually parrying the opponent's attacks, but in the absence of anything else, what is now said represents the only alternative at our disposal to achieve victory.

Friendship Levels: What they are and how they can improve our character

Raise your friendship level with a certain character to get new attacks.

When Dragon Ball Legends it was released, a lot of players wondered what the function of the friendship levels was. Well, despite the understandable initial doubts, it is good to know that this feature is the one that will help us to improve our character. As you'll notice as soon as you start playing, all characters have friendship levels, with the exception of Shallot. It's good to know that the level of friendship with a certain character indicates, in simple terms, how much your character can collaborate with that character. The more you fight alongside your chosen character, the more the level of friendship with him/her will increase, rewarding you with items.

As soon as your friendship with that character reaches the highest possible level, you can train with him, so you can learn new techniques, with which you can subvert the outcome of a fight in your favour. Let's face it: it is highly unlikely that you will be able to learn all the available attacks in Dragon Ball Legends , as the time to achieve this ambitious goal would be far too long. However, our advice is always to never forget to develop these levels of friendship whenever you get the chance, as it is always a convenient thing to have lots of arrows in your quiver.

In order to avoid wasting time, when you need a certain attack, try to figure out which character can teach you and, once you get it, continue on your way, without worrying too much about reaching the maximum level of friendship with that particular character. Although the idea of "being everybody's friend" may fascinate you, we assure you that, in this way, you won't gain any significant advantage.

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