Donkey Kong Land - Game Boy cheats and codes

Donkey Kong Land, which in Japan is known as Super Donkey Kong GB, is a platform video game developed in 1995 for the handheld console Game Boy from Rareware.

Donkey Kong Land, unlike the other games in the series, is a real follow-up to Donkey Kong Country; Cranky Kong, envious of the huge success Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have achieved with Donkey Kong Country, says that the one and only reason their first adventure became such a huge success is its extremely entertaining graphics and sound.
He then decides to challenge them, stating that they would never be able to finish the adventure on an 8-bit system (the Game Boy, in fact), and subsequently has K. Rool steal all Donkey Kong bananas again. We leave you to some profits tricks to have infinite lives and access bonus sections.

In level 8 (Gangplank Galleon) you enter the bonus stage just after the middle of the level. Take a 1-Up and exit the stage, then re-enter, take another 1-Up and repeat as many times as you want.

In the last ice level, before the boss, in World 1, there is a secret exit. When you enter the level, jump into the cannon barrel and press LEFT on the pad while in the air. You will arrive in a bonus zone. Leave the bonus level and you will be catapulted to the edge of a cliff. Roll off the cliff and in the meantime press LEFT on the pad. By doing so you will come to a secret exit.

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