Divinity Original Sin 2 - Tips for Beginners

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Divinity Original Sin 2 tips for beginners

Divinity Original Sin 2 has been on the shelves for a few days now and is grinding up dozens of hours of gameplay to anyone who dares to enter one of the most detailed game worlds ever; here, however, it can happen to go crazy because of the gargantuan amount of things to do and see.

This small set of tips will help you spend the first hours of the game with the pleasure of wonder and the taste of discovery.

Choose an Origin character.

Origin-type characters are one of the greatest qualities of Divinity Original Sin 2; they have exclusive dialogue choices regarding their characteristic traits and a unique subplot. Take Red Prince and watch all the lizards react differently to your nobility to have a fat laugh or suffer some unplanned assassination attempt!

Take Fane (or his undead counterpart) with you.

In addition to having a character able to tear you a bitter laugh every twenty minutes of the game has the advantage of being an undead; his fingers work like any other picklock. A real walking Skeleton Key.

Or take Red Prince (or any lizard character) with you.

Even lizards have their particular utility: their clawed legs are perfect excavators and will allow you to find treasures and hidden passages without needing a shovel.

Make sure you get the teleport.

Very soon in Divinity Original Sin 2 you will have access to one of the most useful skins of the game: teleportation.
Arrived at Fort Joy find Gawin, start his quest, massacre the magical alligators and return to him with the loot.
You'll get your beloved teleportation that you can use in a thousand different ways:

  • Buy time during battles by teleporting enemies at a great distance.
  • get to areas otherwise unreachable
  • Avoid obstacles that otherwise would have required considerable effort to get around.

Talk to anyone, any of your characters.

The world of Rivellon is full of things to do and especially of people who have something to say. Each npc has its own history and relationships in which you can often and willingly snoop around looking for clues or even just background. It will happen to find characters with racial preferences that will find themselves dumb or full of hatred in front of your lizard or undead character, in which case use another character in your party to discover those lines of dialogue you want so much.

Compulsive quicksave is a good thing...

Anyone who has played a CRPG at least once knows this very well: save often and at every important event, both with a quick save and with the normal one.
The taste of being able to choose something different, or even just to prepare an innovative strategy designed only at the end of the previous fight, is half the fun this video game can offer.
The game also records your last fifteen saves, so don't be afraid to overwrite anything important!

but watch out for single player and multiplayer campaign saves.

If you're going to start a campaign with one of your friends but don't want to lose anything of your solo campaign create a copy of it in manual mode rather than hoping for autosave and quicksave; the latter two are overwritten by the respective saves of the multiplayer campaign risking you losing valuable hours of play!

Be a friend to the local wildlife!

The animals inside Divinity Original Sin 2 hide important dialogues and information, try to talk to them whenever you can thanks to the "Pet Pal" talent. Thanks to this you will live moments of incredible stupidity and you will save yourself as usual the most tortuous road in the attempt to continue.

Bedroll = competitive saving of resources.

Getting a mat will allow you to recover your energy whenever you are not in combat without wasting any resources. In the first two hours of play you will already find three or four obtainable without paying money or committing crimes, so keep your eyes open!

Watch out for your surroundings.

The game is full of hidden locations and crates tucked into the least probable holes, the best way to realize this is to rotate the camera. Press the middle mouse button and rotate the view as much as you can in search of that detail you missed before.

Experiment with every possible strategy.

Timber structures catch fire, oil creates explosions and slows down enemies that pass over them, fog, smoke and steam reduce visibility and prevent you from comfortably casting spells and abilities. Get to know the terrain where you face your opponents as quickly as possible to make the most of it in battles against multiple monsters: hide, set fire to and electrify whatever deserves to die.

Learn the most useful Hotkeys as soon as possible!

  • Alt highlights the objects that can be collected from the ground once you are close enough to them.
  • Shift shows in real time how the visual cones of enemies and npc change allowing us to calculate a possible Stealth path.
  • C activates the stealth mode, useful to rob the unsuspecting.
  • In Z combat allows you to highlight the silhouettes of fighters and props allowing a more accurate selection of your target (no one wants to waste their last fireball on the table next to our right enemy?).
  • TAB allows you to draw your weapons, doing so in a built-up area, of course, but it risks triggering the uneducated reactions of those who just wanted to mind their own business.
  • CTRL + Left Click will allow you to attack what is under the mouse pointer at the time of click, great for trying to break down doors or destroy objects around the game world.

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