Diablo 3 - Guide to the Skills of the Demon Hunter!

Never was there a harder choice to make in Diablo 3 ! With which character will we descend into battle against the horrors of the Flaming Underworld? Our guides will certainly help you choose the best character from the Barbarian, the Shaman, the Wizard, the Demon Hunter and the Monk. Below you will find the characteristics, active and passive skills of the Demon Hunter.

"Demon hunters are relentless vigilantes who prefer to kill their targets with a wide variety of firearms. They lurk and aim away from danger, relying on bows, lethal traps, and darts to annihilate the creatures that infest their world. With their shots, arrows, and timed explosives, demon hunters can easily get rid of compact groups of enemies. Extremely accurate, they can hit even the strongest opponents from afar, focusing on the most important targets and firing their shots even as they retreat before the advancing enemy. However, their specialisation in ranged combat and limited practice in the use of melee weapons put demon hunters who find themselves surrounded or cornered in danger. In such cases, their evasive skills, such as jumping or rolling away, and the accuracy of their attacks, which can slow down or hinder enemies, are as crucial as any single arrow in a hunter's quiver".


Shooting Weapons
Demon hunters are able to storm the battlefield with a large number of arrows and bullets, or hit enemies at a distance with a precision that other heroes can only dream of. Their arsenal includes long bows, grenades, throwing weapons and even double crossbows.

When hunting herds of demons or giant horrors much stronger than them, the cleverest hunters are not unprepared. They lure their enemies to mines, triads and traps, so that they are weakened and complete their work.

Dark magic
To increase their chances of success against the forces of the Flaming Underworld, demon hunters also use apocryphal magic. They can hide in the darkness, confuse the enemy's thoughts and move in the shadows to catch the victim by surprise.

Field tactics
All demon hunters are marked by the scars of their past and, despite the path chosen, have no desire to relive the same suffering. The hunters keep their enemies at a distance, slowing them down with gusts from afar or enveloping bolas, and do not hesitate to escape using smoke bombs when their opponents are dangerously close by.


Demon hunters are in constant battle with themselves. They have no hope of returning to their previous life, but they fight and hunt demons with passion. Hunters who live to train others become cautious and cautious. However, their instinct drives them to respond to the demons' violence even more violently. Every arrow fired by the demon hunters is filled with contempt: almost all their attacks are assailed with hatred, a cold and haughty anger that makes them incredibly ruthless against the enemy. Their hatred is almost infinite and regenerates quickly, because even during sleep the demon hunters do nothing but desire revenge. Hunters who really want to leave their mark must temper their hatred with a second resource: discipline, the caution and attention that ensures they survive to kill even the next day. Discipline is a valuable resource for demon hunters. It not only regenerates slowly, but also requires more reflection and patience than hate-based attacks. However, it is necessary to perform all defensive maneuvers such as trapping enemies, escaping their fangs and claws and dodging rains of thorns and arrows. It is very easy for demon hunters to maintain their position and use their hatred to fire bursts of bullets at enemy hordes. When, however, they fail to use discipline to defend themselves, their hours are counted. Finding the right balance between hate and discipline is the safest way for demon hunters to survive.


Primary active skills


Generates 3 Hate points
It fires a magic dart that searches for the target, inflicting 115% of the weapon's damage with a 35% chance of penetrating enemies.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 6
Increases the probability of the dart penetrating by 50%.

Unlock - level 17
Unlock a flaming dart that inflicts 35% extra damage as fire damage in 3 seconds

Unlock - level 26
You're the dart penetrates the first target, splits into three darts

Unlock - level 42
Each penetration increases the damage of the dart by 70%.

Unlock - level 52
Critical shots cause the target's bones to explode, inflicting 50% of the weapon's damage to enemies in the area of effect.


Generate 3 Hate points
Impregnates a shadow energy dart that inflicts 75% of the weapon's damage and clutches up to two enemies, reducing their speed by 60% for two seconds.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 9
Hits up to 4 targets


Unlock - level 18
Electrified chains hit enemies by inflicting an additional 28% of the weapon's damage per second for two seconds as lightning damage

Unlock - level 34
Increase the slowdown time to 4 seconds

Unlock - level 47
Increases the generation of Hate to 6 per hit

Unlock - level 54
Restores 6% of the damage inflicted as life points


Generate 3 Hate points
Launch Bola explosives that wrap around the target. After one second, the Bola explode inflicting 130% of the weapon's damage as fire damage to the target plus 110% of the weapon's damage as fire damage to enemies within 7 meters.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 14
Increase the blast radius to 14 meters.

Unlock - level 24
The blast inflicts 130% of the weapon's damage as lightning damage and has a 35% chance of stunting the main target for 1.5 seconds.

Unlock - level 24
Scale three bola that inflict 130% of the damage of the weapon as poison damage each. They do not explode with area effect.

Unlock - level 51
After the explosion you have a 35% chance of gaining 3 Discipline points.

Unlock - level 57
Boosts the Bola, which inflict 182% of the weapon's damage as arcane damage to the target plus 154% of the weapon's damage as arcane damage to enemies within 7 meters, but increases the blast delay to two seconds.


Generate 3 Hate points
Launches three bombs that explode inflicting 95% of the weapon's damage as fire damage.

Skill Runes

Unlock - level 22
Increase Hate generation to 6 Hate points

Unlock - level 32
He throws cluster bombs that inflict 112% of the weapon's damage as fire damage within a radius of 8 meters.

Unlock - level 40
Drop a single bomb that inflicts 124% of the weapon's damage as fire damage.

Unlock - level 48
He throws bombs with a 15% chance of stunting enemies for two seconds.

Unlock - level 60
Drop bombs that explode inflicting 95% of the weapon's damage as poison damage, releasing a cloud that inflicts 25% of the weapon's damage per second for three seconds as poison damage to enemies in the area.

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