Diablo 3 - Guide to Monk's Skills!

Never was there a harder choice to make in Diablo 3! With which character will we descend into battle against the horrors of the Flaming Underworld? Our guides will certainly help you choose the best character from the Barbarian, the Shaman, the Wizard, the Demon Hunter and the Monk. Below you will find the Monk's characteristics, active and passive abilities, key features and resource.

"Monks are holy warriors who are able to channel divine power through mere willpower. Regenerative waves, protective mantras and attacks powered by the power of heaven fall within their sphere of specialization. The most skillful monks deliver rapid strikes with their bare hands or with a range of well-balanced weapons. In combat, they prefer maneuverability to power itself, and they will whizz across the battlefield and avoid getting caught up in the same fight for too long. Monks' attacks tend to be melee attacks. They can eliminate individual enemies with great efficiency and cause damage on short range areas with waves of elemental power, emanating from the palms of the hands or with spinning kicks".


By taking a series of hits, monks build up a reservoir of spirit that they can then use to perform breathtaking blows, often saving their lives or annihilating their opponent, for example by jumping out of a melee, disorienting groups of enemies or throwing them into the air.

Monks' melee attacks are much more effective when carried out in rapid succession. Combos generate more spiritual energy, inflict more damage, and produce unique effects with which monks can defeat almost any enemy.

Monks of greater discipline can make their spirit manifest by projecting it outside with a mantra, a mantle of persistent energy capable of healing or strengthening the monk or allies nearby.

The monks boast unparalleled mobility on the battlefield. Any monk is able to move quickly between enemies, circumvent them or inflict mortal blows depending on the situation. Monks who are particularly focused on the defensive arts are better at dodging enemy blows than other heroes.


To defeat the forces of evil they have chosen as their adversaries, the monks resort to an inner reserve of spirit, a resource that reflects their mastery and training. The spirit regenerates slowly and in two ways: using attacks and specific skills and completing combos. Monks who manage to chain the attacks can create an almost endless series of spirit-infused strokes. The spirit is a precious resource that can be used sparingly, but it's essential for dodging and defensive moves that are particularly effective, and for taking down coups of grace that can annihilate enemies. Thanks to their physical prowess and martial skills, monks can perform as many spirit-infused blows as the reserve of this resource allows, without waiting for it to "regenerate".


Primary active skills


Generates 6 Spirit points per attack
He throws a series of quick punches and inflicts lightning damage equal to 110% of the weapon's damage. Each third strike causes damage to all enemies in front of the hero by repelling them at short range. Generates spirit faster than other attacks due to its extraordinary speed.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 6
Teleport to a target and release a shock wave with each fist hitting enemies within 6 meters and inflicting 35% of the weapon's damage as lightning damage.

Unlock - level 14
Increases the dodge probability by 16% for 2 seconds.

Unlock - level 34
The target is charged with static energy for c5 seconds and suffers 37% of the weapon's damage as lightning damage when attacking other enemies with thunderbolt fists.

Unlock - level 42
Critical hits generate 15 extra Spirit points

Unlock - level 52
Every three shots generates a chain lightning bolt instead of repelling the enemies. The discharges inflict 73% of the weapon's damage as lightning damage.


Generates 6 Spirit points per attack
It projects lines of pure force and inflicts 110% of the weapon's damage. Every 3 rounds extends up to 25 meters.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 9
Wide areas of effect of the second and third shot

Unlocking -level 18
Third strike increases armor by 50% for 4 seconds.

Unlock - level 34
The third shot is replaced by an attack that attacks up to six enemies within 15 meters with lightning damage equal to 170% of the weapon's damage.

Unlock - level 47
Critical hits generate 10 points of Spirit

Unlock - level 54
The third blow increases by 18% and for 30 seconds the damage inflicted by the hero.


Generates 6 Spirit points per attack
He throws large reverses that inflict 110% of the weapon's damage to enemies in the face of the hero. Each third hit wounds and drones the surrounding enemies for three seconds, slowing them down by 30% and reducing their attack speed by 20%.

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 17
Increases the damage to 143% of the weapon's damage

Unlock - level 26
Affected enemies inflict 20% less damage for three seconds

Unlock - level 36
Critical blows generate 5 Spirit points

Unlock - level 51
The third debilitating Wave shot extends to a radius of 17 meters and the enemy's movement speed is reduced by 60%.

Unlock - level 57
Enemies hit by Debilitating Wave suffer 10% extra damage for 3 seconds


Generates 6 Spirit points per attack
A quick series of punches that inflicts 140% of the weapon's damage

Runes of Skills

Unlock - level 24
I increase the number of hits of the second attack from 7 to 10.

Unlock - level 32
Critical blows increase attack and movement speed by 5% for 5 seconds. It can add up to three times.

Unlock - level 40
Every second for 5 seconds the enemies suffer extra sacred damage equal to 10% of the weapon's damage. The attack starts with one shot.

Unlock - level 48
Each time you use the skill you have a 15 % chance of generating 15 Spirit points

Unlock - level 60
The third shot unleashes a blast on the enemies in front of the hero and inflicts physical damage equal to 250% of the weapon's damage.

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