Destiny 2 : Weapons Guide to Ritual of the Dawn Season

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With the arrival of the Dawn Season, new Enterprises have been made available for three new weapons dedicated to Destiny 2 : Vanguard Assaults, Crucible and Gamble. These feats are not particularly difficult, but with a few tricks you can get them even faster and optimize your time by combining other objectives in the game. Having said that, let's see together how to get the three ritual weapons of Season 9.

Vulture Assaults: Vulture

Vulture is a Support Weapon linked to the Vanguard. To obtain it you need to complete the Fast Shoot, Slow Walk Enterprise, which includes the following objectives:

  • 1500 kills with Support Weapon
  • 50 kills in the air with Support Weapons
  • 4500 points

All targets will have to be carried out through the Vanguard Assaults playlist and points will increase simply by completing Assaults and making the necessary kills. The most recommended weapon for this Quest is the Drang Support Weapon, as the other Quest that will reward you with Vanguard's Seasonal Shader and Emblem will require 450 solar kills and Drang is a Solar Support Weapon, so you can use it to advance both targets at the same time. While you're at it, if you have the catalyst for Sturm, equip it and use Drang's kills to catalyze Sturm.

If you do not yet own Sturm and Drang, please consult the dedicated guide.

Another tip is to take advantage of events and other activities in the patrol areas. If you happen the Corrupt Assault, you can head with your team to the Blind Pit, start it and have all the kills made count because, for the purposes of the Quest, in the game you are still inside an Assault. You can do this with Will of the Thousand and Unusual Terrain, Assaults that take place on Mars and that won't stop you from starting the Intensification Protocol to kill masses of enemies of the Hive; or the Exodus Crash when the activity will trigger energy spikes near Failsafe. If you find a Public Event coming or going on, then participate without hesitation. Keep this in mind for each Assault, and perhaps make arrangements with your team to get Vulture in no time.

Crucible: Komodo-4FR

Komodo-4FR is a Linear Fusion Rifle that will be delivered to you by completing the Fire-breathing Enterprise, which includes the following targets during the Crucible matches:

  • 15 precise kills with Linear Fusion Rifle
  • 125 kills with Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Glorious Brave Grade

Linear Fusion Rifles are generally tied to heavy ammunition so it's not always easy or quick to get to 125 kills in the Crucible, but for this Quest comes to the aid of Arbalesta, an exotic Linear Fusion Rifle that uses special ammunition, allowing you to use it as comfortably throughout the game as any shotgun or sniper rifle. The same tactic can be used with Bastion, the second exotic Linear Fusion Rifle with special ammunition, coming out during the Dawn Season. To get the most out of it, still equip yourself with a legendary Linear Fusion Rifle in the heavy slot, perhaps opting for the Borderline, which can be obtained through the Sundial sizes available on Mars.

Gamble: Python

The third and final ritual weapon is the Python, a Pump Rifle obtainable through the Impresa Tiro di Schioppo, which requires the completion of the following objectives during the games of chance:

  • 150 kills at close range with a Pump Rifle
  • 500 kills with a Pump Rifle
  • Degree of Brave Infamy

Both enemies and Guardians provide progress for the Enterprise, but Guardians are worth more. In this case, there are no essential tips to adopt for faster completion, but you can still use valid weapons. Some examples are Inappropriate Landing, Arid Depression, Wolf Lord and A Small Step.


This Season's ritual weapons don't stand out enormously among the existing ones, but they're also the result of Bungie's attempt to stop creating seasonal weapons that are frighteningly high-performing compared to most of the existing arsenal, overshadowing even most if not all of the exotic weapons in the same category. Yes, we're talking about you, Asceta.

These weapons are however necessary for the completion of the Collections Badge that will allow you to obtain the Savior or Saviour season title, so run and get them if you don't want to miss the title linked to the rescue of Saint-14!

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