Destiny 2 Warmind - How Get Ikelos and Sleeper Simulant

The expansion Mente Bellica has brought in totally new Destiny 2 weapons and various returns from the past. On the other hand, the attack of the Cabals has blown up almost all our old equipment acquired during the first chapter of Destiny, so our Guardian will surely be happy to regain his old acquaintance. Among the welcome returns is theSleeping Simulatora linear fusion rifle exotic coming directly from Destiny: King of Corrupt. So let's see how we get this powerful weapon.


In order to start the Sleeper Simulant Quest, you must first complete the following activities on Mars:

  • The Campaign of Warlike Mind
  • The Data Recovery Company
  • The Incipient Dawn 1/5th Stage of the Incipient Dawn Enterprise

By doing so you will obtain the portable cannon IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1and the ability to interact with the Sleeping Nodes scattered across the surface of Mars via the Violation Frequencies, objects containing three words that suggest the position of the relative Sleeping Node. It will be enough to read the descriptions and reach on Mars places with similar physical characteristics to get as a reward the emblem "Data extraction" (the first time) and then various objects of blue or purple rarity.

The IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1 acts as a real forerunner to obtain the Sleeper Simulant extremely powerful weapon. It is the protagonist of the "Violent Information" quest: such quest asks to kill a large amount of Cabal and hive units inside the hive. Hellas Basin using only the above mentioned IKELOS and only performing precision kills. Let's see all the details.

The long road to the Sleeper Simulant

The first step for the Simulant is Violent Information. Equipping an IKELOS weapon and remaining in the Hellas Basin, you will need to complete two objectives:

  1. 100 kills Cabal
  2. 250 Hive Kills

It may seem like a long task to complete, but some Public Events and some Intensification Protocol will make this step much easier than expected. If you don't want to wait for Public Events, for Cabal kills you can complete the Ma'adim Underground Lost Sector a few times. Of course, throughout this whole quest we are always talking about any IKELOS weapon equipped, not necessarily the portable cannon. Consult the ikelos weapons guide to get the others as well and make this task even easier for you.

The second step is calledThe Rasputin Selectionand it requires you 50 kills of powerful enemies, which is with an orange life bar. While always having to equip an IKELOS weapon, this time you won't necessarily have to stay on Mars, in fact the best place to get these kills is the entrance of the Leviathan Raid. There you'll always find several powerful Cabals, so just kill them all, return to orbit and repeat the process until you get 50 kills.

The third step is Glory of the Warlike Mindand consists of completing any 5 Assaults while holding an equipped IKELOS weapon. As I always advise in these guides, when you have to freely complete Assaults, then one of the fastest methods is to opt for Shadow Lake in the European Dead Zone.

For the fourth and penultimate step, calledNodes and Protocols, it is necessary to collect 15 Sleeping Knots out of a total of 40. Consequently, a large number of resonance stems are required to dial the Violation Frequencies you need. You will also need to complete 3 levels of Intensification Protocol, but after that your major goal will clearly be Sleeping Nodes. This is the longest step of the whole quest, but you can find a way to speed it up.

You will need a total of 60 Resonance Stems, but clearly you should know where to get them, which is not so obvious. You can get at least 1 or even 2 with the following Hellas Basin activities:

  • 1 Stem from Patrols
  • 1 Stem from Public Events
  • 2 Stems from Heroic Public Events
  • 1 Stem from Lost Sectors
  • 1 Stem with very powerful enemies (yellow life bar) wandering around the map

Now you know where to get them, but it can be optimized. When a Public Event is present, enter it and then immediately look for an Extermination Patrol or Object Collection Patrol, recognizable by these two icons:

The Public Event will allow you to complete in a very short time the Patrol started and in the meantime you can also receive the reward of the Public Event. When an Event is not present, continue by completing the other valid activities. This will speed up the whole process.

The fifth and final step,Perfected Form" Protocolwill ask you to replay the Assault of the Thousand with an IKELOS equipped weapon. Once completed, you will be able to return to Ana Bray and receive your coveted Sleeper Simulant.

What's the Sleeper Simulant?

The Sleeper Simulant at Destiny 2 is a Linear Fusion Rifle.
It has a loader consisting of 3bumps with 6 more shots in the reserve; in total you have at most no where bullets. It inflicts massive solar damage especially in precision hits when the damage becomes three or four times the base value; there are modifiers that increase the damage depending on factors such as the user's power level, the enemy's power level, or the type of weak point hit.

Its main use is to shoot down enemies very quickly with shields of type solar such as Beehive wizards either Centurions Cabal. Unfortunately if you can't place a precision shot it loses a lot of its potential and consequently has a very specific use, but it always remains among the most valid exotic weapons.

Unlike the other linear fusion rifles, which fire a single energy beam, the Sleeper Simulant has a bullet capable of fragmenting into five other micro bullets once it hits a surface thanks to the perk Dornröschen. If one of these other shots hits the player it will receive damage.

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