Destiny 2 : How to get the Orbital Cartographer Emblem

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has been out for a few days and players are already discovering many little secrets hidden on the surface or in the depths of the Moon. Among these secrets is the Orbital Cartographer emblem.

How to get it

You will need to enter the Lost Sector to obtain this emblem. Logistics R1. To reach it, start from the spawn point of the Shrine, then follow the path shown in this video.

Be careful, as the enemies will be at Power 870 and you'll have to kill them all to lower the Fallen Shields and continue your exploration. Once you arrive in the final arena of the Lost Sector (02:03 in the video), you no longer need to defeat all the enemies inside to claim your new emblem.

Behind the scenes

In 2021 NASA will launch theArtemis 1a mission by means of which the second test flight of theOrion MPCVa new manned spacecraft currently under development. This will be complemented by several secondary missions (because NASA also deviates from the main plot), including the LunaH-Map, which is the mapping of hydrogen found in the craters near the South Moon Pole. The satellite used will be theLunar Polar Hydrogen Mapperwhose logo is as follows:

Well, the satellite in which we find this emblem is a reproduction of the Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper, since the mission foresees that the satellite, after completing its objective, crashes on the lunar surface. After centuries, the satellite's carcass is still there waiting for the Guardians to turn out to be quite curious and not too busy fending off Fallen and Hive. As Eris Morn says:

"Mankind once dreamed of walking on the Moon. How tender."

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