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Destiny 2 Shaders - Guide to Who they are and where to find them - Shader Destiny 2 s are back and allow you to modify the (which makes one armor more exclusive than another). It's not yet possible to make an exhaustive list of all the Shaders in the game, but we can certainly indicate all those that have been found so far. Shaders are a real craze because they allow you to give vent to customization and creativity making your character really unique. This list is constantly updated with new shaders found so stay tuned!

In this episode of Destiny 2 the Shader system has been considerably complicated, and having a nice "easier" armor as in the first chapter. Shaders are in fact both disposable and disposable. This may sound like a tautology to you but it's not: the shader is in fact disposable in the sense that it can be used ONLY in a piece of armor (so you can't with a single armor shader as it was in fact in the first chapter of Destiny). The shader is disposable because once used, it can neither be reloaded nor used again. You will have to find another shader. The only advantage that this situation can bring is the fact that you can make more armor.

1- Dead zone Foliage

This very first shader you will take by increasing your reputation with the European dead zone faction (you get there during the campaign). The green leaf, very pleasant

2 - Bark dead zone

Also this second shader is obtained by increasing the reputation with the faction of the European dead zone on earth, the evergreen will but only the lower part of the armour is modified.

3 - New Pacific Rush

To get this light blue shader you need to increase your reputation with archaeologists on the planet Titan.

4 - New Pacific Sink

Also in this case to obtain the shader it is strictly necessary to improve the reputation with the Archologists of Titan.

5 - Boreal Defiant

It's not easy to get this beautiful golden shader, you might find it in one of the regional chests on Titan... The best of luck!

6 - Nessus Pursuit

This red shader is obtained on Nessus improving the reputation with the Arcadian valley faction.

7 - Nessus Mirage

Also this shader on the shades of white is obtained by improving the reputation with the faction of the arcadia valley.

8 - Dusk Mine

This particular violet shader can be found randomly on a normal Nessus chest or, alternatively, in a reward chest on Eververse. Beware of hidden areas!

9 - Echoes of Ego

This exotic shader is achieved by improving its reputation with the faction of Io known as Asher Mir.

10 - Flowers of Io

This shader is also achieved by improving its reputation with the faction of Io known as Asher Mir.

11 - Vanguard Magnus

The shader gets to the farm by improving its reputation with Vanguard tacticians. The reward is given by Commander Zavala.

Warning: all following shaders can be obtained by engrams

12 - Frumious Blue

13 - Midnight Talons

14 - Noble Constant Red

15 - Vanguard Magnus Gloss

16 - Omolon Meteor Gloss

17 - Veist Poison Shimmer

18 - Hakke History Polish

19 - Suros Modular Shine

20 - Tarnished Copper

21 - Xenosilver

22 - Dawn And Dusk

23 - Metro Shift

24 - Watermelon

25 - Arctic Pearl

26 - Monochrome

27 - Golden Trace

28 - Rose Nebula

29 - Cerulean Divide

30 - Bumblebee

31 - Indigo Matrix

32 - Powder Blue

33 - Hakke History

34 - Suros Tone

35 - Omolon Meteor

36 - Veist Fieldscale

37 - Blue Geometry

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