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One of the exotic quests available in Destiny 2 : A New Light immediately after completing the Red War campaign is the one that leads you to the Exotic Reconnaissance Rifle Multi-instrument MIDA. With this guide, we'll see together how to complete it.


In order to start the quest, you must have completed the Red War campaign and the History Enterprise in the European Dead Zone. After completing the Enhancement mission, you will be able to reach Devrim Kay and be rewarded with the legendary machine gun... MIDA Mini Tool.

Aim, Shoot, Repeat

Now you'll have to go to Banshee-44 on the Tower to receive the new step Aim, Shoot, Repeatwho will ask you to complete the following objectives using a Reconnaissance Rifle:

  • 50 precision kills
  • 25 multi kills without reloading

In order to speed up the precision kills, therefore those made aiming at the head (or the radiolar nucleus in the chest, in the case of the Vex), the Goblin Vex or the Fallen Rejects are very effective.

For multi-kills without reloading, however, it is very useful to aim at enemies like the Slaves of the Hive. If you have already unlocked Mars, some Intensification Protocol - Level 1 is for you.

Under the hood

Once you've completed the step, talking to Banshee-44 again will allow you to initiate Under the Hood. It is a very simple step, in fact it will ask you to dismantle 5 Rare (blue) or Legendary (purple) Reconnaissance Rifles.

Completing the Adventure "Rage at the wheel" on Io you will unlock Sonata-48...a Rare Reconnaissance Rifle. Take it apart, then go to the Collections and buy it back for 250 Lumen and 3 Gunsmith's Materials, then take it apart again and repeat the cycle. Taking it apart will give you back 125 Lumen and 2 Gunsmith's Materials, so you can comfortably complete this step possessing 500 Lumen and 4 Gunsmith's Materials.

The fall will kill you

Now it's the last step before you get your reward. Banshee-44 will give you the item The fall will kill you and then you have to make 50 kills in mid-air using a machine gun. Depending on your class and available equipment, there are several tips.

In the case of one SorcererIt is highly recommended to use the Exotic Ali della Sacra Alba armor (you can get it already during the Red War campaign), which allows you to stay in mid-air for a longer period of time while aiming with your weapon.

For the other two classes there are no equipment capable of matching so well to the completion of this step, but there is still some interesting tricks, if you have the equipment mentioned. In the case of aHunterit may be useful to use the Exotic Calp-35T1 armor to get an improved jump so you can stay in the air for a while longer. In the case of aTitan, instead, there is not an Exotic that improves something in the jump, but the armor Pacificatori provides bonuses to the use of machine guns, avoiding as much as possible those annoying situations in which, once landed, your enemy still has a millimeter of bar of life.

As for the machine gun, the best choice is definitely the Exotic Huckleberry. If you do not have it, you can safely rely on the MIDA Mini Tool entrusted to you at the beginning of the quest.


Your labors are over, you can go back to Banshee-44 and get your MIDA Multi-tool! Remember that MIDA Mini Tool has a perk called MIDA Synergy, which provides a speed bonus if you have also equipped MIDA Multi-instrument. The same perk is present on Mini Tool CALUS, a variant that can be obtained in the Serraglio and introduced during Season 7.

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