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You still haven't found all the hidden areas of Destiny 2 with our FULL GUIDE? Are you going crazy trying to unlock all the secret areas that the map doesn' Destiny 2 t show you? We are here to come to your rescue!

Hidden areas are nothing more than unmarked areas on the map that will usually have a mini - bosses to fight and a casket/basket of rewards as soon as you find them.

It's also the best way to drug the most interesting things to find these hidden areas.

Lost Sectors of the Earth - European Dead Zone (EDZ)

There are several hidden zones at this point on earth. Mainly in the following areas: Outskirts, Winding Cove, Firebase Hades, The Gulch, Sludge, and the Sunken Islands. They are not difficult to find but we want to help you with maps where you can see exactly where to find the hidden areas.

In the video below all the locations of the European dead zone are shown.


3 in Trostland
3 in Outskirts
2 in Winding Cove
3 at Firebase Hades
1 at Gluch
3 at The Sludge
2 in Sunken Islands

Hidden Zones Titan

Titan has far fewer hidden areas of the earth. Clearly the map is smaller and there are only three hidden zones.

I always remind you that every entrance of a hidden area is identified by the symbol that you can see in the picture below on the wall of the first location that we are going to reveal.

1- Mermaids' Landing

In the Methane Base on the extreme western edge of the landing map of the sirens goes down to the lower level on the edge of the platform.

You will see the symbol on the front wall.

Walk to the right and enter the dark entrance and continue down to find the hidden zone.

2 -Cargo Bay 3

Inside this area we find a hidden area in the exact spot you see on the map below.

Once you arrive at that point you have to go down to the ground floor, and nearby you will find a small door.

Go in and down the stairs, you'll find yourself in the hidden area.

3 - Ds Quarter 2

The third and last hidden area is at the point on the map you see below.

To find it you need to make your way through the enemy and find a door.

Enter and continue your way down to find the hidden area.

Lost Sectors of the Earth Nessus

There are many hidden areas of nessus but not as many as there are on earth.

This is for all intents and purposes the third planet you will explore has several hidden zones that you can see in their entirety in the video below.

To help you we can tell you that the locations of the hidden zones are five and are located at the following point of the video:

  1. The planetarium - video minute 0:51
  2. The tanker - video minute 1:50
  3. Echo tail - video minute 3:06
  4. Exodus black - video minute 4:16
  5. The Tangle - video minute 5:07

Lost Sectors of the Planet IO

The last planet is that of Io, which as always has three hidden zones and a boss in each zone to defeat in order to open the chest.

Below is a general map with the exact indicators of the hidden areas.

  1. - The first can be found in the area of the Lost Oasis and precisely in the forest of ulan ta near a quick travel point so that it is easily accessible.
  2. - The second one is located in the area of La Spaccatura and precisely in the Sanctuary of the Bones in the northwest corner and it is very easy to locate. Just walk north east from the quick travel point and you will find it.
  3. - The third is in the Whisper Gate and is always in The Rift. It is located in the far southeast end of the map under a large tree. This one is also easy to find! Below is the map with all the exact locations:

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