Destiny 2 | How to achieve Triumph A Brilliant Smile

Apparently Bungie attaches great importance to his clients' oral hygiene, which is why the new Feast of Lost Souls 2019 of Destiny 2 contains a curious feat that leads us to the triumph A Brilliant Smile. If you are aiming for all the triumphs of the event or if you simply aim for the 7 necessary to get the Eris Morn mask, then this guide is for you.

Small box of raisins

As the event begins, all the NPCs in the Tower will give you a small package of sweets dedicated to this holiday. Eris MornInstead, they will once again deliver you a small box of raisins, just like in the days of Destiny 1. In the description of the object you are told that the lovers of terrestrial culture on the Riva Contorta could appreciate it, so it's time to go to the Spider.

Once you bring him the item, you'll have to do him a small favor, which is to kill 12 enemies for each race present on the Riva Contorta.

  1. 12 Fallen
  2. 12 Infamous
  3. 12 Hive
  4. 12 Cabal

After you have completed your task, the Spider will give you a Winged Rubber.

Winged rubber

Reading the description of the gommella you will discover that "it seems to have been created by Clovis Bray's nutritionists during the Golden Age". To find out more, go to Ana Bray on Mars. You will appreciate that very much, and even here we will have to complete some simple objectives, always remaining on Mars:

  1. 10 kinetic weapon kills
  2. 10 kills with energy weapons
  3. 10 kills with destructive weapons

Ana Bray will reward us with a tablet of Nonchocolate.


This tablet must be brought by "a certain scribe of Gensym on Io", namely Asher Mir. His following objectives will be these:

  1. 10 precision kills on Vex
  2. 10 precision kills on Corrupt

Asher Mir wants to remind you what this holiday is really about - the death and loss of loved ones - so he's not giving you a sweet, but a celery stalk. The curious thing is that all these objects came back from the quest of the Lost Souls Festival 2016 and that the latter ended with Eris Morn giving us the Superblack shader and a celery stalk. Asher Mir and Eris Morn are old friends and both decide to deliver the same item. Of course, no particular mystery, just a little curiosity.

Celery stalk

You know who they give celery stalks to? People we just don't want to give dessert to. You know who wasn't given a dessert during the 2018 Festival of Lost Souls? A Vance.

Go to Vance and give him this item, then complete his Mercury targets as well:

  1. 10 kills in Arco
  2. 10 solar kills
  3. 10 kills from Empty

Vance will give you some Tecnosymbiotic candies and remind you that despite the existence of the Lost Souls Festival, the dead are never truly lost, but inaccessible most of the time. Whether it is a small reference to Praedyth or Saint-14? Who knows...

Tecnosymbiotic candies

The technosymbiotic candies will surely appeal to an AI who still has some SIVA reserves scattered somewhere on Nessus after its crash, so go to Failsafe on Nessus. Our task for you will consist of a few kills performed with our skills:

  1. 5 Fallen
  2. 5 Vex
  3. 5 Cabal

In doing so, Failsafe will give you a salty treat.

Salty treat

This salty treat will have to be brought by the great tea lover Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone. Spending a lot of time alone, he will be happy to receive this gift and this will remind him of the material that his husband Marc occasionally sends him, but above all of his letters that he occasionally reads again.

Devrim will give us the following task:

  1. 5 final moves on Fallen
  2. 5 final moves on Cabal
  3. 5 final moves on Corrupt

To easily find Corrupts you can start the Lake of Shadows Assault or go to the Lost Cave of Souls Sector, located in the Swamp. In the end Devrim Kay will reward you with a dessert called Acid Engramma.

Acid Engramma

This cake will remind you of the cliffs of the Dreaming City, so it is time to leave to talk to Petra Venj. He won't know exactly what to do with our cake, but he will still give us a short task to complete:

  1. 5 kills with melee skill
  2. 5 kills with grenade skills
  3. 10 kills with Super Abilities

Coming back from Petra, you will receive another engramma shaped cake called Sweetened Engramma.

Sweetened Engramma

The sugary Engramme can brighten up the rainiest days on Titan, so go up there and talk to Sloane. It will tell you that here the Guardians get tired quickly because of the weather and the Hive that never stops attacking. That's why Sloane will ask you to intervene:

  1. 15 kills in the Arboretum
  2. 15 kills in the Haunted Halls
  3. 30 kills in the Solarium

When you're done, go back to her to get the Emptiness Flizzantino.

Emptiness Flizzantino

Now is the time to conclude your enterprise. Go back to Eris Morn on the Moon and give her your last dessert. After you give it to her, you must do only one thing: dance the dance of your people.

Depending on the race of your character you will have to perform one of these three emote:

  • Human: Urban Dance
  • Sleepless: Graceful dancing
  • Exo: Dance snapping

Interact again with Eris Morn, she will tell you about the first Lost Souls Festival held in 2015 in Destiny 1. She didn't understand why the Guardians were celebrating something like death and she felt mocked together with her now deceased friends, so she decided to give some raisins instead of a simple dessert. With time, Eris came to understand that it is possible to honour the dead by celebrating and living life.

Finishing all this, Eris also says that one of the secrets to a long life is oral hygiene, in fact, your business ends by getting the new shader Night of Fearbut also a toothbrush! Use it and get the triumph Brilliant smile. Now go blind the Traveller's enemies with the Light of your white teeth.

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