Destiny 2 | Guide to the Iron Banner, Season 8. Steps

The Season of the Undefeated has brought a new way to get the seasonal armor of the Iron Banner. It is a Quest that, as we continue in its steps, will reward us with pieces of the armor Iron Will. Let's see some advice together to complete the Enterprise as soon as possible.

First of all, it must be taken into account that some progress will also be counted in the next steps of the Company. These advances are Conquered Zones, Defeated Opponents and Completed Matches. Now let's see the steps one by one.


  1. Conquered areas: 10
  2. Opponents defeated: 30
  3. Super Gunshots with Super: 3

This step is very easy, it will just be a matter of playing a few games in the Iron Banner and occasionally launch your Super. Not being a step related to a specific type of weapon, you can also take advantage of this step to take advantage of the Reconnaissance Rifle kills to obtain the Randy's Throwing Knife.

Aim for the zones, as by the last step you'll have to conquer 40.


  1. Matches completed: 6
  2. Conquered Zones: 20
  3. Shots of grace with Impulse Rifle: 25

Here you already meet the first step that considers previous progress, so you will already have some progress in completed matches and out of the 20 conquered zones you will have at least 10 (although it is likely that within two/three matches you will complete the first step already with 20 conquered zones).

As for the Impulse Rifle, recommended weapons are Water Past, Perfect Pandemic, Evil Karma or Explosive Furnace. I would like, however, to point out a recent weapon that can be obtained through the Vex Offensive, namely the Impulse Rifle.


  1. Conquered zones: 30
  2. Opponents defeated: 100
  3. Coup de grace Fusion Rifle: 20

Here too we have a few Zones to conquer and Opponents to defeat whose previous progress is counted, while for the coup de grace we have the Fusion Rifle. In this case you can be a bad person using Jötunn or Erentil FR4, or other Fusion Rifles as a loaded question or Epicurean. Otherwise, you can rely on a probable drop of the sizes of the Iron Banner, the Warning weapon of the Wise Man.


  1. Conquered areas: 40
  2. Super Gunshots with Super: 15
  3. Gun Shotgun: 15

With the previous games it is likely that you will get this step with the first two goals already completed, but you have to make some coups de grace with the machine gun. If you have it, Asceta is undoubtedly an excellent choice, you can also use it to take advantage of the progress of the necrotic bite triumph. Otherwise, you can turn to the exotic Huckleberry or Risk Lover, but even here it is right to point out how interesting is Congiuntivo, a new Vex Offensive Machine Gun.


  1. Conquered areas: 50
  2. Matches completed: 15
  3. Gunshots: 10

With the current state of the game, you won't need to complete the step Conviction. That's because, although the step requires another 10 coup de grace with the Machine Gun, in the description in game the icon of a Grenade Launcher is shown. Because of this problem, Bungie first clarified what the step really required and shortly afterwards decided to activate its automatic completion.

Throughout the completion of the Quest, with each step you unlock a piece of Iron Will armor and eventually return to Lord Saladin by unlocking the ability to redeem the Iron Banner's pledges so you can get his weapons (if you haven't already gotten them in previous Seasons) or other pieces of Iron Will armor, so you can find the one with the stats that are right for you.

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