Destiny 2: Guide to the Exotic Weapon Leviathan's Breath

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The Leviathan's Breath, a new exotic heavy ammunition bow, has finally landed on Destiny 2 . The feat you will have to complete to get it is nothing so difficult and it is all based on the memory now lacking of the poor gunsmith Banshee-44. It is a very powerful weapon in the PvE and that in my opinion can find a certain dignity also in the Crucible and as an invasion weapon in Gamble, even if, in the latter two cases, it still remains under weapons like the Truth.

Let's see together how to achieve this arc of mass destruction.

Secondary access

First of all, you'll have to go to Banshee-44. He will tell you that, given recent events, he will want to give you a weapon that may help you. Unfortunately, however, there is a problem. The weapon is in his lab, but Banshee has major memory problems due to the excessive number of reboots he's had, so he can't even remember to tell us where it is or how to open the door. So we're going to have to find a way in, starting with the Tower Hangar, to be precise.

With this video, made especially for you, it will be easy to find your way.

Where are the keys, sir?

Yes, the arch is there, but the display case is locked. Maybe we shouldn't vandalize Banshee's lab, so go back and tell him.

Introduction to the burglary 101

Well, maybe Banshee should start writing down his passwords on a piece of paper, and who knows what world apocalypse would have happened if you had broken the showcase...

Stay calm and don't break any glass, now you'll have to find a code generator with combat data and to do so you can play Vanguard Assaults or take a gamble. Night falls and Excellent Gambling provide more progress, so don't worry. Play 3/4 games of Excellent Daredevil Gambling and take advantage of it to continue a little bit in the seasonal Daredevil Enterprises. You will have completed this step in no time.

Advanced burglary 201

You now have the code generator and it's loaded with combat data, but you need to give it more data, so you'll need 75 precise kills on Vex and Cabal. You can still play some more Excellent Gambling and still aim for any corrupt Cabal or Vex even if they are not the main enemies of the game, otherwise you can comfortably head to Mercury to find yourself in a place that is home to both races.

War Economy

Now you need one last pass and you'll have to play an adapted version of the Arms Trafficker Assault. Pay attention to the large amount of orbital missiles that will be fired at you throughout the duration of the final battle.

Applied Cryptosecurity

You have calibrated the code generator correctly. You may now return from Banshee-44 to the Tower. The last step will be Martial Archery 401 and you will be asked only to return to Banshee's laboratory to open the display case, thus obtaining your Leviathan's Breath.

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