Destiny 2 | Guide How to get the Exotic Weapon Rat King

After the end of the Red War campaign, Destiny 2 you can unlock some quests to get some rare Exotic weapons. The MIDA MultiTool on Earth, the Sturm on Nessus and the Rat King on Titan. In this guide we will see how to get the Rat King.

This exotic support weapon has a perk called the Rat Pack, which enhances the weapon itself if other nearby allies are also using it. It's therefore a weapon suitable for group use and the gameplay of the well-known streamer Gladd who, together with his team, defeated Riven, the powerful boss of the Last Desire raid, using only Rat King, has become famous. A weapon that alone does not offer who knows what special, but that in group can still have its say after two years of Destiny 2 .


First, you must meet two requirements before you can start the Rat King quest.

  • Having finished the Red War campaign
  • Having completed the first mission of my Enemy's Enemy History Quest, available on Titan

Once you have completed the second requirement, you will receive the Rat King's Pack object.

First riddle

On the object of the Rat King's pack you will find the following riddle:

"Children of the Rat King / Corrón' and squeak like mad / Good and bad children / They'll know how to reach their goals / They'll pick up trinkets and trinkets / Why don't you nag?" - Ancient nursery rhyme

To solve it and move on to the next step you must join the team with at least one other player who owns the Rat King Pack and complete any three Patrols together. The quest will continue with other riddles to solve and each time your teammate must either own the Rat King Pack or have already equipped the Rat King.

Second riddle

"The sons of the Rat King / They fight proud and compact / If we fight together / Not alone we will be / Events are out there / What are you waiting for? Join together or die!" - Ancient nursery rhyme

To solve this riddle you'll have to team up with at least one other player again and complete any two Public Events together.

Third riddle

"Children of the Rat King / Four by four now' compact / Tough and brave duels / Where the points are ambitious / Then all for three and three for all / Beyond the wall to attack villains!" - Ancient nursery rhyme

Always being on a team with another player, you will now have to complete two games inside the Crucible. As soon as you complete the second one, you will move on to the next step.

Last riddle

"The sons of the Rat King / With their faces in awe / At nightfall / If you don't hurry up, they'll beat you / Join your friends in squeaking / or the last of the rats will die a terrible death!" - Ancient nursery rhyme

The last effort for your group will be to complete any Nightfall Assault. When you complete it, the Rat King support weapon will immediately appear in your inventory. There is no need to set negative modifiers for this Nightfall, and it is also useful to opt for the Lake of Shadows Assault (if present among the Nightfall of the week), as you can complete it very quickly, even in less than five minutes.

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