Destiny 2 | Guide to the Exotic- Legendary Weapon Sturm

One of the first Exotic weapons unlockable in Destiny 2 : A New Light is Sturm, a portable cannon characterized by two particular perk: Accomplice, which reloads the stored energy weapon through the kills made with Sturm, and Storm and Tension, which allows Sturm to be reloaded and receive a bullet with bonus damage thanks to the kills made with the Drang support weapon. The names of these two weapons refer to the 18th century German cultural movement called Sturm und Drang (Upset and Impetus in Italian), but this is not a random name. The German opera Kabale und liebe, translated in Italy with the title Intrigo e Amore, but literally "Cabal and Love" (Bungie, spiritosoni), belongs to this literary movement and one of its most famous scenes shows one of the protagonists who, in the middle of a love intrigue, threatens a person with two guns.

The problems of love are thus reproposed in the short story told by Sturm and Drang, two weapons dating back to the Golden Age and created by a man named Victor for a woman named Sigrun. The two were supposed to leave on the ship Black Exodus as future colonists from another planet, but she, probably not entirely convinced, isolates herself and ignores the emotional messages sent by Victor. Regretting her behavior, Sigrun tries to reach the ship to apologize, but by now the settlers were put into cryo-stasis two weeks earlier and Captain Jacobson, so dear to Failsafe, won't let her board. All that remains of this story in the Guardians' time is this pair of guns.

So let's move on to the actual driving and see how to get both Sturm and Drang in the easiest and fastest way.


The Drang support weapon

Before you leave with the quest, you must have completed the Red War campaign and the History Enterprise on Nessus, easily found inside the Black Exodus, right near Failsafe. Once you've completed your last mission, titled My Captain, you'll automatically receive the Drang portable cannon and an item located in the Kinetic Weapons slot that will ask to be brought to you by the Cryptarch.

Relics from the Golden Age

Once brought by Master Rahool to the Tower, the object will turn into Golden Age Relics and will ask us to meet the following requirements:

  • Decipher 5 Legendary Engrams
  • Deciphering 1 Exotic Engramma
  • Killing 10 Fallen on Nessus using Drang

For the first and second requirement, you'll need to keep a few details in mind: Engrams will have to be doped and Xûr's isochronic engram doesn't count for the quest's progression. An exception is the Exotic equipment obtained through the boxes in the Leviathan underground systems.

For the third requirement you kill simple Rejects, Vandals or Stylets around the Black Exodus.

Once you have completed this step, you will have to return to the Cryptarch, who will send you to Tyra Karn, who can be found inside the Refuge. If you don't know how to reach the Refuge, just select Earth on the Navigator, you will find the Refuge icon in the top right corner.

Tyra Karn will ask you to complete two more goals:

  • Perform 10 multiple kills on Nessus Fallen using Drang and without reloading
  • Killing 10 very powerful Fallen on Nessus using Drang

To proceed easily and quickly complete this step, you will need to do some back and forth. Head to the Lost Sector The Pit, whose entrance is easily visible from the initial spawn zone.

The multi-kills without reloading will be easy to get by aiming at the head of Reietti and Vandals, while the 10 "very powerful" enemies, i.e. with yellow life bar, can be obtained by repeatedly killing the Captain of Twilight Lacero, boss of this Lost Sector. All you need to do is kill him using Drang (it's not important to just finish him off with Drang), exit the Lost Sector and return. Also keep an eye out for incoming public events in front of the Black Exodus. In case you need to stop a giant Servant, don't overlook him, because he also counts for the target.

Once you have completed these two objectives, return to Tyra Karn.

Exodus Crash

Tyra's gonna ask you to kill Kendriks-7. To do so, all you need to do is initiate Exodus Crash Assault on Nessus. You will find the servant Kendriks-7 just before the final boss of the Assault, more precisely in the extremely dark area where you will have to climb on various suspended platforms. Hidden in the dark, he will be there, ready to be annihilated.

Once killed, it will not be mandatory to end the Assault and, if you wish, you can return to orbit immediately. However, the other players do not necessarily have the same objective as you and it is good practice to complete the task without leaving two players with an incomplete team.


You have done your duty. Return to Tyra Karn and claim your Sturm.

If you plan to use the Sturm/Drang combination, remember that Sturm can also use its own perks with Baroque Drang, a support weapon obtainable in the Serraglio, an activity introduced during Season 7.

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