Destiny 2 | Guide to the Exotic DeathBringer Weapon

With the expansion Shadows from the Deep, the exotic Death Bringer rocket launcher Destiny 2 was introduced inside. It's an interesting weapon that fires remote detonation vacuum projectiles whose power depends on how far they are fired. Before you see how to get it, keep in mind that you'll need to finish Deep Shadows' main campaign before you can start this Quest.

Lunar Speleology and the Memory of Sai Mota

After finishing the main Shadows from Deep Shadows campaign you will get access to Eris Morn's sizes and a new phase of the venture called Sai Mota Memorial. To advance you will need to complete Lunar Caving, Eris Morn's weekly bounty that will ask you to visit each Lost Sector and open its final crate, and then reach the system core chamber within Revelation R1.

If you still don't know how to reach each Lost Sector or you haven't found the core chamber, here is a video that will solve your problems right away.

After opening the core chamber, you will be able to interact with the console in front of you, receiving the Broken necklace by Sai Mota. To get you going with other activities right away, make sure you have doped a Rice Flour from any activity on the Moon, as there is one of the rabbits scattered around the map in the core room.

Repair the necklace

Now you'll need to repair Sai Mota's necklace by killing Nightmares enemies using arc skills. To do so, you have several ways:

  • Head to the Harbor of Torment and kill various nightmares of Gothrax along with the other minor nightmares that appear with him.
  • Complete the three Nightmare Hunts on the map. Matchmaking is not available, but you can use the companion app Destiny 2 to find a team among the requests titled Nightmare Hunts.
  • Re-start the Hunt of History. You can't start them on your own, but there may be players on the app who require other Guardians for the Nightmare Cometh missions, the Hunts we normally do during the campaign.

Once repaired with 20 fragments, you'll have to bring the necklace to Eris, who will be beyond a portal near the place where it's usually located (in the Eternal Abyss, the same place where you meet Ikora during the campaign). After talking to her, interact with the cashier on the left to get a powerful armament (for this reason, you'd better have already reached Power 900 with the character you use) and the new feat Faculty of the Skull.

Get the bones

Now a new mission will appear on the Moon map, more precisely in the Circle of Bones. The Faculty of the Skull will ask you to complete it.

The mission is quite short, you will have to go to the Summoning Pit and, strangely enough, you won't have to defeat an Abomination. Between Destiny 1 and 2, you've had to bust the Hive, the TechnoSymbionts and the Darkness to convince them definitively that summoning or experimenting on Abominations wasn't a good idea. Excluding a few Acolytes, this time you'll have to defeat a Maliard and a Knight, interrupting their ritual. To make it even faster, bring a weapon with an empty element to immediately detonate the Maliard's shields.

After eliminating enemies, you will get a silent skull. Bring it to the Sanctuary and talk to Eris Morn to begin the step .Elegy of the Marrow. This step will have the following requirements:

  • Complete any Public Event in the Hellmouth
  • Complete and open the Lost Sector Revelation R1 case
  • Get the Bone Collector's Marrow on the Moon

The first two requirements are quite easy to understand. The Bone Collector, on the other hand, is an Acolyte with a yellow waist bar that appears randomly in the Anchor of Light. Patrol the area a bit and you shouldn't be long.

Record the screams

With all the bones obtained and the new step Under your directionyou must now initiate the Scarlet Fortress Assault to kill Supreme Director Sulmâkta. To find her, wait for the stage of the Assault where you have to get on the elevator that will take you to the top of the Fortress. The second time the elevator stops, check the area on the right to find and kill Sulmâkta. Do not rely on the fact that your comrades may kill her because not hitting her even once may not move you forward in the Enterprise, as you did not actually participate in the killing.

So let's get to the step Darkest Harmony. You'll have to:

  • Kill enemies with red life bar
  • Kill enemies with orange life bar
  • Kill Guardians or enemies with yellow life bar

Bearing in mind that the enemies on the Moon give you more progress, replaying the Scarlet Fortress two or three more times will give you quite a bit of progress and you can complete the rest of the stage in the Port of Torment, which makes Nightmares to extinguish appear over and over again.

The Choir of the Damned

You've collected bones and recorded screams from your enemies, so you've become sadistic enough to unlock your last mission by going to the Circle of Bones once again. Let's see together how to complete it, but be careful. You may be sadistic, but the mission still has 920 as a Recommended Power.

The first phase of the mission will ask you to go to the Catacombs and pass through the same section crossed during the recovery of the Cryptoglyph in the main campaign. However, this time each room will host a Maliarda whose singing will apply a malus with a timer. Kill the Maliard before time runs out so you can move on to the next room.

After these rooms you will again have to stay in a ritual circle of the Hive so that a bridge appears. First of all, there will also be a Maliard here that will pollute the air to kill you. Watch out for explosive slaves who will approach when you try to load the circle and you can reach the final boss fight.

La Cantamorte Ir Airâm is a pretty easy boss to handle with a three-man team. Being alone and without the recommended Power, on the other hand, can create a bit of a challenge, which is also good, but there may be some useful advice to give.

Acolytes around the Cantamorte can be thinned by opening the fight with a grenade, preferably the right area because it is denser with enemies. Ir Airâm will pollute the air by giving you a timer, but in this case you'll have to break his empty element shield to cancel it. However, it will generate this malus again every time you give it time to recharge it. As you inflict damage on her, you'll have to keep an eye on the enemies that appear around the building that will act as an arena for your boss fight, as Ir Airâm will move more and more towards the stairs and then the roof. Pay particular attention to the Ogre in front of the front door of the building and the Acolytes snipers positioned right on the roof.


After defeating Ir Airâm, take his singing skull to Eris Morn for your final reward, the exotic rocket launcher.Bringer of Death. The presence of a Catalyst (requires 400 defeated enemies) and the Peacekeeper decoration is currently known, but it is not yet known how to get the first one, while the second is currently available in the Everversum store at the price of 700 Silver and during the Season it will appear among the items that can be purchased with Luminous Powder.

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