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With the imminent release of Destiny 2 A New Light and Shadows from the Deep, Bungie has decided to introduce a new account management function called Cross save. Thanks to this new function you'll be able to take your characters to any gaming platform, no longer having to start all over again in case you decide to move between PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

That said, let's see together how to set up your Cross save.

How to link accounts

First, log in with your Bungie account. Next, go to the Cross save page and click START. As an example, we will take my account for the process.

Once you approve the Terms and Conditions, you will be asked to link your accounts. Once you have authenticated all the profiles you are interested in, press CONTINUE and proceed to the next section.

Now choose the account you want to use as the main one, then click on REVIEW SETTINGS and confirm that you want to use these characters on all your active accounts. Cross save activation will not transfer all the expansions purchased on each platform, but you can still use your characters without losing your progress. Characters that do not belong to the main account chosen will not be deleted, but you will not be able to use them as long as Cross save is active.

Finally, deactivation of Cross save is available at any time, but once it is done it will not be possible to reactivate it for 90 days.

Destiny 2 Transferring your account to Steam

For PC gamers there is another new feature coming soon. After the detachment with Activision, Bungie left and decided to rely on Steam, so as of October 1st all your progress will be transferred from to Steam. You players just need to connect both accounts to confirm the transfer.

The procedure is simple, start by going to this page. First you will be asked to login with your account, then the one on Steam through a screen like this.

Also log in with Steam, give the final confirmation and you're done. All your purchased content and progress will be transferred automatically and all you have to do is start from Destiny 2 the Steam launcher instead of the launcher.

Play with your Clan

As for your Clan, with Cross save you'll use the Clan of your active profile and in this way you can use it on each platform. Remember that all players, even if they belong to the same Clan, must be on the same platform to play together, as this is not a Cross play function.

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