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The Accompanying shotgun is an exotic weapon reintroduced in Destiny 2 Season 4, but the arrival of Season 8 has changed the method of obtaining it. It is a shotgun that initially belonged to a Guardian who was responsible for killing some Fallen who had attacked humans who had taken refuge in a bunker. Unfortunately, during the fight, the Guardian lost his Wraith and a little girl named Nora Jericho helped him bury him. The Guardian, now without Light, thanked the little girl by telling her about the Last Safe City, and then gave her his shotgun and a map. The inhabitants of the bunker, including Nora's mother, would never have accepted such an upheaval in their lives, so Nora left alone the next day. Nora wandered for years and over time met several refugees who joined her, including the man with whom she later gave birth to her daughter Amanda. Her parents never saw the Last City, but the power of the Chaperone allowed their daughter to do so.

In this guide we see together how to complete the Enterprise dedicated to this beautiful rifle in both versions.

Version Season 4 - Tex Mechanica Tournament

This version of the Enterprise was obtainable from the beginning of Season 4 to the beginning of Season 7 and was obtained by accidentally completing Assaults, playing in the Crucible or dismantling objects. In case you have already had this Quest since before Season 8 began, please continue reading because you will have to complete this version. If you don't have it, then skip to the next section.

Crucible Tournament, Part 1

After you visit Amanda Holliday, you will be asked to perform 20 deaths in the Crucible using a shotgun. Since it is not always known as a term, "coup de grace" means a kill where you have been the one to deliver the shot that killed the target, so assists don't count.

Recommended weapons are Inappropriate Landing, Arid Depression, Plagiarism Ambition and the ikelos_sg_v1.0.1. The first two can be obtained as random drops or using the combinations of runes (Any purple)/Access and (Any blue)/Access with the Chalice of Opulence in the Serraglio; Ambition of the Plagiarism can be obtained as an exclusive random drop of the Night Cove; IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1 can be obtained from the Intensification Protocol, you can read the appropriate guide.

Crucible Tournament, Part 2

This is definitely the most difficult part of the Enterprise. You will need to complete the following objectives with any weapon or skill within the Crucible, not just the shotguns:

  1. 100 solar kills
  2. 100 kills from Empty
  3. 100 kills in Arc

There is another factor that will make it a little more difficult for you, as each death will cause you to lose about 1-2% of your progress bar, but this does not happen if a bar is already 100%. This means that the best way to tackle this step is to focus totally on one element at a time, so once it is completed, you will no longer be able to lose progress on it. Obviously, for each element you equip a corresponding subclass, then we'll see some more tips.

For Solar Kills, you can continue to use the IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1 or the Ambition of Plagiarism, although you may also be fine with weapons such as the Exhortation Pulse Rifle, J枚tunn Fusion Rifle or the Automatic Resonant Nail Rifle. As for heavy weapons, Balanced Odds, Bear Roar or Sleeping Simulator. Actually there would also be the One Thousand Voices, but it is very likely that the owners of such a weapon already possessed the Accompanying One for a long time.

For Arc kills, you could continue to take advantage of the Inappropriate Landing here too, but other examples of good weapons are the Risk Lover and Conjunctive machine guns, the Tatara Look sniper rifle or the Beast Nation portable cannon. as for heavy weapons, Lord of Thunder, Coil of Wardcliff or Gods.

For Vacuum kills, some interesting weapons are the Fendi-Wave laser rifle, the Erentil FR4 fusion rifle, the Asceta machine gun or the Flaming Orchid Portable Cannon. As for heavy weapons, Death Bringer, Truth or Hammerhead.

Killings in Gamble

The last step requires you to kill 15 Guardians in games of chance. This means that you will have to play the game of chance by betting heavily on invasions. Always try to go with the Supercharge and/or a good dose of ammunition for heavy weapons. Don't worry about the deaths, they won't take away any progress during this step.

Go back to Amanda

Now you can return to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar and receive your new Escort.

Version Season 8

Season 8 radically changed the method required to obtain this exotic weapon, but the deep bond with the Crucible was maintained. This is because now the Quest will be available from Lord Shaxx and will only require you to restore your Valiant rank in the Crucible.

To do that, you will only need a little patience. Matches belonging to the Valorosa ranking do not deduct points in case of defeat, but they earn less, and you can compensate by taking the Shaxx Sizes assiduously. Also try to take advantage of all the weeks in which there are Value Points bonuses (like the Iron Banner weeks) and with the necessary effort you shouldn't take too long.

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