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After finishing the Mente Bellica campaign, Destiny 2 you can start acquiring various weapons on Mars, from the IKELOS to the two exotic Polaris Lance and Sleeping Simulator. Today we will examine the Polaris Lance.

This is a reconnaissance rifle that Anastasia Bray was working on when she was not yet a Guardian, but simply the adopted daughter of Clovis Bray. She worked on it in secret, because she thought that such important projects could only be carried out by what she considered the real Brays, not an adopted daughter. Elsie surprised her when she found out about his work and brought the prototype directly to her, saying that she had checked it out and that she considered it to be finalized only by herself. In those days the gun was called the Braytech RWP Mk. II, but the rest of the story is in our hands.


To proceed with the exotic quest without any interruption you will need to meet some requirements:

  • Having obtained the Incipient Dawn 1/5 object with the completion of the Data Retrieval Quest. If you have not yet completed Data Retrieval, read the ikelos weapons guide first.
  • Having completed all the Adventures on Mars, so that we could unlock the Heroic Adventures.

Now you can leave without any problems.

Incipient Dawn 1/5

The first step of the quest will require three steps, two of which are:

  1. Complete 3 Patrols
  2. Complete 1 Lost Sector

So far very simple, complete any three Patrols and then head inside one of the two Lost Sectors on Mars. If you don't know how to find them, watch the video below.

The third step is part of a mechanics present exclusively on Mars, that is the Sleeping Nodes. Your task will be to assemble four Resonance Stems now present in your Inventory thus obtaining a Violation Frequency, i.e. an object that will indicate in a somewhat cryptic way the place where the Sleeping Node is located that you can open. The Violation Frequency obtained during this step will always be CB.NAV/EXECUTE.()Dynamo. Step. Arc. In the video below you can immediately see the exact place to go. Keep this video handy because it will be used as a reference later on.

After interacting with the Sleeping Node, among the various objects, you will get Diary 1/5. Go back to Ana Bray, talk to her and then upload the piece of diary just recovered in the big servers near her (there are five of them, going on with the quest will activate them all).

Incipient Dawn 2/5

The second step will have the following requirements:

  1. 25 kills with the javelin Valkyrie
  2. Completing the Heroic Potential Psionic Adventure
  3. Finding the Sleeping Knot in the Ma'adim Underground

The 25 kills with the Valkyrie can be obtained regularly during the public Warsat defence event and during the Intensification Protocol. During the public event you will automatically activate platforms from which to take the javelin, while the Protocol will ask you for special keys called Rasputin Armory Code. These are disposable objects that can be obtained from almost any activity on Mars: public events (better if Heroic), boxes scattered around the map, the Knight Yer'ot the Forgotten who wanders around the Bray Futuristic Center, etc.. Once a Code is obtained, it will be possible to unlock one of the platforms for Valkyrie during the Protocol. The fastest method is to start the first wave of Protocol while there is no one around you or a few people, possibly busy doing something else rather than waiting for someone to start the Protocol. At that point, gather as many Slaves as you can and then use one of the Codes. Unleash the power of the javelin area attack and the 25 kills will be very easy to achieve.

The Heroic Adventure will be available in the Bray Futuristic Centre, the same building where you can always find Ana Bray. As per requirements, you will have already played this Adventure, it will only be a little more difficult to take down the enemies.

The route to the Sleeping Node is visible in the video above starting at 00:47.

Returning to Ana Bray and depositing the Logbook piece you will receive the Braytech RWP Mk. II, the prototype you were working on.

Incipient Dawn 3/5

The third step will require the following objectives:

  1. 10 waves of Intensification Protocol
  2. 3 Assaults
  3. Sleeping Knot in the Descent of Olympus

The 10 waves of Protocol will have to be completed, but will not necessarily have to be consecutive. If you wish, you could also do ten times the first level. For Assaults, take any three, although Lake of Shadows in the European Dead Zone is still one of the fastest to complete.

The path to the Sleeping Node is visible in the video above starting at 02:13.

This time you will receive another Braytech RWP Mk. II, but already with the complete Prodigio.

Incipient Dawn 4/5

We then come to the fourth step and other objectives to complete:

  1. 5 precision multikill without reloading
  2. 20 kills with Braytech RWP Mk. II
  3. Fury Mission on Io
  4. Sleeping Node Inside Rasputin: Laboratory

An easy way to complete multi-kills along with the kills is to start the Castellum on the Leviathan and take advantage of the slow pace of the Cabals to easily achieve the progress you need.

The Fury mission is a simple repetition of the Red War history mission. You won't have anything particular to worry about.

The route to the Sleeping Node is visible in the video above from 04:06.

Finally, as you return and load the Diary piece, Ana will thank you by handing over the reconnaissance rifle she has been working on, but which she has now specially completed and renamed the Polaris Lance. However, the quest does not end here, since the last step will reward you with the Catalyst of this weapon.

Incipient Sunrise 5/5

The objectives to be completed to obtain the Catalyst will be as follows:

  1. 15 multi-killings with Valkyrie Javelin
  2. 3 matches in the Crucible
  3. Assault "Unusual Ground"
  4. Sleeping Node in Alton's Dynamo

For multi-kills with Valkyrie, proceed in the same way you completed the Incipient Dawn 2/5 goal. Since these are multikills, it is obviously more recommended to use the Valkyrie Area Attack.

For the second and third goals, all you need to do is complete three games in the Crucible (no matter if you win or lose) and the Unusual Ground Assault available on Mars.

Finally, the route to the Sleeping Node is visible in the video above starting at 06:06.

Congratulations, go back to the Bray Futuristic Centre, load the last part of the Diary and get your Catalyst. The Incipient Dawn quest is over!

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