Destiny 2 : Guide to Exotic Divinity and Eyes on the Moon

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With the departure of the attack on the Garden of Salvation and its first world ending, the Vexes of the Sun Division are trying to get out of the Black Garden to invade the Moon, but the Guardians are ready to chase them back to where they came from. Meanwhile, there's never a shortage of desire to plunder other people's races of their gadgets to make weapons out of them, so much so that we can now try to get the exotic Divinity laser rifle, a raid-related weapon that can be obtained through an Enterprise, as happened with the Leviathan and the legend of acrius.

Get the Decryption Core

To start the mission, you will need to go to the beginning of the raid, but in patrol mode, without having started the Salvation Garden. When you reach the portal to the Black Garden, you'll face three waves of Vexes from the Sun Division, culminating in the arrival of a Gatekeeper. Killing him will reward you with an exotic Engramma containing What is... what is this? The first step in your new quest. In the following video we watch together to complete this objective.

The first quest will ask you to analyze vex cores in places frequented by vexes and to do so you'll need to go to three lost sectors in Nessus: The Confluence, the Mechanical Planetarium and the Lair of the Ancients. Inside them you will have to find a hidden room containing a Vex Core and kill a bunch of Vexes who will want to protect it, and finally analyze them. After analyzing the third core you will be rewarded with the second step,defragmentation. Your Wraith will understand that you are dealing with a decryption core, but you will have to get the Vex components to fully understand it.

Eyes in the Moon and the Eye of God and the Key of God

Now you'll have to kill 120 Vexes from the Sun Division. Sure, some of them roam the moon, but that will take a long time. Better get into the heart of the Vex Offensive, the Winter Season activity that will require you to complete Eyes in the Moon. This is a short quest that will start by talking to Ikora in the Tower. He will give you the Emerging Protocol item and you will have the following objectives:

  • Death of Gate Guard 3.
  • 100 dead Vexes

While your Wraiths will examine the Vanguard databases for relevant information about the Black Garden, also making a nice reference to Tanatona Pujari's words in the legendary Grimoire: The Black Garden map, they will search for large masses of Sun Division Vexes on the Moon. Wait for the end of any public event (you don't necessarily have to participate), then stay in the area, preferably near the area that is marked on the Moon map as Vex Invasion. Within about a minute after the end of a public event, an invasion portal will open in the same area from which a Gatekeeper and continuous waves of Vex will appear, including groups of three Hydras. After killing one Guardian, the Vexes will disappear and a second portal will open nearby and so on until the third Guardian is killed.

If you're in a group, completing the Emergent Protocol will be fairly easy. If you're alone, be sure to reload ammo and abilities with the Public Event Banner Assembly that precedes the Vex invasion. Unloading your entire arsenal on the Gatekeeper will quickly annihilate him, so don't worry if you can't kill the other two as well. You'll have to take a little more time, but you can wait for the next two public events and take care of the first Guardian every time you get the three kills you need.

Now you've done your duty by getting the Eyes in the Moon pass. Go to Eris Morn in the Sanctuary to complete it and get a chance to start the Vex Offensive activity. While you are there, it is very likely that during this short Enterprise you will have obtained your 120 Vex components needed to repair the decryption core, thus obtaining the NightmareCore step. Stay put in the Sanctuary and go to the Enchantment Stand. You'll find that you can amplify your core by spending 30 Ghost Fragments, arriving at the new DivinityPass Key.

Riddles in the Garden of Salvation

You will now have to complete your quest by solving some puzzles within the Black Garden, which will take advantage of the player connection mechanic already used during the Garden of Salvation. Note that all puzzles will have to be done in one go, so you won't be able to solve one, return to orbit and continue later.

First, jump behind the initial spawn area of the Salvation Garden to find an item that can only interact with the amplified decryption core obtained by completing the previous stages of the quest. This will trigger all the puzzles in the raid and you can solve them together with a team of 5 other players. For a visual reference, I leave you with this video of the famous Datto streamer:

Go to minute 3:10 to observe the secret room and then the various puzzles.

The first puzzleis before the first step of the raid, you can see it in the video starting at 03:56. You will have to create a link between all players from the activation point to a cross identical to the one in front of the Sanctified Mind before its damage phase.

The second puzzle is found after the first step of the raid and is visible in the video at 05:12. Again, it follows the route taken and creates a link between all players.

The third puzzle is in the platform area after the first step of the raid and is visible from 07:53. This time you won't have to create a simple connection between the players, as you will also have to make all the "wires" cross the orange blocks that will appear in the air.

The fourth riddle is located in the Consecrated Mind arena (after killing her) and is visible from 09:05. Also this time you will have to make your connection cross all the orange blocks.

The fifth quest takes place in the same location and is fairly easy to complete, but this time you'll have to be careful not to let any players die because four supplicant harpies will come and try to explode taking at least one of your Guardians.

The sixth puzzle is located near the place where you will face the Sanctified Mind and is visible starting at 11:25. It is again as simple a link as the first two puzzles.

The seventh and final puzzle starts at the same place where the sixth one starts and you will have to follow the following diagram:

  • There will be six platforms and two blue knots.
  • Arrange the players from 1 to 6 and place them in that order.

  • When you connect your players, the blue knots will join together creating a pattern that will cross all the platforms.
  • You will need to quickly replicate the same pattern. Sorting the players will simplify things because you can immediately understand in which order you are positioned counting from the beginning of the draw.
  • Repeat six more times with different patterns.

Now all that's left is to complete the rest of the raid. Defeat the Sanctified Mind and you will receive a second box containing Gods.

Thank you so much Datto for making this video with solving all seven puzzles (thank goodness Bungie doesn't fix with a higher number) and see you in the next guide. Remember that you can also currently get the Exotic Death Bringer Rocket Launcher.

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