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With the imminent release of Destiny 2 A New Light and Shadows from the Deep, both content scheduled for October 1, 2019, the famous MMO shooter will undergo many changes. For this reason, the time has come for a beginner's guide and future new players in the universe of Destiny 2 .

Through effective tips and curiosities we'll show you the way to enjoy the past, present and future of this title in the best possible way. In addition, precisely because October will bring so many changes, even a veteran player may find some clarifications very useful.

Prologue: The first mission comes from Destiny 1.

There are many players who have been carrying their own Guardian since 2014, when the first Destiny was released. The first mission shows us how we are found by our omnipresent Wraith helper and allows us to take our first steps into a solar system full of angry aliens.. It's an important moment and Bungie wanted any player to experience that moment, even those who approach Destiny for the first time through A New Light.

After playing this prologue, you will be catapulted three years forward with the start of the Red War campaign of Destiny 2 .

Classes: Sorcerer, Titan, Hunter

In Destiny 2 interpreting a Guardian, a deceased individual who has been brought back to life by the Traveler by obtaining the immense powers of Light. Your character must belong to one of the following classes: Sorcerer, Titan and Hunter. A class does not have different basic statistics, but it has a whole range of different abilities. Each one gets three different types of grenades, a hand-to-hand skill, and a more peculiar one which, to give just a few examples, can be a dodge that reloads the weapons for the Huntera powerful shovel for the Titan or a healing source for the Sorcerer. However, the most obvious differences can be seen in the Super, very powerful abilities that can provide extraordinary offensive, defensive or support skills for a short period of time. Each class develops into three branches, each tied to one of the three elements in the game, and then further subdivided into two other subclasses. The choice of your branch, your subclass, is not final and once unlocked, you can exchange them when you prefer.

All these skills can provide bonuses/malus at reload times and can change their behavior according to the equipment worn, so it would be impossible to define an ideal class by player type. Having three character slots, there are many players who experiment by trying out all the classes before they find the favourite one they will always or more often use.

Secondary Missions: Adventures, Enterprises and Public Events

In Destiny 2 side quests are not the classic type of mission present in various role-playing games that will lead you to abandon the salvation of the universe because every single inhabitant will have a favor to ask you until you have forgotten the main thread of history. The Adventures are secondary missions that are unlocked progressively as the game progresses and show various sides of the ongoing conflicts, and perhaps it will be precisely issues caused by the main mission played shortly before. For this reason, playing the newly unlocked Adventures before moving on to the next mission History is a good way to enjoy the order of events. In one of the next guides we will better analyze the perfect order to play all the contents of Destiny 2 .

Enterprises define two things: sequences of narrative missions or sequences of tasks to unlock a final reward (sometimes there is a mix between the two forms), both marked on the map by a blue shield with a white crown inside. The first available quests are one per planet (excluding Mercury, Mars, Riva Contorta and Citt脿 Sognante) and are part of the first set, i.e. sequences of narrative missions. Over time it will be possible to unlock other quests of different nature that will allow your Guardian to get exclusive and often famous equipment in the setting of Destiny.

The Public Eventsare temporary events that appear randomly on planetary maps at predetermined points. All players on the map can freely enter a Public Event during its course and go before its start allows you to interact with a banner that automatically reloads all weapons and skills. Each Public Event is different and meeting certain conditions allows you to unlock its Heroic version, i.e. more difficult and with higher rewards.

Tactics: counter shields

There are many enemies who are not only protected by their own armour or leathery skin, but also by a protective aura called a shield. Destiny revolves around three elements: Solar, Bow and Hollow. A Vacuum element weapon more easily destroys a vacuum shield and so do the other two elements. You can easily distinguish the element of a shield from its activity in the game, it is always good to plan your equipment so that you can quickly counter enemy shields. In activities like Night falls there may be weekly modifiers that make the enemy shields highly resistant to any damage other than the corresponding element, making a similar process even more important. Of course, in most activities in the game the equipment can be changed during the course of the game, but this means remaining temporarily vulnerable to enemy fire, and the newly changed weapon will be out of ammunition and you'll need to collect more before you can use it. Having the right weapon already equipped from the start is always the best idea.

Enhancements: the importance of Power

The Power level is a parameter that determines how much damage you can inflict and receive. Each piece of equipment is obtained with a certain Power level, the average of all your equipment results in your overall Power. With A New Light, all new players start with an Ability level of 750 and can reach a maximum of 960. The climb to Maximum Ability is achieved by participating in a number of weekly activities, which will have daily and weekly challenges that will reward you with equipment with a higher Ability than the maximum you can achieve up to that time.

Currently the maximum Power is raised with the passage of each Destiny Season, i.e. a period of about 3/4 months. Over time and as Destiny changes, we'll see in detail the various sources of Power and how to make the most of them to reach the maximum quickly, so that we can participate in the game's most difficult activities as soon as possible.

Modalities: Crucible, Assaults and Gamble

Crucible, Assaults and Gamble are part of the core of Destiny outside the main history missions.

The Crucible is the series of PvP games of Destiny and is divided into various modes belonging to the Valorous or Glorious Ranking. During each season it is possible to earn points in these two rankings by participating in PvP games, but above all by winning, since the Glorious Ranking involves a loss of points in case of defeat. By earning points and increasing your Valiant and Glorious Ranks you can unlock powerful weapons defined by Top weapons. To the normal Crucible is also added the Iron BannerWhile in the Crucible the level of Power is not counted and only builds created personally by players are imported, in the Iron Banner it is different and Power is counted. The Iron Banner is a mode that can be played for a week and then comes back available several times during a season. Each Season the Banner has a new armor and new weapons to obtain, but the ways to do so are not always fixed and have undergone various changes over time.

The Assaults are PvE missions representing operations organized by the Vanguard and entrusted to the Guardians. They are often related to troubleshooting around the solar system and you can manually select which one to play or start the Assault Playlist to play one after the other without a precise order. They can be compared to self-conclusive History missions, although some of them have an impact on the overall course of the setting and don't just involve the elimination of a threat.

I ventureFinally, it is a PvPvE mode. Yes, probably not everyone knows this term apparently out of this world, but it is soon explained. In Gamble, two teams of four players have to defeat enemies and each team is placed on a separate PvE map. Each enemy, when killed, drops a fixed amount of particles according to their power. Players must collect these particles and deposit them into a bank in the middle of the map. The first team that reaches 75 deposited particles wipes out a Primordial boss who, if defeated, wins the round.. The first one who wins two out of three rounds wins the whole game and, in case a 1 to 1 outcome occurs, the third round will already start with the bosses on both fields skipping the particle collection stage.

There are other details. Depositing at least 5, 10 or 15 particles at one time will allow an enemy of a different type to appear. around the opponent's bank and block the latter until that enemy has been killed. These enemies take the name of Besiegers and a team can send as many as they want at once as long as they have particles to deposit. For every 25 particles deposited, any player can invade the opponent's field to kill members of the other team by making them lose their collected but not yet deposited particles. In case the opposing team has the Primordial on the field, killing an opponent cures them by thwarting part of that team's efforts to take them down.

X没r: Where to find the merchant of exotic objects in the

When we talk about X没r we are talking about Exotic, i.e. the most rare equipment. Every week, from 7:00 p.m. Friday to 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, X没r appears on a random planet and sells an Exotic piece of armor for class and an Exotic weapon. Add to this an Isochronic Engramma, a random Exotic weapon or piece of armor that you don't yet own.

There are also two other items, the Five of Swords to manage the modifiers in an activity called Night falls and the Invitations of the Nine. The first is an object dedicated to Guardians already quite experienced, while the second leads to narrative sections set long after the start of the game, so they are not objects for players who have just started and we will see them in separate guides.

Advantages: the first year is free

In his first year, Destiny 2 he received two expansions: Curse of Osiris and Mind War. With the release of A New Light, all the contents of the basic game, Curse of Osiris, Mind War and a selection of contents from Year 2 and Year 3 expansions will be available for free. To be precise, the following:

  • Moon Patrols
  • The opening mission of Shadows from the Deep
  • Two new Assaults
  • Crucible Updates
  • Two PvP maps returning from Destiny 1: the Widow's Court and the Twilight Breach
  • Elimination in the Crucible Laboratories
  • Customization of armor 2.0
  • Seasonal Artifact Eye of the Door Guard
  • New final moves
  • Two new flagship weapons: one for the Gamble and one for the Crucible.

In addition, free seasonal grade rewards, which include:

  • The new exotic weapon: Promise of Eriana
  • Three sets of legendary armor (one per class)
  • Two legendary weapons
  • Bright Engrams The Best of Year 2
  • Lumen and upgrade modules

If the game catches you and you want to unlock every activity and every story, you can easily retrieve Year 2 and Year 3 bundles, but all this deserves a separate purchase guide.

You now possess a smattering of various aspects of Destiny and are ready to start your career as a Guardian with the release of Destiny 2 : A New Light. This is just the first guide, keep following them so you can retrieve all the contents of past years and those of the new Year 3!

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