Destiny 2: 8 Best Useful Tips for Beginners

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Do you have a problem with Destiny 2 ? The game of Bungie seems too complicated and you don't feel like unplugging wikis and asking around?

We at , we propose a guide that can dispel some of the doubts that a neophyte may have about the game!

Level and power rating.

The level is what is determined by the amount of experience points obtained, the power score is a value related to the equipment owned and the progress made in the game, it increases along with the average of the attack and defense values obtained by weapons and armor. Once you reach a power level of 260 you will need to complete milestones, raids or PVP events to reach a power level of 300.

Grinding is not necessary.

It will be possible to get to level twenty by simply grinding the main campaign and the secondary missions, complete the story will also unlock details shopkeepers otherwise inaccessible and will initiate events that otherwise will be blocked; it is better to enjoy the beautiful campaign that the developers have prepared for us.
It releases Halo from all pores and is a panoramic tour of some of the most beautiful environments seen lately in the world of video games.

Which class do I choose?

Obviously the big question is "which class do I start my first game with?".
The three classes available at the moment; Titan, Sorcerer e Hunter give three different styles of play, but one of them is recommended for players with little experience with the title.

  • The Titan In fact, thanks to its high HP Pool and its high basic defense is recommended for those who are not accustomed to Destiny and shooter in general; he has as melee attack a classic punch and its booster makes him move in a straight line without too many problems.
  • The Sorcerer Instead, it is a class designed for ranged combat, able to entertain those around you and able to flutter briefly thanks to its ability to move.
  • The Hunter Instead it's a high rate evasive class thanks to its double jump and its ability to dodge incoming shots by reloading weapons and reducing cooldowns.

Each class then has the ability to unlock abilities of particular subclasses.

Unlock your subclasses.

At the beginning of your adventure you will have to choose which class you belong to; after you have chosen who to be betweenTitan,Sorcerer e Hunterit will be possible to unlock additional subclasses thanks to the discovery of particular relics.
These relics, known as Titan Relic, Hunter Relic and Warlock Relic, are drugged by chests and enemies within the game; they allow you to unlock two additional subclasses.
Starting from level 7 it will be possible to drug the specific relic for the first subclass, the second one will be droppable starting from level 14; once you get the relic you will have to load it by killing enemies both in PVP and PVE; once loaded the relic you will start a subquest that will unlock the new skill set you want.

The engrams are no longer static!

While in the first Destiny the goodness of the loot ofEngrammi was linked to the power of the character, in Destiny 2 things are no longer directly related; this means that it is convenient for the player to visit the cryptarchat will.

Get a Goshawk.

The beautiful means of locomotion flying present in the first title here returns, only that is not obtainable following the missions of the story; it is in fact probably finish the campaign without having seen the slightest trace of the vehicle.
This is because the developers wanted to give the player time to slowly memorize and appreciate the maps of which the title is composed.
In any case it will be possible to get a goshawk through the Bright Engrams traceable within the game, as soon as you have one you go to Eververse, talk toTess Everis and keep your fingers crossed!

What kind is my weapon?

In Destiny 2 there are three types of weapons with separate slots in which to equip them.

  • Kinetic Weaponsthat is, pulse rifles, support arms, automatic rifles, portable cannons, machine guns and reconnaissance rifles.
    They should be used to take down the majority of small enemies and their ammunition is extremely common.
  • Energy Weapons, i.e. also in this case pulse rifles, support weapons, automatic rifles, portable cannons, machine guns and reconnaissance rifles.
    They have the task of doing elemental damage to our opponents; there are three elements currently available in the game: arc damage, sun damage and blank damage. Their ammunition, although less common than kinetic ammunition, is not a problem to find. Shooting with the weapon of a given element to a shield of the same element will be able to shatter the latter more easily and stun the enemy for a short time making it easy prey of other types of weapons.
  • Destructive Weapons, i.e. rocket launchers, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, swords and fusion rifles. These are weapons that do not always have an elemental attribute but are always able to do large amounts of damage that can act as a coup de gr芒ce for the bosses and sometimes can hone in on other guards encountered during PVP clashes. The ammunition for these weapons are very rare and must be dosed with care to avoid running out of ammo in the moments clue; in pvp fights it will be possible to recover them from a particular box every couple of minutes.

Exotic weapons?

As in any good loot-based game the rarity of obtainable items varies and is marked by an in Destiny 2 the rarities are structured as follows:

  • White (Common)
  • Green (Uncommon)
  • Blue (rare)
  • Violet (legendary)
  • Yellow (Exotic)

Up to level 10 it will only be possible to obtain rarity equipmentcommon euncommon.
From level 10 to level 20 it will also be possible to obtain equipment of typerare.
Once you reach level twenty you will be able to get the much coveted equipmentlegendary andExotic.

Exotic weapons therefore serve as the flagship of our inventory and represent the maximum achievable firepower.
It will be possible to equip at most an exotic weapon and an exotic piece of armor.

The characteristics of exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are predefined, the only variable of the case is the power score which can be greater or less than a few points.

It is possible in any case infuse exotic weapons through the experimental parts, which can be obtained by disassembling other weapons of exotic rarity.

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