Demon Sword NES codes and passwords

Demon Sword it's a action video game developed by OETT and published by Taito in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The slogan on the cover of the video game reads "Release the Power", literally "Release the Force", which mirrors the gameplay in which it is necessary to develop the skills of the protagonist. Demon Sword begins with an evil demon who rules the world and its inhabitants, who live in fear. However, a man named Victar from a small village possessed a sword capable of annihilating the demon. The sword has been split into pieces and Victar must travel far and wide to regain possession of the three pieces of the weapon. The game is beautiful and tough and for this we leave you to some tricks and passwords of the various levels, in case you are stuck.

At the title screen, press UP and then A, B, A, B to access the password menu.

In the password menu, enter the following codes.
(S) = Square

BYY JQ! JER DT + F * A YD - Level 1-2
CAQ MKE LNE K? N YEA ID - Level 2-1
TFE GBN AK? AIJ GAD ED - Level 2-2
UFE KCN AE (S) AFB ZWD QD - Level 3-1
WOF SCF B (S) A XK- AOH ME - Level 4-1

GDZ + QT QHA? KI HGH IE - Level 4

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