Demon's Crest SNES codes and passwords

Demon's Crest, known in Japan as Demon's Blazon Makaimura Monshō hen, it's a nice videogame platform horizontal scrolling developed and distributed by Capcom for the 16-bit console Super Nintendo.

The protagonist, as already in Gargoyle's Quest and Gargoyle's Quest II, is Firebrand, an antagonist character who appeared in Ghosts' n Goblins. Locked up by Phalanx in a colosseum, the protagonist breaks free and escapes, with the aim of fighting and defeating his tormentor (and his followers) in order to regain possession of the crests that allow Phalanx to reign.
The latter, on the other hand, aims to take possession of the only ridge left in Firebrand, la Crest of Fire, able to summon the Crest of Infinity. 

Demon's Crest isn't easy at all, so if you're stuck you can rely on Password which you find below.

To automatically pass the first level and receive the first crest, enter the following password:

To get the Ultimate Gargoyle, enter this password:

To start the game with all items, enter the password QFFF, KNRR, DDLR, XGTQ.

To fight only the first dragon and the bosses, enter the password RBNL, XHGB, VGBB, LYLD.

Demon's Crest - SNES


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