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If you have a lot of funds to use to build a satisfying deck of MTG Arena you've come to the right place. Boros Angels is exactly that, a lump of high rarity cards put together and made to ride (or flutter) towards victory. A deck that has few common and uncommon cards and therefore takes a very long time to assemble.

If you've always liked the idea of playing a tribal angels and if you like Boros Angels

Why choose Boros Angels in MTG Arena?

Boros Angels is a complicated deck to assemble and deeper than you might think once you're in the game. The strategy of the deck is to throw down a considerable number of very powerful flying and creatures by controlling and supporting an aggro strategy with planeswalkers and other spells.

Boros Angels is not a particularly complex deck to play since it has only one type of instant card; however, the player needs some time to understand the synergies and the various tricks with which it is possible to make the most of the potential of this deck.

The deck is a red white aggro that continually puts more massive threats than the previous one within the playing field.

MTG Arena Decks - How to play Boros Angels?

Boros Angels, like any self-respecting aggro, has a mana curve that ends quite soon. The heaviest card in the deck, Lyra Dawnbringer, stops at five measly mana; the rest is all below that threshold.

It's important to make sure you get the double white to bring out some of the deck's most important threats like Resplendent Angel, History Of Benalia and Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants.

Try to make as much mana as possible during the opening hand and aim to generate a threat per turn by trying to take down those opponents through targeted use of cards like Conclave Tribunal and Lightning Strike. Make your opponent waste as many removals as possible and then throw in two consecutive rounds first Shalai, Voice of Plenty and then Lyra Dawnbringer.

MTG Arena - Boros Angels bunch list

4Adanto Vanguard
4Knight Of Grace
4Resplendent Angel
3Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
3Shalai, Voice of Plenty
4Lyra Dawnbringer
1Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
4Lightning Strike
3Deafening Clarion
4History Of Benalia
2Conclave Tribunal
4Clifftop Retreat
4Sacred Foundry

Composition of the Boros Angels deck.


4 Adanto Vanguard - If there's a creature that needs a mentor, it's exactly that; very strong when attacking and able to withstand all the opponent's most reckless moves thanks to the ability to pay life points to keep it alive.

This vanguard will be more useful than expected in a lot of games because of its qualities and skills and therefore deserves the four copies inside the deck.

4 Knight Of Grace - This knight resists well to all those typical removals of The Four Most Obligated Copy of the whole bunch. For three mana you have a 3/3 able to generate angel checkers thanks to the gain of life points and able to act as mana sink during the most advanced stages of the game.

He flies, Lyra is upgraded and protected by Shalai and is not even a legendary creature. What could be better?

3 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice - Interesting body and useful skills are the main features of Aurelia.

Four mana for a creature that's unlikely to be taken down without using different removals are already a good investment; the latter becomes even more interesting once you learn that this card can greatly enhance the cards that attacked with it thanks to the Mentor ability and the ability to give +2+0 more varied and possible other abilities depending on the The famous guardian angel of this deck has the appearance of Shalai, the voice of abundance.

This cute little angel has the power to make everything apart from herself intargettable from the hands of enemies, allowing us players to survive the various removals with more peace of mind; in essence Shalai has the power to make removing any other angel on the field twice as expensive in terms of mana and cards. Three copies because we're talking about a Legendary Creature Card anyway.

4 Lyra Dawnbringer - The card we hope to throw every time we have five lands. Once she's on the field, Lyra can pretty much handle the game on her own, thanks to her many skills and the ability to win almost any kind of fight.

The cost is low, the skills very many and all really strong. If you have a Lyra on the field protected by the anti-eye provided by Shalai, Voice of Plenty will really be almost like winning the game.


1 Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants - Not a solution card, but a good addition that can give you some satisfaction. Meanwhile, he plays in our favor by placing counters +1+1 left and right, making us upgrade tokens or mentor cards; among his other skills he also has the ability to resurrect our creature with CMC = 2, bringing out knight and avant-garde that are always useful. A copy because we're talking about a card with limited usefulness anyway.


4 Lightning Strike - An unfailing card that can do the three damage needed to win a game or the three damage needed to take down that pesky creature. Versatile, relatively inexpensive and always useful. The four copies are mandatory.


3 Deafening Clarion - A nice double use card that adds solutions and tricks to our list of plausible moves to do.

Its first use turns Deafening Clarion into a mass removal against all creatures with less than constitution, resetting decks as mono-red aggro or Selesnya Tokens.

Its second use allows us players to completely mess up the calculations regarding the race that our opponent may have done, allowing us to double the number of turns available to us in a single move; if you have copies of Resplendent Angel on the field within a turn you will find the board even more full of cards that can really do a lot of damage to our very nice opponent.


4 History Of Benalia - The permanent classic who as soon as he enters the field does something and continues to do something in the following rounds. It allows us to create paranti and start putting pressure on the opponent. Creatures created with this card can of course be used for possible convokes or as targets for some cards' mentor ability.

2 Conclave Tribunal - Is there something we absolutely do not want to see on the board? This card is our solution. The fact that it has Convoke and that our deck is composed almost exclusively of creatures makes it even more useful in the use of the deck.


4 Clifftop Retreat - Four copies of Dominaria's checkland are the minimum to make this bi deck run as well as possible Four copies of Guilds Of Ravnica's shockland are the minimum to make this bi deck run as well as possible The deck consists mainly of blank cards, so motivate the twelve lands in the manabase. Getting the double white mana to bring out some of the biggest possible threats is a moral imperative.

5 Mountain - three cards need a single red mana to work, all the non-base lands placed inside the deck also give red mana; five copies are enough and advance.

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