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Deck list:

With the official release of MTG Arena the first decks of this goal began to establish themselves. Today we are going to analyze a deck of Tier 1 that we will probably see in standard for a long time given its great power.

The deck in question is quite cheap, easy to play and difficult to knock down; it has been little affected by the rotation of the format and with a splash of black it can become even more powerful thanks to the presence of the strongest removal of the title.

Let's see what this is all about.

MTG Arena - BG Stompy Why Choose BG Stompy in MTG Arena?

This deck is a great first deck for a lot of players thanks to the very low cost in terms of resources and also thanks to the customization possibilities that essop presents.

The Stompy deck, first of all, presents an aggro gameplan where the victory is achieved through the use of beaters, that is, cards that through tend to decrease the number of life points of our opponent. These beaters are cards that have risky mana costs for the potential they have, going to compose a park of creatures of incredible quality where savings and power run practically hand in hand.

If you don't have the wildcards you need to get the rarest cards in this deck don't worry, there are cards that can replace the deck anyway.

MTG Arena Bouquets - How to play BG Stompy?

BG Stompy isn't a particularly difficult deck to use as it has a fairly straightforward strategy: try to fill the board with a series of unmanageable creatures by shooting down your opponent's creatures and life points as quickly as possible.

The ideal opening hand sees a mana dork, a dangerous creature (As the

Steel Leef Champion [mtg_card] or the Thrashing Brontodon and a huge creature like Ghalta, Primal Hunter, or the Gigantosaurus of turn follow one another within the game stream, offering the opponent a perpetually more terrible threat.

To reach the mana necessary to bring down all these creatures you need to row your deck using all our cards with explores like the Merfolk Branchwalker or the Jadelight Ranger, so you create modest beaters but they took a dead catch.

MTG Arena - BG STOMPY bunch list

4Llanowar Elves
2Merfolk Branchwalker
4Thorn Lieutenant
4Steel Leef Champion:DOM
3Thrashing Brontodon:RIX
3Jadelight Ranger
2Vine Mare
2Nullhide Ferox
2Carnage Tyrant
3Ghalta, Primal Hunter
3Adventurous Impulse
4Assassin's Trophy
4Overgrown Tomb
4Woodland Cemetery

Composition of the BG Stompy deck.

This is how the deck in question is made:


4 Llanowar Elves - Llanowar's elves are one of the basic cards in any self-respecting green deck. For a green mana, they offer a parante, a source of mana and are able to file valuable life points to the opponent. The 4x , given the mana curve that is concentrated between 2 and 3, is practically mandatory.

2 Merfolk Branchwalker - this cute newt is a good all-rounder. Thanks to explore he can skim the deck by helping with the catch and is also able to upgrade with a +1+1 counter; with this counter he also becomes able to block and eliminate some of the most common threats you can find on the game board.

4 Thorn Lieutenant - Classic indispensable card in such a deck. For two mana (of which only one is specific) it is able to generate advantage in case of removal, to act as a mana sink in late game and to survive shocks and other board removal.
Four copies are indispensable.

4 Steel Leef Champion - This paper is the definition of quality/price. For three specific mana (which are not a problem since we play almost single player making it mandatory to waste a dry removal on such a big beast.

3 Thrashing Brontodon - For three mana you have a large dinosaur with 4 points of constitution, able to act as a parante and able to eliminate spells and annoying artifacts. Absolutely essential, since it simply leaves us uncovered towards the harassing creatures (which we will think about later).

3 Jadelight Ranger - this newt is practically the big brother of the newt we talked about above; he does pretty much the same thing but better as he double explores the deck and further enhances our card, all for a single extra green mana.

2 Vine Mare - This steed is a card that can glisten on virtually any kind of removal or skill thanks to its anti-jinx ability; we also associate it with a respectable leotard and a decent mana cost for, in essence, a creature that can create some headaches for our opponents.

Two copies just because there's something better in our deck anyway.

2 Nullhide Ferox - This nice little cat is a great card that practically succeeds in a lot of different tasks: it's cheap, it's almost intargestible, it has a huge leotard, if discarded it enters the field and prepares to hammer the opponent.

On the other hand, it has two flaws that make it imperfect, namely the inability to play non creature spells once it's on the field and the fact that it practically charges opponents 2 extra mana to play any removals on it.

2 Carnage Tyrant - Six mana for a 7/6 with travogere and anti-jinx hasn't been seen for a long time. A very threatening card that also presents itself as a solution against all blue based/control decks due to the inability to be countered. Two copies because the fat department is already quite well stocked.

3 Ghalta, Primal Hunter - This deck's favorite beast. 12/12 overwhelm for an amount of mana that varies between 12 and the mere 2 green mana. Once on the field the opponent has a little more than two turns to eliminate him, otherwise he will be defeated or the board will be cleaned by huge chumpblocks.


3 Adventurous Impulse - the fishing engine of this deck is called Adventurous Impulse. A simple mana to make us look for creatures and lands within the next five cards of the deck, so that we can prepare more carefully the next play.


4 Assassins Trophy - the reason why this deck is splashed black. A very strong removal, capable of eliminating virtually anything on the board at the cost of a miserable extra land for the opponent. Because it targets permanents, it can eliminate planewswalkers, spells and harassing artifacts by delivering a powerful bomb into the player's hands.


The land department of the deck is composed as follows:

1 Swamp
15 Forest
4 Overgrown Tomb - Four shockland are needed to get that little black mana we need to play Assassin's Throphy.
4 Woodland Cemetery - Four checklands are needed to get that little black mana we need to play Assassin's Throphy.

If we also consider the elves of Llanowar we arrive at a total of 29 sources of mana within the bunch. Don't be afraid to wrap yourself and go into mana flood, the five cards with explore will skim the deck, and don't be afraid of not having the black mana necessary to chastise the only four skins that require it; 9/25 lands are able to meet the request of [B], one third of the total sources of mana.

MTG Arena decks - how do I make a budget version of BG Stompy?

Below is a list of cards with which you can replace some pieces of the deck in case you don't have a lot of wildcards to take (for example) double lands or some of the stronger cards present.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the black mana from the four Assassin's throphy and the eight non-base lands inserted to forage the If you don't feel like or have the chance to splash the deck with black mana for a hyper-powerful removal like Assassin's Trophy you just have to fold on Prey Upon. For a single green mana this card will make a creature we control fight against one we don't; considering the very high power level of our cards there's not much to worry about. In 2X because we risk causing too much damage to our creatures.

Colossal Dreadmaw - card intended to replace a rare one; six mana for a 6/6 overwhelming common are an honest expense for a card that will put the opponent at attention almost certainly.

Baloth Gorger - another not uncommon card that's not bad at all; for four hands we have a 4/4 vanilla that's able to have its say; in late game it gets even scarier thanks to the kicker (i.e. enhancement ability) with which you can make it a more fearsome 7/7.

Daggerback Basilisk - three mana for a classic case of removal with the legs; the not excellent leotards still make him the victim of almost all opponent shots (as a shock) but still a better choice than many others in the creature world. When paired with Prey Upon it becomes practically dry removal.

Untamed Kavu - two mana for a 2/2 with caution and overwhelm able to become a more honest 5/5 paying the three mana necessary to enhance it; excellent in all sauces considering that it is a mere uncommon.

Gigantosaurus - The gigantosaurus is a rare one with which it is possible to replace one of the mythical rarities; a beast that for quality price has no equal given the five mana needed to castrate it and the imposing leotard. A 10/10 is able to knock down practically anything, even without doing direct damage to the opponent player.

Aggressive Mammoth - Another rare value: six mana, impressive leotard and the ability to overwhelm all other creatures, turning every swarm into a chance of victory.

Pelakka Wurm - Pelakka's Wurm is a very nice creature: seven mana for a 7/7 that takes advantage as soon as it enters the field making the player earn 7 life points and in case of death it even draws a card. Useful as a substitute for one of the stronger cards we talked about above.

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