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If you're already in the middle of your adventure in the wasteland and post-apocalyptic lands of Death Stranding you will immediately realise how important it is to collect raw materials. The materials you will come across in the course of your deliveries, in fact, are necessary for the construction of a whole series of objects with which to upgrade your equipment.

As soon as you unlock the possibility to build objects, you will realize that materials can also be useful for the repair and upgrading of structures and roads, elements necessary for the 100% completion of Hideo Kojima's last effort.

Types of materials

In Death Stranding you will find five types of materials: metals, ceramics, resins, chemicals and special alloys and chiral crystals.

  • Metals are needed in large quantities to build and improve most CCPs, including bridges, and also to restore roads using pavers;
  • Resins are needed to create a variety of items smaller than your equipment, including Bridge Boots;
  • Ceramic is needed in large quantities to restore the roads using the automatic pavers;
  • Chemicals are needed to create special objects and used to upgrade the cable car;
  • Special alloys are needed to create and improve the shelters and items you will find in the more advanced stages of the game;
  • Chiral crystals, on the other hand, are needed for almost everything, including the construction of blood grenades and blood bags, as well as the construction, upgrading and repair of structures, and the rehabilitation of roads with automatic pavers;

If the items you can create in the first bars of the game will not have exorbitant costs, in terms of materials, as you continue you will realize how, instead, the upgrading of the structures requires much greater resources, which you will have to find yourself or, alternatively, take advantage of those accumulated by other players in the multiplayer.

Below, we list all the ways to make a quick farming of all the resources needed for the continuation of your adventure.

Collect lost loads

It may seem trivial and obvious to you, but the first thing you need to do to replenish your stock of materials is to collect all the cases containing resources that you will find during your expeditions. Simply press the R1 button to activate the environmental scanner, so that they appear on the game map, reach them, collect them and take them to the nearest collection terminal.

Unlike other loads, materials are not marked by any previous owner, and can therefore be delivered to any facility in the game world. However, these loads won't always be easy to transport, as you'll find them either in the form of briefcases, which can be attached to your everything, or heavier containers, which may require a vehicle to transport.

Despite the fact that the amount and type of materials you'll find in this way is completely random, it will always be worth investing some time in collecting lost loads, so you'll save time in the more advanced stages of the game.

Raiding MULES camps

One of the most effective and rewarding ways to get good quantities of materials fairly quickly is to take on the MULI (the enemy faction you will encounter from chapter 2), defeat them and raid their encampments.

It goes without saying that, to do what follows, you need a certain amount of courage and experience. Precisely for this reason, we do not recommend you to launch into the enterprise if you are in the early stages of the game and, above all, if you do not have the right weapons to come out victorious from the clash.

Each of the fields you will come across generally accumulates large quantities of one or more materials, which can be found around tents and in their mailboxes, where you will also find quite large parcels. However, it will be frequent that MULES also carry some smaller packages of materials on their suits, which makes them easily located and traceable. In this case, try to eliminate these enemies only when you are sure you won't alert other enemies.

Since most of the material containers in the MULI camps are very large, bulky and heavy, it is definitely advisable to use one of their trucks to transport them or, alternatively, your own vehicle. An exceptionally sneaky tactic is to drive, aboard a Reverse Trike, around the most peripheral areas of their camp, and then launch and run over the guards on patrol. Once this is done, head towards the center of their camp making bite and run attacks, in order to kill a few enemies at a time and avoid being hit by their electric sticks.

Once you have defeated every enemy in the camp, take possession of a MULI truck, park it near the mailboxes and transfer all the resources the truck can actually carry. Once this is done, head to the place where these raw materials are actually required.

This tactic is particularly useful to help rebuild roads using road pavers, as you can find a MULI field full of metals or ceramics, so you can drive the truck full of materials directly to the site in question.

Make deliveries of materials

A well-proven method to quickly obtain good quantities of materials in certain game locations is to accept standard orders marked "Delivery of Materials". These orders appear in most cities, sorting stations, distribution centres and prepper shelters where you will arrive and although they often require the transfer of a lot of goods, it is one of the few types of delivery that can have an immediate effect in this respect.

By completing any of these standard orders, and bringing any specified material to its destination, that facility will automatically increase its stores of such materials, available for immediate use, which may be just what you need to manufacture essential items.

Require materials for transport

This particular method will be really useful mainly for those players who are interested in helping to pave the streets of the Central Region, but it can be absolutely essential, especially if you're trying to quickly collect I like it from other players.

Each of the facilities you'll be visiting already has its own material stores, which you can see by highlighting their location on the map. This also means that you'll be able to "request materials" and transfer them to a truck, waiting to take them directly to an automatic paver. As the warehouses in each facility are gradually replenished as a result of your actions, and those of other players, you can use this to your advantage and quickly build roads.

However, other players may have the same idea as you, which can lead to a shortage of materials such as metals and ceramics in major cities around the game world - but often players may overlook how many materials are found outside of standard routes and locations such as Prepper Shelters, the Weather Station and Timefall Farm. For this reason, you should always take a look on the map, to see if some places near an automatic paver have accumulated a good amount of materials, so you can use it without too many problems.

Death Stranding How to get in chiral crystals

One of the most important materials you will need for a wide variety of structures is called chiral crystals. You will learn almost immediately how to collect these golden excrescences from the ground; however, to build, upgrade and repair structures and roads, you will always need a large amount of chiral crystals at your disposal.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure that you constantly scan your surroundings, and collect the crystals you come across. Generally, the more developed-looking crystals (you will recognize them by their more pronounced branches) will provide you with larger amounts of material, and if you keep your eyes open, you may notice some particularly large crystals along the delivery route.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may come across a small field of chiral crystals ready to be collected. This can often occur in the vicinity of craters, ravines or areas that are rarely crossed. Therefore, based on what has now been said, it may be worth taking detours from the most beaten path to look for collection areas.

However, the best way to collect the chiral crystals is to hunt BTs. Once defeated - with blood-based weapons or using a special tool to cut the umbilical cords, which can be unlocked later in the game - BTs will make a chiral crystal appear at the point where they float in the air. A careful player can quickly identify a dangerous area full of BTs and hunt down the button.

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