Dead Island: Survivors - Strategic Guide for Beginners

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The Dead Island franchise has arrived on Android and IOS phones with this new survival adventure. Dead Island: Survivors It's a brand new tower defense game set in the timeline of the original game. There are no escape routes from the Dead Islands, so our heroes will be tasked with clearing the island of zombies and searching for survivors while trying to build a base. Check out this beginner's guide to getting started.

Dead Island: Survivors - Beginner's Guide

Play on your hero's strengths

Every hero excels at something that is different from the others. Every hero, in fact, has pros and cons that can be checked in the "Heroes" tab that you can find by going to the "Collection" section.

The advice is to try playing with the hero who emphasizes your favorite style of play. Don't focus on the amount of damage inflicted, because that's not the only important factor in Dead Island: Survivors . For example, the starting hero Sam B doesn't inflict a lot of damage, but he's incredibly resilient and can fight off large groups of zombies thanks to his bonus stamina that builds up when he's in combat.

Sam B also gives the best of himself near the traps. If you have a lot of traps, like automatic turrets, grouped together in a small area, you can attack by getting help from the traps you have set. In this way the zombies will continue to be torn to shreds by the Automatic Turrets with you knocking them out.

This is just one of many examples, and it's best to read the features of any new hero you get. Each one of them has their own special abilities that make them good at something, so the more you know, the better!

Tap quickly for faster automatic attacks

When you touch a zombie, your hero will continue to attack them automatically until you issue another command or until the zombie dies. However, if you touch quickly, your hero will attack faster than normal. This is because every time you touch you restart the animation of your hero's attack, and in doing so, he usually attacks them faster.

Note that this trick only works with certain heroes, especially those with slow automatic attacks, such as Sam B. For heroes like Marshanda who attack very quickly, it might be better to let them attack automatically normally.

Get the Loot Hordes first

When you arrive on a new island, your main objective is to eliminate the Hordes of Survivors to free the captured survivor. Before you do that, take your time to fetch the Loot Hordes. These hordes offer precious metal, which you can use to build more traps and upgrade existing ones. Survivor Hordes tend to be even more difficult, so it's best to be prepared before facing them.

The island is your weapon

Remember that each island has its own natural traps to exploit. Zombies can fall into pointy traps in the water and get caught in exploding explosive barrels, so use whatever's around to your advantage. This extra firepower can really make things easier for you, especially when zombie bosses show up in front of you.

Pre-plan the strategy by controlling entry

In the Dead Island Survivors game, before tapping the Ready to Start the Battle button, check the entrance where the zombies will enter. Also check which path they'll take to reach the fence that protects your camp. To know the path, check the red footprints on the battlefield.

Sometimes, zombies come from multiple directions and there may be two paths. In short, analyze the path and place the traps in the right place. To move a trap, touch it and then press and hold the trap long enough to set it, then release where you want to set it. After touching the trap, tap the reload icon to rotate or change the attack direction.

Position the barricade to block the zombies

The barricade is one of the best traps in the game Dead Island: Survivors . Putting it in the right place will block the zombies that will be unable to pass and will be exposed to your attacks.

For example; enemies come from two paths. Put the Barricade on the card that indicates the right path and force them to change direction. By placing it on one of the two paths, you can force multiple hordes of zombies (coming from two directions) to travel a single route. This way, you will be able to defeat enemies even if you have a limited number of traps.

If you don't have enough metal material to buy the barricade, you can also use deployed traps as a barrier. To deploy the barricade, tap the traps icon in the lower left corner (before starting the battle) and drag and drop on a tile. It costs you metal.

Strengthen the traps to inflict more damage

To increase the performance of traps in battle, the player can upgrade them. It costs you metal. Go to the field -> select a trap -> touch the upgrade icon -> press the Boost button. Afterwards, wait a few minutes because it will take some time. You can also speed up the process by spending diamonds, but it's best to keep a good deal of that aside.

Check out the pros and cons of enemies

All enemies have different statistics, pros and cons. After tapping the Ready button, tap the enemies to check their pros and cons. For example, Exploder is a zombie that when it runs out of health, it will explode and inflict massive damage. So when you see he's in poor health, stay away and avoid getting killed.

Likewise, the Resistor is weak against cannons and crossbows. In short, you must know the weakness and strength of your enemies.

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