Days Gone | Trophies Guide, Ho to get All of Them 100%

If you're already intent on unlocking all the achievements in the latest PS4 exclusive, so you get the game's platinum trophy, all you have to do is scroll through our trophy guide, so you'll find the easiest and fastest way to complete the title 100%.

Before proceeding any further, it is advisable to make a proper premise: THE FOLLOWING GUIDE TO THE SPOILER TROPHIES ON THE TRAMA OF Days Gone GAME! Continue reading at your own risk.

What are the steps to follow to get the platinum trophy Days Gone ? Read on and you will find out.

Complete the main storyline, loot the corpses and perform side missions

The main quest will run through six different territories and, as mentioned in advance, it will be quite long to complete. Secondly, during the course of your adventure, you'll come across encampments that will assign you secondary missions that are also vital for obtaining the platinum trophy.

In addition to the above, there will be secondary activities such as the completion and/or discovery of all the hidden camps, infestations and BLACK garrisons present in the various regions you will be exploring. As for the level of confidence of the various camps: do not focus too much on obtaining level 3, for now level 2 will be more than enough.

A little attention must be paid to the "Blood-Stained Hands" trophy. This achievement will ask you to collect at least 541 objects from the corpses and, obviously, these are corpses of human beings, not furious ones. This small detail makes a big difference, as it will be much easier to come across the latter than the former, especially after completing the main quest.

In this regard, we always invite you to raid the corpses of all the enemies you come across, perhaps using the consumables you have in your inventory, so as to free up space and collect everything. Each corpse will reward you with 2 or 3 items, so you won't have to kill 541 enemies and more.

Gain level 3 confidence and unlock 45 skills

If you have followed the previous paragraph, you should have achieved Trust Level 2 in all the camps in the game; well, it's time to earn Allied Trust Level with at least three of them! Performing the secondary activities for the various camps will bring you close to the goal, and with at least 40/42 skill points.

We advise you to focus on what is said now only after you have completed the game plot. The reason is soon said: to get the Allied confidence level you'll have to shoot down all the hordes in the game and it goes without saying that, after completing the main quest, you'll have all the skills you need to reach the goal more easily, without of course considering that you've already got the best weapons available.

All hordes will be marked on the game map: locate and destroy them in order to get 45 skill points and reach the target.

At this point, concentrate on collecting all the remaining collectibles and getting any trophies you may have left out earlier; at this point, the platinum trophy should be just a step away from you!

Days Gone - Trophies Guide


Just a scratch

Run away from Crazy Willie

This trophy is linked to the game's plot, you won't be able to miss it.

Special delivery

Make a delivery to Tucker or Copeland

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

The purpose and means

Find out what happened to BLACK

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Lost property

Drive south with Boozer

This trophy is related to the game plot, you won't be able to miss it.

Brothers in arms

Talk to Boozer

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Take back your name

Return the favor

This trophy is related to the game plot, you can't miss it.

Nomadic life

Face the road alone

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Hang in there

Meet a familiar face

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

It's getting cold outside

Find what you lost

This trophy is related to the game plot, you can not miss it.

I've been waiting for this moment

Avenge yourself once and for all

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you cannot miss it.

Drift veteran

Accumulate 10 minutes of drifting on the bike

Although this trophy can be easily achieved simply by playing what it Days Gone has to offer, there is a method to achieve this achievement even more easily. All you need to do is hold down the + + R2, so you can make a "doughnut" with the rear wheel of the bike.

Be careful: DO NOT DRIVE IN A RIM, this method requires only the rear wheel to turn, while one of the protagonist's feet will be planted on the ground. For any doubt or clarification, please see the attached video.

Silent Sentence

Make 100 stealthy eliminations

To make a sneak-out, all you have to do is get behind an enemy's back and press the . Unlike what seen in other games, however, this is not a stealth elimination: you can also run in the direction of your victim and press the button in question, the important thing is to get behind him. The important thing is that the opponent in question has not yet started fighting.

During the night, you will find a lot of Furious people exploring the game world: use them as "sacrificial victims" to get the trophy in question.

Lethal and reliable

Eliminate 200 enemies with a handmade weapon

In the course of your adventures in the game world Days Gone , you will be able to make a whole series of handcrafted weapons, both melee and launch. As you may have easily understood, the best and fastest way to achieve what the trophy in question requires is to use melee weapons.

The weapons in question will tend to wear out and then become unusable. However, if you have unlocked the "Field Repairs" ability, you can safely repair your weapon with the wreckage you will find by looting vehicles.

First purchase

Boost your bike for the first time

To achieve this achievement, please refer to the description of the "Farewell Model" trophy.

Burnt rubber

Perform an active turbo-charged drift of at least 5 seconds in motion

To get this trophy, you will need to purchase the Nitro skill level 3. Level 2 will make the turbo skill last only 4 and a half seconds, too short to unlock the achievement in question, while level 3 of this skill will make it last for over 6 seconds. To obtain this skill, you must have obtained the Allied confidence level at the "Diamond Lake" camp, located in the "Crater Lake" region.

Once you have obtained the skill, go to any area with some free space and press the keys + R2 + + and, after a few attempts, you will have achieved your goal. For any doubt or clarification, follow the instructions in the attached video.

The art of motorcycle maintenance

Apply 100 scraps to your bike

This trophy will be one of the easiest to get in Days Gone . Go on the adventure with your bike, make her perform jumps, make her take bumps, all this will damage her and, therefore, you will have to repair it. For this purpose, you'll have to get some wreckage.

The best way to get what you need is to raid the carcasses of the various vehicles you come across during the game. If you want to speed things up, unlock the "Monkey Wrench" skill, which will halve the amount of scrap required to get the trophy in question.

Blood on your hands

Recover 541 objects from the corpses

Of all the trophies listed above, this one will be the one you will have to look after the most, right from the start of your adventure. The achievement in question, in fact, will require you to collect at least 541 objects from corpses of human beings, and not Furious. As you will easily understand, meeting men in the game world will Days Gone not be as common as meeting the infected.

According to what is now written, you will have to take advantage of all the missions of the game's storyline, as well as the secondary quests that will be entrusted to you at the camps, remembering that, for each opponent killed, you must press the button to retrieve the items in your possession.

Fortunately, you won't have to kill 541 men, as each enemy killed will reward you with two or even three items.

Merchant Ears

You get 989 ears of fury

Unlike the previous trophy, this achievement will be almost automatic to obtain. Many of you will unlock it almost automatically during the course of the game, as each Furious will release this item. For the trophy in question, all you need to do is simply destroy four or five hordes, many of which will include many infected.

Seekers find

Unlock your first collectible item

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Partworks Guide.

Treasure hunter

Unlock more than 50% of collectible items

To obtain this trophy, please refer to our Partworks Guide.

Better to live than survive

Save 10 survivors

The survivors will be casual encounters you will come across from time to time during your adventure, mostly during the day rather than at night. Exploring the vast game map, in fact, you will hear cries for help: get closer and you will find men locked in cars, or intent on defending themselves against biker gangs or the Furious.

Save the survivors, direct them to the nearest camp and they will reward you with Trust or money. Repeat this procedure 10 times and you will get the trophy.

The chemical formula of happiness

Increases energy, vigour or concentration for the first time

Trophy that you will automatically unlock by progressing with the game plot.

Food at home

Sell plants or animal meat to a camp

In the course of your adventure, you will often find plants that, once collected, can be sold to the kitchens of the various camps. Do as now described with the first camp and you will have obtained the trophy.

Departure launched

Unlock your first skill

For the following achievement, we refer you to the description of the "Mr. Fahreneit" trophy.

Out of Control

Unlock 15 skills

For the following achievement, we refer you to the description of the "Mr. Fahreneit" trophy.

Nobody stops me.

Unlock 30 skills

For the following achievement, we refer you to the description of the "Mr. Fahreneit" trophy.


Shoot down 12 anarchist cairns

The Cairn of Anarchists are nothing more than small totems of stacked stones in some areas of the game map of Days Gone . You'll find 12 of them and, to destroy them, all you need to do is get close to them and press the . These collectible items won't reward you with anything but the trophy in question.

Follow the video to find all the Cairns.

Oregon Craftsman

Create 50 objects

Many of you will get this trophy simply by progressing normally in the game plot. How do you create an object in Days Gone ? Simply by holding down the R1 button and accessing the weapons wheel. There are many objects you can create: from melee weapons to throwing weapons, from explosives to healing objects, through arrows and traps.

Crafting items will be available at various points on the map, but our advice is to focus mainly on the basics of BLACK.

Days Gone - Trophies Guide


Morior Invictus

Go get back what is yours

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Camp Hunter

Complete the story Camp Hunter

In this case, you'll have to find hidden encampments and, once "cleared" by the enemies, you'll have to search for an entrance to an underground bunker. In this video, you'll find all the necessary indications for the trophy in question, which, we stress, must be your priority.

In this case, we recommend a stealth approach, killing enemies silently and perhaps using the stones to distract them. None of these camps is missing, you can complete them even after the end credits of Days Gone .


Complete the story Exterminator

To get this trophy, you'll have to destroy all the Infestations present in Days Gone . These are real "nests" of Furious, which you'll have to burn and, of course, be ready to fight with their fierce occupants. Getting rid of the infestations will guarantee you a lot of benefits, including unlocking new quick travel points.

Follow the directions in the video to get the trophy.

Scourge of marauders

Complete the story Scourge of marauders

To unlock this trophy Days Gone , all you have to do is complete 10 side quests, in which you have to get rid of the marauders. Of these ten missions, two will be assigned to you automatically during the plot of the game, while the remaining eight will be unlockable at certain camps at certain times of the main quest.

Below, we list, in order, all the missions to be carried out to obtain the trophy and, of course, the places to obtain them:

  • Cascade Region Mission: Drifters on the Mountain
  • Mission linked to the main plot (Cascade Region): Smoke on the Mountain
  • Lost Lake camp secondary mission (2 of 7): Drifters at Eden Hall
  • Cascade Camp Secondary Mission (5 of 6): Here's a Little Chaos
  • Lost Lake camp secondary mission (6 of 7): He's Just a Kid
  • Belknap camp secondary mission (7 out of 8): Rippers, Rest in Hell
  • Crater Lake camp secondary mission: Just Doing My Job
  • Crater Lake camp secondary mission: A Bunch of Cavemen
  • Crater Lake Camp Secondary Mission: He's Feeding the Freaks
  • Crater Lake camp secondary mission: How Do I Get Them?

End of the World

Complete the story End of the world

There will Days Gone be 12 BLACK bases in the game world. To complete them, you'll simply have to reactivate the generators with petrol cans, or by replacing broken fuses. Apart from obtaining the trophy in question, completing the bases will guarantee you items with which to boost the protagonist's health, stamina, etc., as well as some collectables in the "Black Documents" category.

Follow the directions in the video to find all the bases and get the trophy.

One less

Defeat your first horde

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

This is a knife

Eliminate a colossus, a shadow or a hydrophobe with a knife

The Colossians are Furious in Extra Large version, which can throw you to the ground in no time. The Shadows, instead, are an agile and fast version of the infected mentioned, recognizable thanks to a fur on their back. Hydrophobic bears, on the other hand, are infected bears, much healthier than their healthy equivalents and with a blade sticking out of their back.

The trophy in question will ask you to kill one of these three creatures with the knife; the ideal time to unlock the achievement is during the main mission "Playing All Night", where you'll encounter a Colossus with the health bar in full view (which wouldn't happen in case of free roaming). Weaken the enemy with other weapons and strike the final blow with your knife.

Variety is the salt of life

Kill an enemy with any type of dart

There Days Gone will be five different types of dart for your crossbow, which you can create in the crafting menu as soon as you get the necessary materials. Below, we list all the darts present and the materials to make them:

  • Crossbow dart - Automatically unlocked from the beginning (Materials required: 1 x Cedarwood, 1 x Scrap);
  • Residue Bolt - Automatically unlocked from the mission of the story "Not Sleeping" in the plot "Black Finding" (Materials required: 1 x Cedarwood, 1 x Nest Residue, 1 x Scrap);
  • Poison Dart - Automatically unlocked from the mission of the story "I've Got a Plan" in the plot "I'm Never Giving Up" (Materials required: 1 x Cedarwood, 1 x Poison, 1 x Scrap);
  • Arson dart - unlocked by the conquest of 8 hidden fields (Materials: 1 x cedar wood, 1 x rag, 1 x kerosene, 1 x scrap);
  • Explosive Dart - Unlocked by the conquest of 12 camps (Materials: 1 x Cedarwood, 1 x Spark Igniter, 1 x Gunpowder, 1 x Scrap);

Farewell Model

Buy a motorcycle enhancement in the Performance, Aesthetics and Paint categories

To get this trophy, all you need to do is go to the mechanic at any camp and buy a single upgrade for your faithful bike.

Dead Road Hero

Unlock more than 75% of collectible items

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Partworks Guide.

Improved performance

Maximizes energy, vigor or concentration

In order to maximize these three parameters, you will need to find all Checkpoints and BLACK search sites. Inside them, in fact, you will find a box, inside which you will find the enhancement you are looking for. You will find enough items to maximize both energy, vigor and concentration, although the first two parameters will be by far the most essential.

Friends forever

Reach the level of trust Allied with a camp

To achieve this achievement, we refer you to the description of the "Friends Forever (and more)" trophy.

Chain credits

Spend 20,000 credits at an encampment

Each camp will have its own currency, expendable only at that particular camp. Spend 20,000 credits at a single camp and you will get the trophy. Looking for a way to get credits quickly? Follow our credit guide.

Corner of Paradise

Complete all hidden encampments, infestations and black garrisons in a single region

Follow the description of the trophy to get it.

Mr. Fahrenheit

Unlock 45 skills

As some of you may have realized, this will be one of the last trophies you will ever get in Days Gone . The game includes 45 skills, divided into three categories of 15 each. To get them all, you'll have to complete all the main missions, all secondary quests, perform all the requests of the individual camps and all secondary activities.

After that, you will have unlocked 40 or 42 skills. To get the remaining ones, you'll have to get rid of all the hordes present in the game.

Days Gone - Trophies Guide


End of days

Complete the story of Days Gone

This trophy is linked to the plot of the game, you can't miss it.

Friends forever (and more)

Reach the level of trust Allied with three camps

There Days Gone are five camps in the game world, and to get this trophy, you'll need to reach the Allied confidence level (the third, to be precise) with at least three of them. How do you get the Allied confidence level? You will need to perform the following activities:

  • Main Plot Missions
  • Secondary missions of the camps
  • Secondary activities (infestations, Black Checkpoints and hidden camps)
  • Kill all the hordes
  • Sizes (give the ears of the Furious to the camps)
  • Sending the survivors to the camps

The first four activities listed are the most important, and will reward you with many trust points. Performing all the first four points will take you very close to the Allied level, but to get it you'll have to defeat all the Hordes in the game.

Focus on this only after completing the main quest, as you'll have all the power-ups you need to succeed. Also, consider that the confidence levels with the various camps will give you access to power-ups for your bike and the best weapons in the game.

For this reason, you should think about increasing your level of confidence right away.

Days Gone - Trophies Guide


One in a hundred

Exceed your limits and get each trophy of Days Gone

If you've reached this point, it means that you've already unlocked all the achievements in the game. Congratulations! You just got the platinum trophy of Days Gone !

Audio Video Days Gone | Trophies Guide, Ho to get All of Them 100%
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