Days Gone | Collectibles Guide, How to Get Them

As is often the case in open world and survival, developers have spread the world of Days Gone of collectible items. In the Bend Studio video game, these are called Collectibles, and they can be found in any explorable area - from shelters to marauder camps.

In most cases, these are documents on which very interesting information about the game world and characters is written. They are not essential to move forward in the adventure, but only upon completion of the percentage of the game.

To catch them, simply approach and hold down the square button. These can then be viewed in the STORIES menu accessed by pressing the touch pad. To find them more easily, we recommend using Deacon's survival instinct by holding down R3.


Collectibles Guide | Explanation

Collectibles Days Gone are divided according to topic and type. In the Stories menu, you can switch between the tabs to see the ones you have already found. There are 240 in all, so in this guide we'll try to show you where to find all kinds of collectables so you don't lose sleep.

Collectable | Characters

These collectables are about the main and secondary characters. They're documents that give us information about the people we're going to meet along the way.

Collectibles | Documents Black

Black is an organization that will create a series of events within the game world. With these collectables we are able to understand more about their work.

Collectibles | Sara's notes

Sara will write down her considerations in notes, as if she were writing down some sort of personal diary. Interact with her and complete her missions to unlock these collectables.

Collectibles | Radio Free Oregon

Very particular as collectables. These aren't around, but they're Copeland's radio broadcasts, one of the most important characters in the game. To collect them, all you have to do is listen to the transmissions all the way to the end while we're on the bike.

Collectibles | Sermons

The sermons are propaganda messages from the Ripper faction.

Collectibles | Tourism

Documents, brochures, maps showing us life in Oregon before the epidemic broke out.

Collectibles | Colonel Garret's Speeches

Colonel Garret runs a camp with military rules. There is a precise hierarchy and each member of the shelter has a rank. From time to time, Garret will make a speech to his men. There are six in all. Listen to them for collectables.

Collectibles | Historical inscriptions

The game map is dotted with caves, ruins, old factories and power plants. In these places you can find historical inscriptions that tell stories about the city that is the setting for the title.

Collectible | Guitarists

In the various fields where you will find refuge, you can meet musicians who will make you hear their songs. Listen to them to unlock them in the form of collectables.

Collectibles | Herbalist shop

Scientific information on plants and flowers growing in Oregon. Pick them up so that in the Stories menu you can see photos of mushrooms, shrubs and flowers that you will find on your trip.

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