Daxter PSP cheats and minigames

Daxter it's a platform game genre developed in 2006 by Ready at Dawn Studios for the console Sony PlayStation Portable.

The videogame is in fact a midquel of the Jak and Daxter series and is placed between the first and second installments of the series, in the years ranging from its capture by the Krimzi Guards until its release. Daxter, unlike Jak, manages to escape and, after two years, he has almost forgotten his friend. Until the owner of the pest control company Kridder Ridder, Osmo, meets him by chance in a pub and hires him as an exterminator.
Daxter, during one of his many missions and after facing swarms of Metal Bugs, finds a royal flea, to which he gives the name of Tik. The protagonist of the game has at his disposal, as weapons, the electric fly killer and an insecticide sprayer. This sprinkler - which still needs some practice - can also be used as a propeller to fly high. The L and R keys are very important for the purposes of gameplay, as they regulate the view and are very useful especially in levels where you have to jump from moving ledges.

There are numerous bonus levels and, above all, many fun mini-games that can be unlocked a little at a time, simply by collecting the Precursor Orbs. If these mini-games are completed, you gain life energy boosts and learn powerful new attacks.

The mini-games are unlocked by collecting a certain number of orbs.
Braveheart - Collect 100 Orbs
Indiana Jones - Collect 300 orbs
Lord of the Rings II - Collect 500 Orbs
Lord of the Rings - Collect 200 orbs
Matrix I - Collect 1 sphere
Matrix II - Collect 400 orbs

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