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The remastering of the first chapter of the Dark Souls saga did not make the title something easier to approach, especially for the first time. Enemies and locations, as they remain unchanged, will continue to be thorns in the side of several players for a long time to come.

If you don't feel like suffering for the time necessary to learn the notions necessary to make Dark Souls Remastered a simple little game you can follow this list of suggestions.

The tips and tricks written here are all executable in the game without cheats or tricks and are only possible thanks to the wonderful open structure that Miyazaki and company have created for us poor mortals.

Obviously, between the lines, there will be spoilers of various kinds on the title structure or on the bosses to face If you are still among the few who have not put hand in any way to the title From Software read at your own risk.

dark souls remastered guide - Getting the uchigatana

Difficulty: easy

The queen of all easy to do and incredibly powerful builds.
The uchigatana is one of the katanas that can be found within the game, the weapon is one of the most powerful in the entire title thanks to its scaling in S in dexterity and its interesting moveset in PVE.

One of the advantages of this weapon is that it can be found, literally during the first hour of the game. To get one you will need to kill an NPC: the Undead Merchant (Male). This NPC is located inside the village of the undead, on the lower floor of a building that can be reached just before the bonfire in the area.

NPCs don't respawn when killed, remember to buy anything you want from him like...

Dark Souls Remastered Driving - Get the holy shield.

Difficulty: easy

Like remember to buy from the Undead Merchant (Male) the holy shield, one of the strongest medium shields in the title. It has good stability, low weight and 100% physical defense: parrying with this shield you will not get any kind of damage.

The holy shield is given to the character when choosing the Warrior class, otherwise it can be purchased from the above mentioned merchant for 1000 souls.
This shield cannot be obtained in any way and given the impossibility of resurrecting the characters it must be obtained before the uchigatana.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Obtain the Dragon's Light Sword

Difficulty: medium

The dragon's light sword is the classic weapon that no one would have expected to find so soon in the game. It is part of the cycle of weapons that can be obtained by cutting the tails of dragons, weapons that do not climb any stats but have a rather high base damage.

The dragon's light sword in fact has 200 of basic damage and can be equipped with just 16 of force (or 12 if you want to use it with two hands). To obtain it will be necessary to cut the tail of the dragon that has turned the village of the undead upside down. You can do this by arming yourself with a bow, arrows and lots of patience by aiming at the tail from the bottom of the bridge or by facing the dragon face to face above the bridge itself.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Get the Zwheinhander

Difficulty: easy

The Zweihander is one of the symbolic weapons of all the first Dark Souls, protagonist of one of the most iconic and real war machine build both in PVP and PVE within the game. The Zwheinhander is one of the huge swords of the title, has 120 base damage and is equipped with 24 in strength and 10 in dexterity.

The real strong point of the Zwheinhander is its ability to break the balance of any defense by causing real stuns to enemies; this effect is given by the characteristics of the weapon and is strong against virtually any type of enemy not heavily armored. The heavy attack (the one you make with R2) of its moveset is the best way to provoke the stun of enemies.

The Zwheinhander also has the advantage of being very early in the game: once you get to the sanctuary of the Fire Bond to get this metal beast and spikes just look in front of the giant tomb in the cemetery below the sanctuary. Between some skeleton that resuscitates you will be able to find the object in question.
The best thing is that this weapon can be infused elementally without too many problems, just...

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Infuse elemental weapons.

Difficulty: medium/difficult

Infusions and weapon upgrades are one of the features that have made the first Dark Souls a real ludibrio of possibilities and choices. Due to the open nature of the title and a careful level design you can infuse with fire one of your weapons very early in the game, making the following hours of the game much easier.

To do this you need to reach the blacksmith Vamos, inside the catacombs; a location located directly below the sanctuary of the fire link. To reach Vamos you need to follow a winding road and certainly fraught with dangers, especially in the early stages of the game when you do not fully understand the mechanics.

When you enter the catacombs it is important to understand that the skeletons never die unless you first take care to eliminate the nearest necromancer; once this is done the first ones become enemies perfectly equal to the others in the title.

Vamos is located at the end of a broken spiral staircase, in the lowest part of the building that houses the staircase. You need to make two or three jumps to reach it; in one of these you will find a piece of green titanite, an object necessary to infuse the desired weapon elementally.

To find the way with simplicity you can follow this guide.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Getting the important rings

Difficulty: medium

The equipment system of Dark Souls Remastered allows the player to equip up to two rings at the same time. In the course of the game it will be possible to come across a real multitude of more or less useful rings able to give a strong aggressive or defensive sense to your build.

Among this multitude there are, however, three really important rings able to radically change their bossfight and the exploration of a new location; let's see together which they are:

  • Red Stone Ring: It increases the damage output we inflict on enemies by 50% (!!!) as long as our life points are below 20%.
    Ring that can turn us into real Glass Cannons.
    To find it you will need to climb the right tower that is located after the bridge, in the part of the Valle Dei Dragoni that connects with the ruins of Petite Londo.

  • Havel Ring: Very powerful ring that increases the maximum load we can carry by 50% at the cost of a single equipment slot. Allows you to execute the mid-roll (one of the dodges, they change according to the percentage of load that our character can bear) even with heavy armor and weapons. Obtainable by defeating Havel The Tower inside the lowest part of the tower of the Undead Village.

  • Protection ring: Ring with the particularity of breaking if unequipped. Increases by 20% HP, Stamina and maximum load becoming a real must. Obtainable only by completing the quest-line derived from Carim's Lautrec or killing it at any point in history. You can also get this ring by exchanging the Crown of Xanthous for Snuggly La Falchessa inside the Undead Sanctuary. Such crown, for the record, is found by killing an invading spirit within the painted world of Ariamis.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Get the wavy crest shield.

Difficulty: easy

The Corrugated Crest Shield is one of the strongest shields in the title thanks to its special ability: it increases the stamina recovery speed by 24%, whether the shield is in your hand or you are holding your two-handed weapon. This shield needs 10 strength to be worn.

To find it you will need to descend into the darkest depths of the Root Basin, at the bonfire in the gallery and the black knight. To reach this place quickly from the Sanctuary of the Legame Del Fuoco it will be enough to cross the whole valley of the Dragoons to find the much coveted bonfire.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Strengthen your estus flask

Difficulty: medium

What are we going to do with powerful objects if you can't cure yourself quickly and painlessly? In order to strengthen your beloved Estus flasks it will be necessary to deliver them to the Guardian of the Fire underneath the Sanctuary of the Souls of the Souls of the Fire Guardian.

This object allows you to upgrade your flasks by increasing the number of HP restored with each sip. The fire guardian souls that can be obtained in the first stages of the game are and are located in the following places:

  • On the altar of the church that houses the knight of Berenike and the Gargoyles of the bell, near the elevator that connects the location with the Sanctuary Del Legame Del Fuoco.
  • Inside the initial part of Petite Londo, just after the first two wooden bridges turn right and pay attention to the terrain. A tongue of bricks pointing towards the water is actually the road leading to a kind of small island populated by ghosts with a fire guardian soul in plain sight. A good amount of transient curses are recommended if you try to be aggressive towards the cursed ghosts.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide - Kill Pinwheel and get a mask.

Always thanks to the above mentioned freedom of action you can, right from the start, you can punch a boss not exactly calibrated for the start of the game.

This boss, Pinwheel, is known to be one of the weakest in the saga and is perfectly tackled even if badly equipped. If killed it drugs one among three helmets with special effects able to concretely help the player until the end of his run.

They are:

  • Father's Mask: The terror of multiplayer.
    The mask of the father
    is one of the three masks that Girandolaproppare after death and has the unique ability to increase by 5% the maximum transportable weight. A famous PVP builder has paired this mask with the Zweinhander and stone armor, becoming literally legend within a few years. Greet the face of the Giant Dad

  • Son's mask: This helmet increases stamina regeneration by 22%. This bonus can be combined with other equipment that increases the regeneration of your stamina such as the above mentioned Wavy Shield.

  • Mother's Mask: This helmet increases your character's maximum hp by 10%. Among the three helmets, despite the good bonus, is the least used.

To eliminate in Girandola in the easiest way ever just call the paladin Leroy, one of the NPCs in the game. To evoke him you will need to return human using near a bonfire a humanity and find the characteristic sign on the ground. Leroy's evocation sign is located on a raised platform just above the lowest level of the catacombs; to reach it you'll have to throw yourself exactly above it trying not to miss the jump to be shredded by the wheel skeletons.

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